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1 DanTDM

You're the best Dantdm your are really funny to Really FUNNY

DanTDM is quite persistent and cool I should say

Dan. You are the best. Especially your' Five Nights At McDonald's ' episode. I am a big fan of yours.


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2 Denisdaily

Denis is funny great and definitely cute. He does really cool videos and I think he should win. AM I RIGHT GUYS?

He is very funny And should be number one!

I only started watching Denis last year in November, but it's like I've been a fan of his for years! Denis should be number one!

Denis videos are funny and awesome

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3 Roblox

Roblox is the official channel created by the creators of roblox and has the most subscribers at 92k subs - jordan5616

This should not count

He's amazing

4 AlbertsStuff

He should #5. Sure he is a little more mature than others, but that is what makes him unique. I am alive when he posts a new video. He definitely needs more votes. (Dan should last really...)

WHAT?! He should be on 3 instead of 24. His videos are fun as heck, every time I watch his videos it makes me die of laugh. I recommend this channel a lot.

Albertsstuff is an awesome youtuber in general. His sense of humor is vastly original, and he is just hilarious. He is the funniest and sweetest person out of all the other youtubers on this list. ALBERTSSTUFF IS AMAZING!

I like your videos and your funny #loveAlbertsStuff

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5 iTownGamePlay
6 AA Millers

Better than me - LondonzTaDahz

Amber is more then dope!

Great music videos!

AA millers is over rated bubble chat bull, litteraly runescape videos all over again.

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7 BereghostGames

One of the originals roblox youtubers

I personally don't watch Bereghost but I heard he's really good

BereGhost should be Number #1. - LapisBob


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8 Epikrika

Just voting because stupidity makes me laugh

9 PhirefoxRBLX

Set a high standard for film making and has inspired many roblox YouTubers

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10 Owtreyalp

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11 Gamer Chad

I love Chads video and your funny you make me happy and Audrey also.

Chad is very nice and inspiration

He is kid friendly and funny!

He is halarious

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12 Ethangamertv

Your a kid and you talk and play awesome

Why is these even here what

I love chads videos

I think this is good for the same age as he is but any older I think they should move onto DanTDM {AKA also liked by Ethan} or someone and I'm not hating on Ethan just giving a opinion

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13 Jordan5616
14 TheHman72

One of my favorite youtubers, whom makes me laugh a lot.

he's cool!

15 RadioJHGames

I love this channel

She is super cool



The person who defies conventional wisdom

This boi sucks but he better than dem

He cool mahn

17 TheGreatZekrom

i like you

18 EzCheez
19 AquaBlox

She is very good in SF

20 jDantastic
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