Top 10 Most Popular Roblox Games

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The Top Ten
1 Meep City

No one can deny that Meepcity isn’t one of the most popular games in all of Roblox

My brother really likes this

Its great game! One of my favs and no doubt really popular

2 Adopt Me

Definitely the most popular one. Adopt Me has over 12 billion visits as of August 30, 2020.

it is first game that had 1m players at same time

ummmm 1 mill playing at one point NOT KIDDING otherwise around 400 k at a time

3 Jailbreak

I love this game! Basically spend most of my time on this when I am playing Roblox. Everyone likes it and more then 10K play it each day

I love Jailbreak! It’s really popular and fun to play!

4 Murder Mystery 2
5 Royal High
6 Work at a Pizza Place


7 Welcome to Bloxburg
8 Piggy

Already has about 3 billion visits. Only 5 months old

9 Prison Life
10 Epic Minigames

Epic. yh its epic

The Contenders
11 Super Hero Tycoon
12 Granny
13 Tower of Hell
14 Arsenal

The best FPS shooter game. Also, I see rainstorm on every single roblox and warrior cat chat :/ lol.

I love arsenal.

The greatest FPS game for now.

15 Bee Swarm Simulator


16 Natural Disaster Survival

I watched my cousin Lucas play it because I can't play roblox, RAGE!

17 Destruction Simulator
18 Flee the Facility
19 Dungeon Quest

I play it a lot. It’s fun!

20 Chart Obbies

its chart obbies obviously there the best duhhhhhhh

21 My Restaurant
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