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1 Denisdaily

Denis is funny great and definitely cute. He does really cool videos and I think he should win. AM I RIGHT GUYS?

He is very funny And should be number one!

I only started watching Denis last year in November, but it's like I've been a fan of his for years! Denis should be number one!

Denisdaily is way better than dantdm and if u support or sub him u guys are obviously minecraft nerds and noobs at everything. U are good at nothing denis is better and will always be better than the others.i still support the other pals and the pals channel to

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2 AlbertsStuff

AlbertsStuff's content is definitely mature, and I don't recommend his videos to anyone who can't handle that stuff, but I LOVE HIS VIDEOS! I'll admit the bloody diarrhoea joke is a bit repetitive but it still makes me laugh every time! I know my parents would probably ban YouTube if they thought I was watching the content Albert produces, but I don't really care! He's a unique YouTuber who bends the rules of Roblox to the extreme, which of course, makes thing hilarious. Though, I should probably admit, his accent is... interesting, and when I first saw a picture of him in real life, I was like... wow, that doesn't match the accent. I'm pretty sure his accent is auto tuned.

He should #5. Sure he is a little more mature than others, but that is what makes him unique. I am alive when he posts a new video. He definitely needs more votes. (Dan should last really...)

WHAT?! He should be on 3 instead of 24. His videos are fun as heck, every time I watch his videos it makes me die of laugh. I recommend this channel a lot.

Can I have one samuel?

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3 DanTDM

He's number 1 on both roblox and minecraft. The minecraft top tens list I could tell was old because they said sky was number 1 and now dan got more subscribers than him and sky is dead now (it only means his channel he's not really dead in real life). Dan in roblox deserves number 1 in this list and minecraft.

I love him he is funny crazy adventurous and amazing

I guess he is the best player in the world, and I love DanTDM!

He has the most followrs on Roblox

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4 Epikrika

This list is full of 9 year olds who like garbage click bait (denis, dantdm) Epikrika was one of the only I found decent - Phillip873

Just voting because stupidity makes me laugh

Denisdaily is above this. What a shame because he's really decent and funny unlike Penisdaily. - Ohno

Give me rs name soul_smith02

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5 Greenlegocats123

I love greenlegocats! His videos are hilarious and I can't stop watching them. I wish Minigunner was in the top 10's though...

He's against ODers and he makes the best trolling videos.

I love this guy but can someone tell me his name I don't understand it he souds gay

An amazing yotuber and tries to make Roblox better. Also, he doesn't do clickbait like " JOHN DOE HACKED ME *GOT HACKED* *ACCOUNT DELETED* *THEY CAME TO MY HOUSE* *GONE WRONG*" so that's always good.

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6 Xenowolf

Absolute Legend. This guy makes videos on the worst games on Roblox, but makes them entertaining with the text to speech voice and hilarious jokes and humour. What a don.

Hilarious bloke

He's hilarious

Made WGOR, in which I love.

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7 Alex - Roblox and Mroe

Alex is my favorite YouTuber. He should really be number 1 or at least in the top 5. He's kind funny kid friendly and is almost at 1 million subscribers. Alex if you see this, just know that you are a very special person and I love you!



8 PhirefoxRBLX

Set a high standard for film making and has inspired many roblox YouTubers



He was good back in 2013 and 2014, with funny voices (not TTS) and good machinimas (not TTS Kevin MacLeod snooze fests) - Maddox121

9 Jordan5616
10 Princpretty Aka Sylvan Sunday Crew

I make quality Roblox youtube videos - princepretty

I'm a new Youtuber but I make quality videos - princepretty

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11 ThinkNoodles

Think is so funny and kid-friendly. He should definitely be higher than the kids who put themselves up...

He is the best Roblox Pokemon Brick Bronze YouTuber ever! Noodle On

Give me some robux


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12 QuackityHQ

He was the funniest ROBLOX youtuber, well, before he and his fans started spamming on forums. Sad that he didn't get over the ban and just made another account.

13 TypicalModders

He making cool exploit videos!


14 Ethangamertv

Your a kid and you talk and play awesome

Why is these even here what

I love chads videos


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15 Amy Lee33 V 1 Comment
16 Roblox

Roblox is the official channel created by the creators of roblox and has the most subscribers at 92k subs - jordan5616

This should not count

Hi people do you love roblox if you do Vote for Roblox

Roblox should count as it is not as if they r stealing videos, they r taking effort to make their own.

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17 Legobloxian

I like your vidoes

19 Denis - Roblox & More!

He is the best of all time! Hilarious!

He is cool and is by far one of the best people on roblox I like how he is really good with the obbies

He is extremely hilarious and does good videos with Alex sub sketch and corhorl

20 Citizen

He makes funny exploit videos.

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