Most Hated Religions In the World

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1 Islam

Islam is a cult rather than a religion, born out of the mind of warmongering, egomaniac, pedophile! Islam hasn't evolved the same way other religions has. Stuck in the dark ages it is ruled by fear and draconian punishments! Muslims are the first victims of Islam, often being brainwashed and told to disregard any logical thinking by the age of 2 or 3. Muslims are hypocrites and so was Mohammad! For example : the Quran is the spoken word of Allah and clear for all to understand, for all of mankind and for all places and all times!? Why then are there the hadiths, tafseers and commentaries? Why are various sects and clerics understanding it differently to the point of being at war with each other if it is for all to understand so clearly?

Why is there abrogation? Why do later verses of the Quran supersede earlier ones? - was Allah not able to reveal it at first time or did he conveniently change his mind from time to time to suit Muhammad's needs?

Why if Islam is the one ...more


The biggest problem with this religion is the fact they cut off the heads of non-Muslims, stating it is 'Allah's will'. Everyone should be free to believe in whatever they believe, but since Muslims are indoctrinated by a selfish mad-man who lived over a thousand years ago, Islam should be eradicated, countries who are not yet indoctrinated by Islam should expel all Muslims from their country, before the Muslims cause a revolution or if they get their hands on nuclear weapons. If the Islamic extremists come to power, forever people will live in a world riddled with crime, terrorism and anarchy. All non-Muslims will be beheaded, like the ones on Islamic State videos. When Islam is eradicated, Cathedrals and churches alike should be expanded in order to hold and teach all world religions, thus bringing up a generation of people who tolerate and respect religions and beliefs different to their own.

Islam is the most barbaric, backwards, bigoted, vicious, brutal, confused, contradicted, abused, throwback religion in humanities history.
If a government prime minister/presidential candidate proposed to outlaw Islam, refuse citizenship to any new visa entrance if they are Muslim, refuse asylum to ALL Muslims, and stop ALL international aid to ALL Islamic states and countries... I would vote for them a thousand times if I could, and I know a lot of people would. Sure, many would deny it when asked for fear of not appearing humane, but deep down we know millions would vote instantly.
Ban Islam, and make the world a safer place.

2 Christianity

Full of hypocrites that believe their acts are justified only because they believe God will always forgive them. The Bible has stories of how it is okay to kill others just because they believe in other Gods. It also states that the female virgins can be force into marriage. Christianity is suppose to be about love and peace yet the actions of the Christian people only show that it is okay to be hypocritical and that anyone can cite any part of the bible that favors them. Hate gay? Sure, go a head and cite that part of the bible. Want to get a tattoo or gossip? Let's ignore that part of the bible. What justification of why it is okay to hate everyone else? Yes, let's talk about how it is justifiable to feel favored.

Why are you people angry that Christians don't think animals have souls? Have any of you died and seen your dog/cat in heaven or hell. My point exactly where do animals go if they die they have no religion only instinct. We didn't steal Christmas and we didn't steal Santa if you believe in Santa you shouldn't even be commenting on this website. The truth is most people hate Christian not Christianity. And you often take scripture completely out of context example all of the Ten Commandments. You are also most likely offended by Christian who tell you what to do or are rude to you. This is also to Christianity it's Christians walk away if your that emotional (run and cry) I can't wait to get responses if I get enough dislikes I'll post my email

There's a lot of profound ignorance from many Christians in my country. The religion butts heads with science almost constantly, and it's just really, really sad to watch. I think this issue stems from the idea of there being only one right way to do things. I'm not even sure if that's part of Christianity or just part of this very, very large group of people. But, whatever it is, it comes down to their constant proclamation that their way is right and all others are wrong, all the while missing out on the very civilized and rational conclusion of: we each have our own 'right' way of doing things. It's very disrespectful, very disruptive, very unpleasant, and very small-minded. It's also very hard to coexist with. Like I said, I don't know if this is a result of the religion itself or the rather national execution of it, but it's a sad state of things, really, it is...

(My top 20's)1. They tried to convert and/or kill all pagans 2. They tried to convert or kill all Muslims 3. They hate anyone who believes in science 4. They stole 5 pagan holidays and claimed it as their own ( Santa Clause is Hiemdall) 5. Jesus wasn't even born in the winter 6. You can do what ever the hell you want as long as you repent 7. Animals don't have souls 8. Christians disagree with every religion that isn't theirs 9. Religious wars were only caused and recorded after Christianity 10. Walk on water my ass 11. "Lets cut off the tip of our dicks guys" 12. Christians continue to argue even when they know they are wrong 13. Didn't god promise the end of all wicked people? 14. The BIBLE wasn't written until 400 years after Jesus's death 15. The BIBLE forbids Christmas Trees 16. Anything enjoyable is a Sin 17. Sadamy is forbidden 18. Christians enslaved and killed a lot of native Americans 19. The devil gave us knowledge and modernism yet he is still evil? 20. God is an ...more

3 Scientology

Child abuse, slave labour, fraudulent business practices, extortion, fraudulent front groups, fake drug rehab centers (Narconon) that tote dangerous practices where our most vulnerable are abused, recruited to this cult and some die, pandering to politicians, blackmail of politicians, celebrities treated like gods while normal people slave for $30 or $50 a week with no time off, insurance or medical,human trafficking, disregard for local laws, hiding their practices, racketeering, abuse of media, breaking up families, coerced abortions, slandering and libeling any who would speak out and expose their racket, did I miss anything?

"Make money. Make more money. Make others produce so they can make more money." L. Ron Hubbard.

That is what Scn'y is--a business. Not a religion, a tax-exempt business. A tax-exempt business that abuses its own members, tries to destroy critics and succeeds in destroying families and which abuses children and adults alike.

Don't get sucked in. Members pay thousands of dollars for the "secrets" and auditing is a kind of black hypnosis, designed to rob you of empathy and convince you to pay for its upper level "secrets" wherein you discover you're inhabited by billions of alien beings which cause all your ills.

And you can find all this out for free. The money helps support David Miscavige and his abuse of people.

"A psychological shell game. It offers to help you; it is set up to consume you. It claims it will save the world; it is set up to focus its practitioners' attention entirely inward while they cut themselves off from the world and any other concern. It offers freedom; it gradually restricts all action, thought, relationships and communication to a pinpoint, tunnel-vision focus on its own interests. It offers sanity; it is probably the best method in practice to induce schizophrenia, paranoia and pathological narcissism.

It is an immense and monstrous lie." --Paul V. Tupointeau--

Scientology is nothing that it claims to be. It is a complete and utter scam. We were totally ripped off. This religion is evil and it lies and uses mind control tactics to dupe people out of money and free labor. You are mocking up your reactive mind but can stop it and control it - is the Clear cognition. The Cult of Scientology charges huge sums of money to claim to make people "CLEAR" and it is a total SCAM. Run far away from this evil cult. Scientology KILLS!

4 Satanism

This "religion" deserves to be hated the most. Why would anyone actually worship the Devil? The only reason why Satanism exists is because it is made by Antichrists who want others to love Satan and hate God. No normal human would worship Satan; only demons do. When a person becomes or is a Satanist, it means they have forsaken their humanity to become the Devil.

I read a text about Satanism (said to be written by a Satanist), because I was curious about what they actually believed -- you know, in contrast to what people just assume they believe. It struck me as being very selfish, and not in a healthy way. I mean, there is such thing as healthy selfishness, in terms of making sure to take care of oneself. But, this felt like it put so much emphasis on one's own satisfaction that it was at the detriment of others. Honestly, that's probably an accurate reflection of what most people do...but that isn't exactly something I'm happy about. It really makes the world a worse place to live in.

one of the worst religion and Christianity trusted for me and Satanism is a hellish religion and not Islam is most hated I have a friend in Islam u idiot. and pray to god which is not satan

Satanismis actually about living life like you want to. They believe that us humans made the "gods"by making them up in our heads. Satanism believess that there is no high power that rules the world but its us who make the world how it is. And by the way, Satanism doesn't worship the "devil" or "death" or "Satan" because they don't believe in spiritual beings in the first place. Satanism was destroyed because of the runorrs other religions ssaid about it, Satanism doesn't practice sacrifices or ancient rituals or murder rituals. I think everyone shoould do some research on Satanism because that's what I did and I found things out that I didn't know before

And FYI, I'm not a Satanist at all, I just did research on it and found all this out. I am actually a Catholic so all this surprised me because this isn't what we're taught to believe about Satanism.

5 Hinduism

No one knows what is the truth it is better to follow their own religion and keep peace and give respect to other religions. No one decide to born in a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhism or etc. It is decide my Almighty god which has different name in different religion. The one who claim that his religion is superior than other religion actually they try to divide the humanity and this type of people has always fear to loose something in his life. The one who say to stop idol worship I don't know why some have problem with others if anyone is satisfied with their own way of worship then what is wrong with that. Idol worship is a visualization of god how it can be wrong? Even one who do idol worship or not is not necessary, God can only be achieved by only his pure heart and believe on himself and self satisfaction. God is beyond the comparison, God is beyond the religions, God is beyond the religious books, or etc. Always remember belief is blind, experience is truth and it is valid ...more

Hinduism is not a religion a religion, its moral value is not exactly know to people, no one knows exactly when the religion was born or who found it as the western religions were. Hinduism is difficult to understand.

Every thing in this religious texts were in other religions, most of the texts changed the way world believed. This religion is an ocean.

Some times god agrees the meet but some times not, in the case of "bakth kannappa", god eats meat but here the meat is not considered the love between the god and his devote is considered.

Entire Hinduism is about nature, if we protect nature it it will protect you. only other religions discuss about god and devote where as Hinduism discuss mainly about the way of life which we have to live in this world with the nature.

Hinduism is the worlds longest and oldest religion. There is no reason for it to bee a most hated religion. This religion may have millions of gods, but they have a purpose. For example, Shiva ( the destroyer ) destroys any living thing that has done wrong, Saraswati ( Goddess Of Studies ) is the goddess of studies and exams and most people across the world pray to her so that they can get good marks/scores on their test paper. Hinduism isn't complicated, metaphorically speaking, it is a religion that demands peace and purity. We are all the same whether we are men, women, gay, straight, lesbians we all have a purpose in life and that purpose is to grasp that goal. I am a Hindu myself and I most particularly believe in Shiva as my name is Shivam. I also believe that good people die first such as Neerja Bhanot, Mahatma Gandhi, etc and bad people die last as god has given them pain and suffer to tolerate

Than why do Hindus turn to astrology they need to ask the astrologer what they must name the children when the born t
They turn to astrology and ask about the bride or groom if they are a match or not like literally do they also need to ask the astrologer which position the funitire should be and people have even been told that the house is no build the righ way
Boys,girls,women and men have been told to marry stray dogs to rid them of an evil spirit or a curse

And they also practise occult and indijral which is witchcraft
Seriously doesn't sound like a religion to me

6 Judaism

I was raised reformed Jewish. I'd say that the culture of Judaism is very valuable, but I'd toss away the religion in a minute, without a second thought. That's because it's just as bad as any other religion, when you get down to it. Something about making so many rules for how people should live their lives ends up having them concentrate more on what's written in a book, than what their own hearts tell them -- and nothing about that is reliably good. I think the most valuable thing about the culture was the emphasis on a strong and thorough education. I was also encouraged to ask questions and think critically, rather than just accepting things at face value. It made a huge positive impact on me as a person. Tolerance was also something stressed -- I cannot personally recall any relative saying a single hateful word about a Muslim, contrary to the popular conception of these two groups always being at odds. Honestly, I think everything I took away from it was more about the culture ...more

I think they should stop first of all saying that they're the chosen ones, the chosen people. What does that mean by the way? That they're special, better or something... than the rest of the people living on earth? That they're the real ones who should rule over this world? No wonder that many people still hates them! Sure, they've been trough a lot in history but what about the black people who were taken away out of their lands to be slaves? Those people doesn't remember their origins or real names anymore. Their souls were erased from their memories. So, Jews have to stop about their non-stop selfpity to eveyone. It's past and they're living their lives very well now. And those comments that are saying that it's not the fault of the Jews that jesus died. Who fault was it then? Certainly not the Romans. The Roman empire believed in their gods but they were also very tolerant against other peoples beliefs in religion. Jews at that time were allowed to practice their beliefs as long ...more

The Jews have been through much worse history than most believe. And we barely even done anything to provoke war with the rest of the Middle East. All we did was fight for our right to own land especially for the Jewish community and you call as the ass hole? Jesus Christ was suppose to free the Jews from life long oppression under the Roman Empire and yet you blame us for his death? If no one turned him in to the Romans the Jews would only become a memory! IT'S NOT OUR FAULT!

To the one who's saying that it is the Romans fault that Jesus died, read Matthew 27:24 or read history books. Pilatus washed his hands ( a Roman gesture to show that they are not guilty ) and saying " I am innocent of this man's blood, it is your responsability ". Jews who were allowed to practice their religion at that time gave Jesus at the Romans who were in power by saying that this man was guilty against the " jewish " beliefs by calling himself as the son of god which meant that according to their beliefs he was the Messias. Jesus wasnt put to dead as enemy of the Roman empire. Romans executed the punichment but that's only because they were running the country and therefor every punichment or execution of a person had to be judged by Roman laws. If someone has to blame for Jesus's dead it's the jews and certainly not the Romans.

7 Roman Catholicism

They are all inactive.

2nd Commandment forbids us to bow down before any man-made image or object (original 10 handed to Moses on mount Sinai--Exodus 20--and not the re-writes taught by Catholicism--Daniel 7:25). God cannot be imagined. In Revelation John saw Him with his own eyes and couldn't describe Him. Why do catholics think they can? When speaking to Elizabeth, Mary said, "My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour..." (Luke 1:46-47). Mary knew she was a sinner in need of a savior, why do catholics claim she was immaculate; a virgin, yes, without sin--NEVER! "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23). Mary would roll over in her grave if she knew catholics, and now many ecumenicals, worship her, the created mother of Christ, as equal to the Creator Jesus Christ Himself! Time to wake up, put down the bottle and pick up the Bible. Francis the anti-Christ is about to inflict his MARK of authority over God's SEAL of approval upon a world of ...more

Um its Christianity.

I hate the Pope (because it's obvious that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing), but I don't hate Catholics. - IcetailofWishClan

8 Wicca

It's easier to be a human being unburdened by religious rules that push you to be intolerant when your religion is decentralized. On the other hand, it also makes it really easy to claim you are that religion, while simultaneously being utterly ignorant of it. To that end, I've met more people who have claimed to be Wiccan, while seeming to know really nothing about it, than any other religious group. I can't say that gives me a very good impression. If anything, it's pretty sad.

Wicca is a very good religion people say it is bad when they know nothing about it I can tell you that it is a good religion and they believe to hurt no living thing - Hatt

People thing Wicca is devil worship. Said people are ignorant Christian fools who only know of their own religion, and barely know that.

Not a religion, but actually one worth looking into

9 Voodoo

I was married to a Cuban girl who actually got really scared when her sister said she would put a voodoo (or sangria the Cuban variant) curse on her, because we did not 'help' them enough. Helping being maintaining them almost completely.

10 Mormonism

Mitt Romney. A Mormon worth over $100 million who thinks it is a good idea to make a $10,000 wager for fun in front of people who make 1/10 to 1/3 of that in a month. Spit in the face of poor people why don't you?

Beyond that, what if I said I actually knew God and He gave me a special book with all the REAL rules, but then told me not to show anyone (kinda like Joseph Smith, eh? ) And then what if I said I could marry 14 year olds (as many as I want, because I'm a sexual deviant, like Joseph Smith).

But wait! What if I told you that you got your own planet full of virgins to rule over in the afterlife if you converted a bunch of people to Mormonism? God keeps score, after all.

Mormons believe all of this is ok.

Need I say more?

Whether people think it is a cult or not or whatever other things are wrong with it, there is a lot of misunderstading. And some things were wackadoodle back then, but none of us practice polgymay now or anything like that. And the fact is it was a different time period, what was accepted was much different to now. There was a lot that was wrong such as black people not getting the priesthood till later. But you have to understand, again, this was a different time period. A lot of people were racist not just members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Now we preach to be accepting of every color. Times change as people evolve. People who stay in the church stay because we have felt that it is true. Not what our parents are telling us, but our relationship with our Heavenly Father. We are told to follow certain rules like modesty and the word of wisdom (which is why some people think we are a cult), because we believe in being as best as we can. With modesty its because ...more

Actually, the Joseph smith marrying a 14 year old girl, true. Joseph smith having 34 wives, also true. Almost naked temple ceremonies... True, up until 2005. Not to mention cultish tendencies like thought control, controlling what members wear (modesty and garments) pressure not to leave (only the church is true and you'll be dammed if you leave) and others.

Seriously people, I managed to realize this was bull WHEN I WAS THIRTEEN I'm kind of embarrassed to be affiliated with the mor (m) ons just because there are so many inconsistencies that a CHILD could literally spot it.

I'm a Mormon, and as I sit here and read all these comments, I can't help but laugh. The LDS church believes in essentially everything the other Christian faiths do. All you people that think that we're a cult, or Jospeh smith was a con artist with a ton of wives, or any of that crap, have you ever even met a Mormon? Or, heaven forbid, actually been to an LDS church service or asked a Mormon about what they believe? Maybe you should make sure that you are getting reliable information next time you try to talk to a Mormon about what THEY believe. Honestly, who would know the beliefs of the LDS church better than a Mormon?

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11 Sikhism

Sikhism is an amazing religion, everything said in the guru granth sahib is just, fair and does not encourage violence! Why is Sikhism on this list, I've never heard of anyone hating on Sikhs laugh out loud.

I am not a Sikh, but if I were to choose a religion I know it would be Sikhism. Without any doubt my favourite religion of all.

After learning more about Sikhism, it became obvious that it suffers from the same ignorant, intolerant issues as every other religion I've studied (and I've studied world religions for more than a decade now). It's just a different package. Are there some good differences? Sure. But, I could say the same thing about a long list of other religions. I think the bottom line here is more that when you get a bunch of people together and have them define what's "right" and "wrong" as being specific things, people get vilified, excluded, hated, etc. It's just part of the process. So it becomes that it's not a matter of winning or losing, it's deciding to play that game to begin with that's the problem.

I think everybody hates this religion because nobody knows what it is, and yet it is so high up on "Best Religions". I don't hate it though.

12 Theistic Satanism

Sigh Christians are so thick as a brick. Its not worshipping Satan just because of the word "Satan" is in the religion.
Anyway God is more evil than Satan.

Satan is evil

There are two types of Satanism. This kind and then the Athiest Satanism (also known as LaVeyan). Theistic Satanism worships Satan, and is probably responsible for the majority of the stigma attached to the word Satanism.

13 Buddhism

Buddhism is not a religion. It is a philosophy and is basically the common facts of life. Being Buddhist is an amazing experience and unlike other cultures, the rules are not hard to do. They are just simple rules of morality like not to kill or lie. Also, Buddhism co exists with all our scientific information and supports science. After all, the Buddha was one of the greatest scientists of all time. Besides beliefs about reincarnation, there is nothing supernatural about Buddhism and everything is based on real life experiences and there aren't any biased opinions. I am not saying other cultures are bad but I don't understand why this is placed on the list.

In the West, what is perpetuated as "Buddhism" is more like the diet, caffeine-free version of Buddhism. It's not what most Buddhists are like. -- If it were, I really couldn't say anything bad about Buddhism at all. Unfortunately, real (religious) Buddhists, especially over in the East, are just as intolerant, biased, and hateful as any other religious group. It's not somehow immune to it simply because of the Western trend of cutesy books, wall decor, jewelry, and self-help gurus, who happen to attach themselves to Buddhism. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand that this Western version of Buddhism is mostly a watered-down, irreligious version of what Buddhism actually is to the majority of its practitioners.

I appreciate those people who like this religion.
It can be a common misunderstanding for a person to hate this religion as they are humans. Humans do make mistakes, and still there is a chance of correcting them in life. And its your right to follow this religion or not because you have the rights to think twice before accepting the doctrine. When discriminating a religion it is much worth to judge the teachings that the founder had taught rather than others impressions. Everyone is invited to come and see it. This is one of the qualities of Dharma.

The conflict between China and Tibet was a political conflict and not about religion. Communist China wanted Tibet as part of China. Because of the importance of buddhism in Tibet it was almost normal that the victims of these conflicts were related to buddhism. But Chinese people didn't hate buddhism to begin with exept only the few communist leaders of China at that time who hated the power of the Dalai Lama.

14 Jehovah's Witnesses

First off, don't hate us just because you claim we "hate gays." We respect the people, but we don't support the subject of being gay. There's no law saying I have to be gay or support them. Gays can be gay, just stop telling me to accept you. Because if they decide to be gay and claim that they're happy no matter what anyone says, then why are they trying so hard to be accepted? Why does there have to be a law put in place for gay marriage? Just do what you want and accept us witnesses, because it's hypocritical to try to make us accept the subject of gay rights and for you all to call us haters and not accept our beliefs.

We are very, happy, people and we always remain positive towards people because we care about people and want them to have a wonderful and safe life. Most importantly, we go door to door not to disturb or argue down people. We do it out of love because we recognize the horrible conditions in this world and we want to give people motivation that they are not alone. Also, if God loves people, then it is not possible that he is ruling this earth according to all the bad problems many face today. We only show people a true promise that god has a new kingdom where there will be peaceful conditions. Also, we will all be perfect people doing only right things. I personally look forward to the resurrection hope where everyone can see their dead loved ones alive again. Such a wonderful promise God has for people today who want to know more about him!

If jehovah witness were the only people living on the earth what would the earth be like, think about there would be no wars, because they love each other and their neighbors, no one would steel anything from you, not your car nor money, not even your dog, much less your wife,husband or take your child.the world would have no greed ruling in people hearts because the whole world would be one big family,worshipping God almighty like the bible says, people don't understand that God does have a name his name is jehovah. I have been shown this in my own bible. Jehovah's witnesses go to the people doors out of love, love for God and second people, I too learn this. People judge what they don't know or understand. Why not talk to them I sure did. They are happy people, really happy who force no one to come nor do they make people stay. People stay because their love for God and love for people grows in them. They share what the bible says with all who have humble heart, who is searching for ...more

I love Jehovah and his people.
Very sweet and caring and truthful from their hearts. Of course when you serve the thru God you have all of these beautiful qualities. Be in Jehovah's side and you will live forever...

15 Jainism

Jainism in top ten in this list? There has to be some technical glitch. You can't so much hate a religion (with a tiny population) which has NOT a single incidence of rioting in its 3000 years old history, is atheistic by philosophy and is so much against violence that it calls upon its followers to shun any form of violent resistance and killing animals (EVEN for food).

There is nothing about this religion to hate. Its been around forever, but many people have never heard of it because the followers don't try shoving their beliefs down other peoples throats.

What is this religion. how can I hate something I know nothing of.

Well I am a Jain and I would love to share some of my thoughts with you all. Jainism is all about NON VIOLENCE. Ahimsa Parmo Dharma meaning Non violence is the only religion. It's all about being human. don't you think being human its our responsibility to keep our earth and mother earth safe. Jainism is all about loving this earth, fire, air, water. You know people may find this hilarious but even wasting of water unnecessarily is prohibited in our religion, we can't waste electricity because we believe everything has its life and we should preserve and protect everything as much as possible. Water, air, fire, mud, trees all are considered ek indri jeev meaning an orgainsm with a single sense organ. Our religion is very scientific too use of unfiltered water is prohibited, eating food after sunset is prohibited and this is scientifically proven that food that we eat at night actually brngs several health issues because the level of microorganisms and impurities rises after sunset. ...more

16 Zionism

By far worst don't know why this isn't number one considering they are behind all the worlds problems

Should be higher! The fanatic form of judaism. And like any fanatic group or organisation, fanatic ideals and dangerous in their irrationallity. They're so fanatic that they don't care or respect any form of other belief!

The ultra crazies who make every jew look bad. Like Judas. I support a Jewish state, though - SoldierOfFortune

Trying to take over the world, creating hate in every religion. Killing innocent people and children when they should know better after what happened in Germany. They create wars for no reason other than material and power. They fabricated 911.

17 Bahá'í Faith

I do not like any religion but Islam

They brain wash you an say that he's Better then Jesus and mumumhamed

Actually the Baha'i faith encompasses Jesus and Muhammad. And Baha'is don't brainwash you. They actually respect other religions and believe in questioning the Baha'i faith and other faiths as well.

Stupid Phillipinos

18 Raëlism

They jerk off all the time, and are sex maniacs.

19 LaVeyan Satanism

"Welcome to the Hotel California..."

This cult is more outright blasphemy than Catholicism.

Also known as Athiest Satanism, this branch does not worship any God, devil, or spirit whatsoever; except maybe yourself. The Satanic Bible mentions magic, but only lists 3 rituals. The book specifically discourages sacrifices, harming children, and rape. The book encourages the '7 deadly sins' to some extent, however.

20 Sunni Islam

They are all peace and their pretty much the normal Muslims who fast,pray, and are pretty much the purest people you'll ever meet.

21 Taoism

I've studied Daoism (another, also correct spelling) for many years. The original text, the Dao De Jing, is a beautiful philosophical text that's still very relevant today. I don't know that any other text has had as much of a positive impact on me -- and it's really not religious at all. The more religious Daoist texts came later in history and don't appeal to me -- including those referred to as alchemy texts -- but, I find it very interesting that this isn't where Daoism started. It was really very philosophical to begin with. People seemed to turn it into a religion, but the irony is, the original text was explicitly against that sort of knowledge/behavior system. The original text also is more about describing reality and trends in existence and life, than putting forth rules you should follow, etc. So, it's very non-judgmental (if you're going by the original text). In that respect, I'd say it's quite unique. I also think it says everything that after studying world religions ...more

One of the most selfish “religions” on the Earth. Taoism thinks that you should give up any concern over this world and only care about yourself and nature, which is not just selfish, but idiotic.

Taoism is least hated because they don't give you a reason to hate them. they promise you nothing. no heaven no hell.

Taoism is a fanstic religion - golin

22 Jedi

How did this "become" a religion its literaly derived from a movie did a bunch of star wars die hards come up with this.

Yeah I hate jedi. I am a sith

In the end yoda speaks more of the truth than Mohamed and Jesus combined

Yep. Some Star Wars fanatics actually made Jedi into a real religion. Look it up and you'll see what I mean.

23 The Members Church of God International

Contradictions teachings. They have a leader who keeps cursing during worship and saying He is too a god.

Their god has a butt. No knees. But with a butt.

They have a lots of contradiction teachings

The leader have a lot of LEGAL CASES in the Philippines that's why he hides in other country.

24 Seventh Day Adventist

Seventh day Adventist is one of Christians church and few people believe in! I'm Adventist and most people hate my church! They only pray on Saturday

They are fake with no offense

Ben Carson - enough said.

Desmond Doss, "The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge" was SDA

25 Chassidim

It's so wonderful to have men so deprived of any knowledge of interaction with women that they stare at your breasts (which were very well-coverd, by the way), eye-groping them, in a public venue until your skin feels as if it's sprouted legs and begun to crawl. So much for 'religiousness' somehow making you more holy. Wasn't not coveting your neighbor's wife one of those really important rules? -- You know, like in the top ten or something? So much for that...

They are truly asses. They also do not all practice what they claim.

This is not a religion. This is just a sect of Judaism.


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