Top Ten Relationship Red Flags

No one is perfect, we all know this, but there are some people that are more imperfect than others!

The following list is comprised of some of the biggest "Red Flags" to spot in all your relationships, and maybe it can also help you identify some of your own problems!
The Top Ten
1 When They are Non-Apologetic

Again, no on is perfect, yet if someone is not willing to admit that and won't even think about apologizing when they do something wrong, this is the biggest red flag in a relationship. This shows that the person not only has a problem with being humble, but this problem also shows that there are far more problems with the individual.

This could include a troubling past they never got over, being overly controlling because they believe that they are always right, or even having self-esteem issues which they constantly try to mask.

2 When They are an Emotional Wreck

As a wise man once said, "A fool expresses all of their emotions while a wise one masters their emotions". An individual who is not able to control their emotions, especially negative emotions, is a gigantic red flag for any relationship. If they haven't learned how to control their emotions by the time they became an adult, they likely never will later on in life.

3 When They are Overweight

While this is definitely a shallow reason, both men and women agree that being overweight/obese is a deal-breaker for relationships. Very likely, overweight/obese people are lazy in numerous aspects of their life, eat too much (which costs a lot of money) and is far more likely to deny their own reality instead of accepting/dealing with their problems.

Of course there are cases where people became overweight/obese as a result of a health problem, but that health problem in and of itself it also something no one really wants to deal with.

4 When You Have to Walk on Eggshells with Your Partner

In any relationship you should strive to show your true colors and allow the other person to also show their true selves. And all successful relationships are built upon good communication and common interests/goals.

Yet when you have to walk on egg-shells around this person; having to focus more on saying the right thing(s) at the right time than building an actual relationship, this is a big Red Flag. This is an even bigger Red Flag if the other person is allowed to say/do whatever they want yet they put you on a leash.

5 When They Don't Have the Same Religious or Political Perspectives

This isn't to say that good relationships can't come out of two or more individuals who have different religious and political perspectives, but a vast majority of the time having different perspectives on these two important matters will catch up in your relationships eventually.

6 When They are Dating for the Sake of Dating

This is far more common with teenagers than with adults, but it can still happen with adults as well.

There are cases where the other person is dating just for the sake of dating, and this can be for a couple of reasons. One of the most common reasons (especially among teenagers) is to keep up social expectations. Others petty reasons include dating the person just because you find them attractive, or because the physical aspect of the relationship gives you an immense "high".

Yet one even bigger problem that could be the case is that the other is dating to run away from their own problems (like the ones listed above) and are trying to find someone, anyone, that will love them despite the problems they don't want to admit/fix.

Either way, it is best to make sure that your partner is in the relationship for you and not for anyone or anything else.

7 When They Have Incredibly High Expectations of You

Once again, no one is perfect! Yet if your partner expects you to be perfect all the time and check-off their entire list of the "must-have" qualities in a partner, then you best get out!

8 When They are Incredibly High or Low Maintenance

Does your partner only wear the most expensive, in-fashion clothes and accessories? Do they spent hours at the gym and/or doing their make-up? Do they expect you to be able to pay for/accept this life-style of theirs? Then get outta there because this is a big Red Flag!

The same is also true in the opposite case; when your partner doesn't even bother to take care of themselves or wear proper clothes.

9 When They’re Overly Argumentative
10 When They Talk About the Long-Term Way Too Early

If your partner is already discussing meeting each others parents, or even what you're going to name your kids, within the first month of the relationship, then Houston we have a problem!

Similar to having high expectations, talking about the long-term way too early shows that they have self-esteem issues and/or have all these false expectations of you which you won't be able to fulfill. The person is incredibly unrealistic, and obviously is not ready for a "real" relationship.

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11 When You Two Have Different Intelligence Levels

If all the other person talks about is drama among her friends like some sort of valley girl, or if you have a hard time keeping up with their intelligent conversations, then that's a pretty big problem. Not having similar levels of intelligence typically means that you two won't be able to communicate as effectively, and won't be able to build a relationship based on commonalities.

I barely scraped through my exams at school. I'm not an intelligent woman (this doesn't make me stupid, by the way) I have never (apart from my shyness) had any difficulty maintaining an intelligent conversation, or strong and lasting friendships / relationships with those who achieved a higher academic level than myself.

12 When You End Up with Negative Feelings After Talking to Them
13 When They Constantly Lie and Make Excuses
14 When They're Easily Offended
15 When They Get Angry When They are Told No
16 When They Have Unjustified Debt
17 When They Smoke, Use Drugs or Drink Excessively
18 They are Overly Nosy
19 When They Have an Unhealthy BMI
20 When They're Attention Hungry
21 When They Cuss Too Much

Using excessive profantity is usually an indicator that someone is angry or has anger issues. Especially when the profane words are being used against you. Can be harmless when it's not directed at anyone, but calling someone profane words is a sign of emotional abuse.

22 When They Have Children Out of Wedlock
23 When They Have Tattoos or Piercings
24 When They Obsess About an Ex Partner
25 When They Engage in Casual Sex
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