Top 10 Most Cliché Things Parents Say

Parents often say and ask cliché things. I have compiled a list of the most cliché things they say and ask, based on what I can think of. If there are any that I missed, feel free to add them.
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1 When I was your age...

When I was your age, I didn't have a computer. That is a horribly lame excuse for not letting me do what I want with my time. I will be fine as long as I eat, drink, do homework, and go to the bathroom.

You might've been my age once, but do I really need to listen to you ramble about things you did when you were my age? No, I don't.

When I was your age, we hated our parents saying this.

2 Get off the phone
3 How was your day at school?

Your children will say these same things to you, and then you will know how it feels.

4 Don't raise your voice at me!

Even when I whisper, my mom accuses me of raising my voice at her and having an attitude. When I don't respond to refrain myself, that's rude as well.

He said with an exclamation point at the end.

5 Why can't you be more like your brother or sister?

Oh my gosh, my parents are like this. They be like, "Jeremy and Joshua study or other crap," and I hate when they compare me. We are all humans. Everyone is different and works at a different pace.

Maybe because I'm different and don't want to be more like my sister or brother. Just common sense.

Well, more like, Why can't you be like your cousin? kind of thing.

6 I was once your age, I understand

You understand what? God, this just really gets old.

7 That isn't how it works in the real world

If you really know so much about the real world, then tell me what does work in the real world.

8 Because I said so!

Just because you said so, I should do what you request when you yell in my face?

Why can't they just give a real answer?

9 If a relative jumped off the bridge, are you going to jump off the bridge too?

How does setting an alarm relate to jumping off bridges? It does not, so please stop using this dumb phrase.

No, why even bring up jumping off a bridge over a mistake I made?

If he or she had a good reason to, yes.

10 Give me your phone

I don't have a phone, but I have a Kindle. But still! It terrifies me whenever my mom or dad (mostly my dad) says that. I often have horrific nightmares about it, and many of the things I do on there are kept secret.

- PuppyLove123

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11 You're grounded!

An overrated punishment usually done when you screw up. I understand discipline and all, but this one just gets old after years.

12 Where have you been?
13 Go to bed
14 Stop back talking to me!

I gave you advice. How is that back talking? 21st-century parents are just agitating.

15 Who are you texting?
16 No

My parents' favorite thing to say to me whenever I make a request. Very annoying.

Me: Can I ride that roller coaster?
Parents: No
Me: Can I go to [insert popular vacation destination here]?
Parents: No
Me: Can I buy [insert item I want here]? I'll pay for it with my own money.
Parents: No

I would like to hear them say "yes" more often for a change!

Sometimes I don't even bother asking. After all, that's their favorite word!

17 You are too old for that!
18 Don't be cooped up in your room all the time

My parents complain that I'm in my room all the time, and it's so annoying! I do it because I like to do it, especially because I value alone time a lot and need it to help my mental health.

I just want to freak out when they do this! It's my life, and I can do whatever I want. Please just stop complaining and leave me alone!

19 Nothing's free
20 Why are you so ugly?

My mom's Asian, and she's the pimple police.

21 You can't use social media

My mom actually banned me from using social media. I'm not allowed to have a Facebook or YouTube, yet the majority of my family has accounts on them.

22 Resolve your own problems
23 What's for dinner? Food
24 You need to branch out
25 Don't you disrespect me!

Yet you disrespected me. Ever heard of what comes around goes around?

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