Top 10 Worst Things About Being the Oldest Sibling

Being the oldest sibling is HORRIBLE. If you are not the oldest, you'll see why. If you are the oldest, you will understand.
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1 Just because they're younger,they're innocent

Parents tend to think that the eldest child doesn't deserve anything and find it hard to blame the younger child for their own mistakes.

I'm the youngest sibling of an older sister, and I can say that this is completely unfair. Older siblings and younger siblings both need to be treated the same. I can understand that parents need to watch for the new baby or something, but when they get older it's time for equal treatment. It sickens me to hear this about younger siblings and how unfair it is for older siblings. It even bothers me when my older sister gets treated unfairly, and I always defend her.

2 Your parents use you as the "test dummy" for things

I bet if my parents were inventors, and they needed a test assistant, that would be me. It's always me.

3 They learn how to be a proper parent for the younger siblings, but are still learning from you

I don't see a big deal out of these. I'm the oldest sibling but I don't give a crap.

4 They get scared of milestones (puberty, graduation, moving out, etc.) with their oldest child, but know what to expect for the younger siblings

I love my parents and all, but I hate it whenever it seems like they put more pressure on me in terms of growing up and going to college more than my sister, who is 10 months younger than me.

This means that you get micromanaged, but your sibling doesn't when he/she gets to your age

5 Your stuff isn't treated as yours

I have my own room, but my little sister barges in every day for 10 minutes to pick out clothes. If I go in her room, for bras, underwear, pajamas, or whatever she will scream! My grandma got me a doll when I was little, my sister saw it one day and took it, put it in her room, and officialy made it hers. If I go in her room and lay my hands on it, she screams, even though it's mine.

First off, I'm the second oldest sibling, but mentally the oldest. I guess I'm lucky I have my own room, but my FOUR siblings are constantly tossing their garbage in my room, and then lying about it. Also, my six year old brother kicks me in the stomach. Mom doesn't give a crap. I call him mean. Suddenly I'm the big stupid jerk. GOSH

6 You pay for all damages to your things, but your sibling doesn't

If my brother smashes my tablet in front of my mom, I pay for it. If my mom breaks my tablet, I pay for it. If my brother puts his tablet on a drone, flies to 2,000 feet, then "accidentally" turns the drone off, my mom pays for the tablet, the drone, and damages from the explosion that will inevitably happen. If my brother throws a laptop at the T.V., and my mom sees it, I get to pay for it.

My sisters can break all my crap, and my mum pretends it never happened. If I make the smallest knick in something, I get to pay all the charges. It sucks. I get to pay for all my own crap too. Thanks, mum.

7 Your siblings don't have to share their stuff, but you need to share everything

You have to share your toys (if you even have any), your phone/tablet/pc (that you bought with your money), your lego creations, your books, your halloween candy, even your BATTERIES!

I own nothing anymore because this is so true.

Yes they do we are important too.

8 There is always a reason why you are bad, but never for your sibling.
9 Siblings get everything they ask for. You need to pay for everything you want, and your sibling's presents.

This is so true my little brother gets every exact thing on his wish list every single year. Part of this is because her birthday is on Christmas Eve and my parents say it makes him "special." I make a wish list with like at least 5 or 6 things (it used to be longer when I was younger) and I would get like 5 or 6 at the most depending on how expensive everything was but my brother would get like 8 at the least every year. I politely told my parents about how I felt (it was on Christmas) and my dad yelled at me in another room telling me that Christmas is THE WRONG DAY TO BE COMPLAINING! I said that in caps because he was screaming at the top of his lungs. I wish I could be like my little brother

10 If you lay one finger on your younger sibling, your parents will go crazily mad, but if your younger sibling beats you up, they don't care and they blame you for self-defense

I remember this from my own childhood and now see and hear it happening in other families as well. I'm the oldest child and have a brother. Whenever you attacked your sibling, self-defense or not, you were committing a crime against humanity, according to your parents and other adults. If younger sibling did it, that was only cute and adults thought the older child, you, probably deserved it, too. When my brother and I were little children, our mother asked us why we always fought. My brother said it was because I didn't obey him because he didn't obey me because he didn't want to, so technically it was his fault. However, our mother just laughed it off. I don't think her reaction would have been the same if the roles had been reversed.

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11 When it is Christmas, your siblings get everything they ever dreamed of, and you get a few stocking stuffers from the dollar store

Extended family gives your (younger) sibling more Christmas presents than you. Even if you're lucky enough to have parents who give you some "extra" packages to bridge the gap, some relatives come over on the day after Christmas and give your sibling some more gifts.

YES YES YES! My sister and cousins always gets stuff from extended relatives but I almost always get nothing. This is why I am greedy and constantly whine and beg to get things from everyone

I know I should be thankful, but what use is something that will break before I take it out of the package? Kind of like getting nothing at all...

12 Your younger sibling bullies you

Mine do that every time I'm home on weekends and it's the most annoying thing EVER! And it's not the things they say or do, it's the fact that you can't do anything no matter how much you wanna give them a good ol' Fist in the face. Because if you do, they will tell on you to your parents or tell the other 5 siblings that you hit them and then the other 5 will gang up on you against your parents and then you get grounded for the next five mouths. And you can't tell your parents, they would never believe you in any case. So, what can you do?

13 All pressure is on you because you have to be the "perfect" example and role model for your siblings in the long run

I feel bad for all the older siblings that have to go through this! I'm happy I have a decent brother and I am treated equally as him and don't have to be a good example for him. And the parents want YOU to be a good example for your bratty younger siblings yet they don't care when the younger sibling does something bad and blame the oldest for everything! If I had to go through all these problems, I would hate my life forever and wait for the day to move out! I feel sorry for all the older siblings who posted their stories about their horrible lives with their obnoxious, spoiled, and bratty younger siblings!

14 You have to do the most chores

In my case, it's pretty much ALL the chores, not the most. I'm 26 and I have to do chores but my sister is 19 and she is allowed to just sit there and be lazy

When I was a lot younger, I had to do the chores, but when my siblings got older, they'd have to do the chores too.

15 Your younger sibling get lots of attention while you get almost no attention

I wish I could cry about this but I have no more tears to shed.

16 You aren't allowed to say a single bad thing about your younger sibling, but your younger sibling is allowed to insult you 24/7

I yelled at my little sis to get out of my room, and Mom yelled at me. Little sis then proceeds to go on a rant about how awful I am and how come I have friends because I'm so mean and Mom just sits and comforts her. THE HECK?!?!

My sister says stupid: mom and dad says nothing
I say stupid: mom and dad tells me not to say stupid

17 The younger sibling always tells on you

I think this only applies to younger siblings under eight years old.

18 When your friends come over, your younger sibling will try to become their friend while excluding you from the group.

This exact thing happened when I was going to an amusement park with my best friend, my brother was asking her stupid ass questions and he was hitting her so I slapped him to get him to stop and my best friend laughed, it was so funny because of her!

My sister is like this when my friend come over she makes me look stupid and like and idiot.

19 When your siblings make a huge mess and you get in trouble for "not" watching them.

Seriously, my sister is almost nine, brother just turned ten, and my other bro is almost 13! And they still can't clean up after themselves, then I'm blamed for it and have to clean it up.

Uh hello? They're YOUR kids. You should be one the one looking after them. Us older siblings are not going to spend our lives cleaning up their messes.

20 You get blamed for everything
21 You never get to have an older brother/sister to depend on him/her or seek their help and support

I always wanted an older sister...
Well thanks whoever posted this, you just made me cry

I had my parents and my friend Jonathan.

I always wanted an older sibling.

22 You are not allowed to get certain toys or gadgets because your younger sibling might swallow up all the small parts.

This mainly applies to siblings under the age of 3.

Not until they reached age four.

23 "Younger first"

Some board games actually have a rule, "The youngest player's turn is first."

24 Your younger sibling tries to make you look like an idiot

When she was in elementary school my sister would grab that she's "smarter" and "more awesome" than me because she's fully toilet trained by age 3 1/2 but I was still in diapers at that age. I'm 26 and she's 19.

They never succeed I'm way smarter then them. Also some of this stuff is not true (Yeah my mom favors one of them but everyone else likes me more

25 Your sibling can annoy you and you're not allowed to get mad
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