Top Ten Signs You Have Met Your Kindred Spirit

There are those people we encounter in life who over time become friends; lifelong friends even. And then there are Kindred Spirits. What is a Kindred Spirit? Well, it is a person whom you meet for the first time and one you both feel an instant connection with. It's almost a physical pull towards them. And they aren't necessarily the same gender or age as you. I don't want to go into too much detail in this description otherwise there would be no need for this list. If you find yourself nodding your head, smiling, or shouting "YES, THAT'S ME!" at the screen whilst prodding your chest inanely at the majority of these items, then the chances are you have met your Kindred Spirit. You're lucky! They only come along once in a lifetime and not everybody finds theirs.
The Top Ten
1 You instantly feel a connection with one another

Upon meeting for the first time, without even saying a word to each other, your eyes meet and the genuine smile follows. You don't have to say anything, you just instantly know there is a spark, a strong bond that is already formed between you.

It feels so interesting to meet Kindred Spirits!

2 You both feel as though you have known one another your entire life

Neither of you can explain how or why, but you both feel as though you know each other and that your connection is totally unexplainable.

3 You share similar life beliefs

Like the idea of meeting a kindred spirit as an example. You both view life in the same way. You don't have to try and convince the other that your belief is the best one because they already see it and totally understand where you're coming from.

This is pretty important to me.

4 You sense what the other is feeling

Have you sat at home and thought of this person and the sudden urge to reach out to them for whatever reason is uncontrollable? Maybe you're missing them, or you just need a boost. Maybe you've felt incredible excitement and want to share it with them. It's at that time a text/email will ping through or you'll get a surprise phone call from them. It's more than likely that they have felt the same and felt that you needed a shoulder or just a reassurance that they're still there.

5 You share the same sense of humour

Do you say and do things that irritate others? When you have met your Kindred Spirit, they "get" your humour and quirky ways because they are the same. You find the same things funny and find yourselves laughing and talking nonsense (because you can) for hours.

This would be one of my top priorities when looking for a wife. If they don't have a sense of humor then I just can't.

6 You just... know

It's the wonderful immense feeling in the pit of your stomach, your heart, your soul, your very being in fact, that this person is special; the one who you can't explain why, but who cares anyway because it's REAL and feels wonderful.

That's pretty much how I met my first friends in the 1st Grade, we just... knew.

7 You share the same interests

Upon talking, you discover you have the same interests: music, films; you share the same love for hiking or any abstract interest. Their jaw will hit the floor when they say: "No way! Seriously? Do you really like dragon hunting whilst wearing flip-flops? Me too!" And they will totally mean it. it's unexplainable, and the feeling is wonderful.

Yeah, me and some of my best friends like putting ourselves in the hunger games simulators. We've been doing it for years.

Not entirely the same set of interests, but me and my girlfriend share our hobbies.

8 You feel totally at ease with one another

There are no agonising awkward silences between you. Neither of you has to feel like you have to fill the silence between you with inane chatter and forced laughter. You either just talk for hours because you both want to, or you both sit in silent harmony with each other. Everything between you is just...easy!

9 You complete one another

You have friends, sure, and you obviously have shared interests, but when you meet a Kindred Spirit, everything you felt was missing from your life just seems to slot into place like the last piece of a large jigsaw puzzle. You feel whole, complete when you're with this special person.

10 You feel safe with one another

You can't explain why, but you trust one another unconditionally and implicitly; there is no doubt that they are honest with you. You can tell each other the most personal things: fears, dreams, secrets and just know in your heart that you are sharing them with the right person.

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11 They know what your size is without you even telling them
12 You finish their sentences
13 You instantly feel like you know the person
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