Top 10 Worst Things About Roblox

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1 ODers

One of my closest friends ODs. Sometimes I join her, not so I can pretend to love someone and be all: "Baby, cutie love bunny k! $$ me" or whatever, because that's just stupid, but merely for the experience. What's it even like to OD? I'm assuming most people would be against it, and I'm partially against it too, but what's it like to have someone else love you on a kids' game rated 3+. The answer is... rewarding. It feels like someone - even if it is just a predator or creep - actually has feelings for you without even seeing your true face or knowing your true personality.

Some people call me "lego-piece" while they're wearing an ice arm or a skeleton leg. Well at least I'm someone with manners. I follow the rules as well, and also why would I spend a penny on a virtual kids game? It's useless. Just because you begged your mother to buy you virtual currency doesn't mean you're cool or attractive. You're just too arrogant about yourself. Children, never judge a book by its cover.

2 Scammers

Whenever I played Adopt Me 24/7, I had a unicorn and a friend. I still remember part of her username; it was Princess followed by a bunch of numbers. One day, she mentioned that she had a friend who had several spare ride potions. However, she claimed her friend was very shy and couldn't allow me to join. I mean, who is shy when it's a virtual game?! I thought it was a good deal since ride potions were new at the time. So, I traded my unicorn with her. After that, she suddenly left. I assumed it was because her friend was in a different server, but when I checked, she was nowhere to be found. I thought it might be a glitch, but then I noticed she had unfriended and blocked me. It turned out she did it after I traded her my unicorn. Unicorns are worthless now, and I even have a neon unicorn. Sorry, girl!

Last year June 2017 I was playing assassain and a guy said do you want a exotic. I never had an exotic and I still don't. He told me to trade all my legendary knifes so I did. I was stupid enough to do. Then he told me to trade all of my knives but he just crafted the exotic. I felt it was all a scam and I said no to him. He then left the server and never got my exotic. I was very mad at him and rarely play assassin anymore. After a year still remember the scammer's name his name is GodOfDestruction360. If I didn't trade my knives with him I would've made an exotic by now. My user is doctorcatcookie

3 Tickets were removed

Literally did this for the money. As a person who's been on since 2008, this is totally unfair. I'm not going to give you a credit card for a currency that doesn't even exist. I have 320 robux now but it used to be over 50,000 ROBUX...

I like how roblox says that they removed tickets to "make roblox better and more sense" like it is way too obvious. They did this so there is no free way to get robux, thus forcing kids into using exclusively money.

Now basically if you don't have membership, you have to pay with real money just to get a shirt or a pair of pants on Roblox.

4 Clickbait games

These are awful. I will see a game on ROBLOX that looks amazing, so I decide to play it. I join, and it's just another stolen obby, that is not unique in any way! These misleading titles and games just ruin a lot of ROBLOX for me. A notable clickbait builder goes by the name of Plat Games. He changes the title and thumbnail of the clickbait game very often, but it is still the same stolen obby.

These people that make these games are awful, angry people. I have gone into a game, expecting it to be awesome, when it turns out to be a boring obby. I have done this more times than I can remember. Which is a lot. It's just awful, so many games look awesome, but are just stolen obbies that all look the same. A notable builder of these awful worlds is Plat Games, who changes the title everyday, but it is always the same awful, copied obby.

I see a good game click on it then I ALWAYS see a shifty tycoon game where you do nothing all day. And why is it the most popular games that are clickbait? Don't play popular games that look funny

5 Mean people

Sometimes I get a little mad when I get killed, so I react by calling the person " a NOOB". Not only does the person call me a noob back, which makes me more irritated, when he kills me again he says " Get rekt" or " you mad"! The person might even call me names ( and offensive ones), and it's all because I called him a NOOB ( again, a reaction). Eventually, most times we make up and forget about it. But some times are so bad I am bitter for a few minutes. I know it's my fault for overreacting, but this happens 1/2 times I play a game like Roblox. Also, I don't quit the game because I'm afraid I'll be called a " rage quitter". I'm probably going to get dislikes for this.

Not too long ago, I decided to play Get Eaten, because I was Level 12 in the game. Everything was going good, until a Roblox Gangster decided to join and play not so PG music. One player didn't like the music, so he told the gangster to stop playing it. The gangster told the guy to go away if he does not like it. But in the game you can hear the music anywhere, so the guy told the Gangster to stop. This is where things got physical. The gangster call the person an idiot, which made the player really upset. The gangster was happy that he bullied him. Everyone got really mad, and reported the gangster. The gangster's account permanently suspended from Roblox. He got what he deserved. However, the experience was horrible and sad.

6 Bad updates

I totally agree with this one. Almost all of the updates that ROBLOX do make the game worse, some are even pointless. Like when they literally changed the logo to a red cheez-it, and when they got rid of tix. It just disappoints me.

I strongly agree! The audio privacy update was the worst since it destroyed millions of experiences, most of which were developed collaboratively.

ROBLOX isn't listening to its community it has getting worse when Audio Privacy is added, Bruh it won't bring back Tix so gladly I quit Roblox due to Profile removal on home page.

7 Hashtags

Ok, lets be realistic. Of course the hashtags annoy and infuriate me to such an extent, but, like I said, let's be honest. Every inappropriate kid (teehee maybe me) tries to find clever ways to say inappropriate stuff without it being censored. We all remember that time when we substituted letters for numbers to spell bad words, right? Well, numbers are tagged. What about your friends telling your real name? Well, names are tagged. Roblox will not tag words unjustly to ruin your rp experience. I mean, Roblox wants you to play that game, so why ruin your rp experience? So, in conclusions, hashtags suck, but so do we and we deserved this.

Hashtags are so annoying. I could be typing in a player's name to ask them to team with me, or that they are a good player, when hashtags cover up my sentence and everyone looks at it and thinks "This player is swearing! " or "What is this player saying? " This is a problem when hashtags are covering regular everyday non-swear words, or saying a player's username.

8 Bad roleplayers

Okay, I have a story! I was playing Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid and this guy said, "Do you want to come to my place for dinner?" So I said sure, and he brought me to his house. He asked me to marry him, and I said no. Then he locked the door and laughed. I said to him, "Unlock this door now," but he said, "I'm not who you think I am." On his roleplay name, he wrote "Rapist." No, Mike! This is a true story! He then chased me all over the house and told me that if I didn't want to get hurt, then I should come to him! I told my stepmom, and she was weirded out too! Kids, be careful when playing these types of games. There are a lot of creeps out there who want to play more than just games...

True story, I was playing Horse Valley with my friend (I know her IRL) she invited two random people we didn't know, Me, one of the random players, and my friend, were off doing our own thing, and whenever we came back to my friends house, the last random player we invited said "bucks robber" and then "Kills both robbers", we ended up banning her and she went into her pity-party.

9 DanTDM and his army of 8 year olds

"His Army Of 8 Year Olds" sounds too specific. What's wrong with kids on Roblox? It's not like it was directed to a specific age.

Besides, whenever a popular YouTuber plays ANY kind of game, it becomes over-popularized due to the fact many famous gamer YouTubers have a majority of young people in their audiences, meaning those "young people" (aka the "army of 8-year-olds") will flock to said game to play it. Don't act like a kid yourself and get upset over some kid fans of a YTer.

But putting that aside, immaturity runs rampant on Roblox, especially due to most kids...

I've been playing roblox for a couple of years now, and the community was great! It was my favourite game and my special hideout from the attack of the homework essays.
"Everything changed when the DanTDM nation attacked."
To be honest, I like Dan he's a good youtuber. But if I could change one thing in time it would be making sure Dan would never had joined roblox. The let's plays I watch are cringy and stupid. On roblox more and more of his 8 year old fans join roblox. I'm sure they're just here for the games. They don't care about the awesome forums and groups. Nope they just play the newly added clickbaity games.
I could go on and on but all I can say is, this deserves to be in the top 3.

10 Robux cost money

I can spend money on my PS4 or space travel or something. Why spend it on ROBUX. It's dumb. And now without a mask I feel like people will call me a noob. Lucky during tix time I can convert it to ROBUX so I can pay.

And it's more annoying when you create a game and charge items for Robux and Roblox gets 90% of your Robux and you only get 10%! It's unfair!

It is stupid because why would people buy that robux? If it was free roblox would be better and not just wasting stupid money!

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11 Guests

The guests are not the annoying ones. If anything it is guest haters and it's the people who play as guests to troll people. You cannot blame guests for that. It is extremely mean to call them noobs. Everyone was one at one point in their lives. Attention everyone stop being mean to guests. They are only learning and if you are that mean to them then don't bother playing in the first place idiots. They don't have accounts because they want to play for free just to see if it is even worth buying the game. If you won't stop being jerks then karma will get you all! Some parents want their kids safe on the internet so that's why they don't create accounts and you can still befriend a guest even if they don't talk.

I may have played as a guest before 2018, a feature called play as a guest was introduced in 2008, those people use play as those to evade bans, all they do is evade bans, a lot of People hated them for their evade, good thing it's removed and discontinued, so no more guests.

12 Anthro R30

If this is added then the name wouldn't be "ROBLOX"! This thing is worse than Tix Removal.

No that update is good

It's now called "Rthro", and it isn't THAT bad. (At least it's optional)

13 Account hackers

Some jerk hacked my sisters account on 15/4/19 I don't know why he said he will give her robux and she told me "I think I am getting hacked" and I said "you shouldn't fall for these". I then got a message from that hacked her saying "hi, can you play this game" and I left him on read. I made her a new account and we just kept our distance from account hackers and never got hacked again.

People who take your account and all you have. Luckily they don't have access to your credit card

14 Admins

Not cool. One time when I was playing Paper MARIO RP, some luma appeared and said :kill (MY USERNAME) then I die and have to chose my morph again. he kept appearing and killing me! That's when I left the game. So please Roblox ban Admin! They ruin every game!

You people don't know much about the..unfair and abusive admins, do you?

Just search up "unfair moderators". I'm sure you'll see how many people suffered perma-bans just for doing something outside of ROBLOX...

Roblox suffers from poor administration. You can get easily banned because of this.

15 They are greedy

After Erik died, ROBLOX renamed itself the Roblox empire, and made tix extinct, guests extinct, forums extinct, and add a creepy anthro to invade games.

Removal of tix = Most likely for players to pay real money for builders club to gain robux
Removal of guest = Roblox probably wanted guests to join so roblox could get more money

. _.

I give my vote to this. This sums up all of Roblox nowadays.

16 Removal of Tix

Massive mistake on Roblox's part... Now people can't even get what they want and have to pay real money just to get it now... This is what is was like for me, *with Tixs around gets whatever I want/needed after a few days to a few weeks* Okay... Got this and this... Equip them... *the day tix were removed*...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? How do they expect people who JUST JOIN whom may OR may NOT have a credit card and money on it to buy crap without Tix and without Robux?!

Well, this might've actually been good. Because if tix still existed, Roblox's economy could crash, causing the website to be shut down. Don't want that to happen, eh?

If they removed them because they're "confusing to new players," then why did Roblox implement them in the first place?

17 Cyberbullies

Bullying technologically was way even worse then committed suicide, death threats, etc.

The only you have to do is to report to the developers so you don't get bullied again.

That explains why there a lot of bully stories on Roblox in Youtube as some sort anti-bullying propaganda video or something like that.

True. every time I play I game, I always fear someone to start cyberbullying me...
I remember, once when I was younger, I went to Kohl's Admin House(it was my favorite game back then), I didn't have the Perm Admin pass, and I wore an "ODer outfit", then a bunch of edgy players came to me and started harrasing me and also calling me an "ODer" and admin abused me, by spam killing... I forgot their usernames, and I tell you, that once I get their usernames, I'll report them, one by one... And then pray that God will make the administrators ban them(I'm a bit religious).

Here's a description of the bullies:

There were two boys, and a girl.
The girl wore the typical brown hair+the beautiful hair, and a one piece black and red outfit?
Both boys had brown hair, a hoodie+jeans and the blocky package...

My outfit was a cinnamon brown hair+the purple skater cap+Mr. Chuckles+ and the angel wings+ 1.0/blocky package.

18 YouTuber fans

This is really annoying. A couple of years ago, I went to a game I liked at the time (I forgot what it's called). Then, all of a sudden, Denis comes into the server. I didn't even make eye contact nor did I even hate-chat him because I really didn't like him (Because I was too nervous about the potential saltiness at the time). Most of the people in the server had a different story. Many people crowded around him and spammed "DENIS U REC", "DENIS FRIND ME," or other stuff like "DENIS DONATE ME." It looked like a stampede. The server turned more into a Roblox YouTuber Convention than a game. It made me cringe at the time, and to this day, it still does. It's just like those crappy Su Tart or Duolingo games on the front page made by Flamingo fanboys.

Ugh, that experience made me cringe so much. I was 11 at the time, so I was very jacked.

They are so annoying! Usually you will see someone who is "cool" just hanging around and chatting. But, when a YouTuber that they like joins the server, they just lose it and start to mob them and give them not enough space and start to spam constant BS into the chat like " ITS (insert YouTuber's name) I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! " or "please fiend me." And would start to just follow them and ask if they are recording. It's just annoying for the people who are watching the video and probably for the YouTuber. Please give them space, I bet they appreciate you. But, they are human beings too! Not a museum!

19 Childish insults

Someone called me a "cuckoo" and a "dumb head". I wish they die early.

Some kid called me Gay when I had a tail with my avatar.

Some kid had called me gay and dur mento, i have to report him until he leaves.

20 The community

Yeah the community is dead when I looked at 2014 roblox I knew it was worse then 2011 roblox and at that moment I'd knew by 2018 roblox would probably be dead.

Community has been bad since 2013, but now it's starting to get just as bad as Minecraft's community.

At least the community is better than Geometry Dash's Anarchy-like community.

21 Kids in their emo/cuteness phase

Boi, "emo" doesn't mean you hate anyone, I'm in the phase! I rarely show ANY depression (Though it exists) I think a better complaint is "Kids in their Emo phase, and act stereotypical about it.

I'm simply a socially awkward and socially anxious girl. Sometimes I show my depression. I don't see an issue with people like this.

I'm in my emo phase but I like anime and stuff, but I'm not like a typical emo who goes around saying they hate everyone. I actually try to be nice

22 People that call other people noobs

One time while I was playing a game, some people in the server called me 'noob, idiot' etc. and the game got into a one versus ten argument that got so ugly the people threatened to report me for being a noob (so weird! ) and finally I wanted to end it so I exited the game. Even worse, to avoid embarrassment, I deleted that account and made a new one so I could hide who I was. Hope this isn't against the Roblox Rules, but better safe than sorry. I hope those noob-calling people will think about what they've done and the impact it can happen on someone. So guys, don't call others noobs because it will really impact on someone's Roblox Experience like it did to me. (Bonus: I got super good in that game after a few months and I made some friends in that game after that incident and I remember some of the noob callers that said: Wow! He's really good! He won already)

I'll admit, I have done this from time to time. But then people call me a noob, make a big deal about me calling them a noob ( even though I was only slightly irritated) and even turns into an ARGUMENT. Fortunately, though, most times me and the user make up and even become friends. But this is the thing that makes me mad. Sure, dying in a video game sucks. But doing this is miles worse. I know I sound like a hypocrite, so you can thumbs me down. But I'm just voicing my opinion, and haters going to hate, I guess.

23 Bullying

Sometimes that deserves a higher rank...

24 Hackers

THey are annoying, Sometimes they can help on obbies but they ruin everything!

25 Exploiters

I have seen tons of hackers on epic minigames. Once when the server and I were playing High Pressure. There was this player who was floating and gave a dumb excuse that he was on a school computer! And since admins are as lazy as sh@*, I couldn't report him. Plus, I think it's illegal to play online games with everyone on a school computer. I know about it since I banned ROBLOX from my son and told him that ROBLOX will go to hell one day.

Exploiters are the scum of ROBLOX. When you are playing a great game, having lots of fun, an exploiter turns up, gives himself the ability to fly and kill anyone in one hit, and the game gets ruined. Exploiters are probably edgy people that cannot handle losing, so they exploit to make themselves feel better.

There are too many exploiters on Roblox, especially popular games like Beach House Roleplay and Prison Life. It is sometimes harder to find a non-hacked server than a hacked server on games like that.

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