Top 10 Worst Things About Breaking Up

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1 Ignoring each other afterward
2 Depression, because it's not your fault

She broke up with me because she knows her parents will never accept me. They don't even know me. Is it my fault to be born in a specific race or religion?

This is the worst part: the sadness. It stays with you for quite a while.

The strongest effect, along with guilt. It is enough to overwhelm.

3 Seeing them with someone else afterward

Just knowing someone else is going to eventually be with her, doing things that you thought would only be for you for the rest of your life - taking her out, going to places, kissing, making love - just a few examples. It puts a pit in my stomach just thinking about her with another person doing those things.

Being a virgin is not the worst. Believe me, it is this. You know, there was a girl I liked back in high school. I really loved her so much, and the next thing I knew, she's sleeping with my best friend. Ouch! P.S. This is true. I'm not joking around. I want my REVENGE!

4 Remaining a virgin
5 Feeling guilt

It is common to feel strong feelings of guilt after a breakup.

6 Knowing they might hate you now

All these things are horrible aspects of breaking up, but this one is one of the worst things to happen. You're left afterward wondering if she still cares about you or if she hates you. You wonder how she can go from "being in love" with you to suddenly not giving a damn about you. It makes you wonder if anything they ever said was true.

Thinking about it is one of the worst things. Negative emotions crawl.

7 The breakup coming unexpectedly
8 Hearing, "It's not you, it's me"

It's an overused line. If a guy ever uses that line on me, I'll be dumping him, not the other way around.

If it's YOU, then why are you breaking up with me? YOU can change!

9 Asking, "Can we talk?"

It is seen as negative. Bad situations usually happen at that point.

Man, I hate that part. I know I'm screwed when that line comes up. 99.9% of the time they say that, they're going to say it's over. But if you're lucky, they might want to talk about something else. (But remember, 99.9%!)

10 Wondering what you did

My best friend just broke up with her boyfriend, and the only thing she's thinking is, "Did I do something wrong? What happened?" It's totally unfair. Just because someone is stupid and decides he doesn't like you anymore, or he's bored of you, you start second-guessing and thinking.

When they leave you and don't tell you WHY, it causes a lot of psychological trouble. You spend time trying to figure it out, making it hard for people to move on, knowing that there may be a small possibility of repeating it.

Constantly wondering, worrying about what you did, not knowing if it's your fault or not. Negative emotions come over you at that point.

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11 Losing the chance to taste their kiss, hold their body

The number one worst thing is that no matter how much you say you're over that person, you know that there will never be anyone who can kiss or hold you the exact same way they did. Maybe better, maybe worse, but never the SAME. That's the WORST part, even if you break up with them.

12 Experiencing depression
13 Realizing your desire, love, fantasy will never see, talk, meet, or have sex with you again
14 When your parents force the breakup

This is probably the worst thing. In my opinion, parents are not the ones who can make decisions like this for you. I had the same situation (I have really abusive parents).

This just happened to me yesterday. Well, her parents broke us up. I'm 21. She is 18. Her parents hated me from day one and threatened to not pay for her college, kick her out of the house, and get me beaten up.

Screw you, this is what Dalton said: "My mommy made me do that." Mommy made me do that - nothing!

15 Having suicidal thoughts
16 Experiencing loneliness
17 Feeling hatred toward that person

Hatred is commonly seen after a breakup.

18 Hearing, "I need some space"
19 Lack of sex

Are you guys kidding me? By far, the worst thing about breaking up is not having sex whenever you want!

20 When the breakup starts with "It's not working"
21 Crying

It happens frequently after a breakup. It's common, but it's one of the worst things to happen.

22 Feeling anger

Sadness, anger, and sorrow. They all discourage the person after a breakup.

23 Having nightmares about things you both did together
24 Knowing all future plans will never happen

Remember the road trip we were gonna go on? Remember the holidays we were gonna spend together? The things we were gonna blow off together? Literally never gonna happen.

25 Hearing, "I'm in love with your best friend"
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