Top 10 Most Popular Roblox Games

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1 Meep City

My brother really likes this

I don't know how to play this

2 Adopt Me

Definitely the most popular one. Adopt Me has over 12 billion visits as of August 30, 2020.

3 Jailbreak

I love this game! Basically spend most of my time on this when I am playing Roblox. Everyone likes it and more then 10K play it each day

4 Murder Mystery 2
5 Royal High
6 Work at a Pizza Place
7 Welcome to Bloxburg
8 Prison Life
9 Piggy

Already has about 3 billion visits. Only 5 months old

10 Epic Minigames

Epic. yh its epic

The Contenders
11 Tower of Hell
12 Super Hero Tycoon
13 Arsenal

the dude I heard of that he is shooting me and others through the walls then he lied to me about not hacking, he wanted to backstab me online only, so I blocked him and never see him ever again.

The best FPS shooter game. Also, I see rainstorm on every single roblox and warrior cat chat :/ lol.

I love arsenal.

14 Granny
15 Natural Disaster Survival

I watched my cousin Lucas play it because I can't play roblox, RAGE!

16 Bee Swarm Simulator


17 Destruction Simulator
18 Flee the Facility
19 Dungeon Quest

I play it a lot. It’s fun!

20 Chart Obbies

its chart obbies obviously there the best duhhhhhhh

21 Brookhaven

Honestly this is dumb

22 My Restaurant
23 Roblox High School
24 Crown Academy

I love this game

25 Survive the Red Dress Girl
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