Top 10 Best Sex Advice for Men

This is assuming a heterosexual relationship. I hope this helps.
The Top Ten
1 Consider oral sex
2 Leave the porn fantasies behind

Porn is made only for the pleasure of the man, but if you want to please her, you gotta leave the porn behind. Many times women like being submissive, but you don't want to treat them only as a sex object. You want to acknowledge that they exist as a person too.

3 Be persistent, but take no for an answer

Don't be forceful. If she's drunk, be on the side of caution and don't have sex with her unless she initiates with you. If a girl say she doesn't want to get physical with you, then back off of her. If your advances are unwanted, then stop.

But at the same time, don't take this advice to the other extreme. If it's a girl you're dating or a girl you're really getting to know and she stops one of your advances, don't necessarily take it to heart. If it's a pattern of rejection, then just move on. But if you two are going out and having chemistry but she doesn't want sex yet, then sometimes that "No" might mean "Not right now, but eventually".

4 Learn how to be a good kisser

You can't go to point B without going to point A. If you're a good kisser, you can turn a girl from slightly reluctant to totally on board. Don't give too much tongue. You want your lips to be mostly closed on a kiss, but also soft (not a tight hold).

5 Know what you're getting into

If it's just a one night stand, don't expect more than that. If it's just a friends with benefits, don't expect a relationship.

6 Play it cool early on

Don't bring up sex in detail when you meet her at first. Flirt a bit, but don't do or say anything too sexual on the first date. Women will be put off if you just met them and you're already trying to get sex.

7 Be healthy

If you're overweight, lose weight. There are things that women won't do with a guy that's overweight, such as let him go on top of her. It'll really improve your blood flow, performance and stamina.

8 Engage in foreplay

Don't just get naked and have sex. Kiss her. Cuddle with her. Play around. Massage. Maybe roughhouse a little bit. Take your time. At least 15 to 30 mins before actual sex happens.

9 Talk to her

You don't want to have an indepth conversation, but you should talk to her a little bit. When things get intense, you should shut up. But during the foreplay, a little teasing (and also asking her what she likes in bed) can help you a lot.

10 For your first time, pick someone you trust

A casual fling may not be patient enough to deal with you on your first time. But someone who is a close friend or is in a relationship with you would be more than happy to take the time to teach you things since they'll be more patient.

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