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What are the best cars found in Roblox Jailbreak? Vote and read this list to find out.
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1 Eclaire

Ah yes, the Chiron. The successor to the Bugatti Veyron, as it replaced it back in the March 2020 update when the Bugatti retired. It has got to be one of the coolest looking cars ever in Jailbreak, with its sick blue shape and the awesome interior, being the first ever vehicle to feature interiors.

What puts this one below the Veyron is mostly the speed, which is not nearly as great, sadly. And honestly, the looks of the Veyron are so cool too that the speed compensates for my liking for that car. I mean, I love the Chiron, but Veyron all the way!

2 Torpedo

The Torpedo is the best car in the entirety of Roblox Jailbreak, literally and easily. The Torpedo, based on the Koenigsegg, is a now unobtainable vehicle that used to be the main prize for reaching a certain level in the event seasons of Season 1 and 2, for criminals only. The reward was one of the absolute best ever you could have because this vehicle is record-breaking!

It's the fastest vehicle ever in the game, and just driving this thing feels amazing! It also looks awesome. I mean, it really does fit the name as it kinda looks like a torpedo on wheels! Without a doubt, the best Jailbreak car.

3 Brulee

Ah, yes, the Bugatti Veyron is a classic. It was in the game since nearly the start of the game's release, along with the Jewelry Store, and to this day, it's the second fastest vehicle in the game. It also has the fastest reverse speed, which is just even better and really boosts this vehicle.

Unfortunately, since the March Update, it has been removed and retired from the game, and it's now replaced by the Chiron, yes, the Bugatti Chiron. I'll add it when I've bought it, but for now, the Bugatti is up here.

Yes, this has been my favorite car so far. This has also been my dream car in Jailbreak. I hate it when it is removed. Why would they remove it? This car is great and kind of cheap because it is only 500,000 dollars. This car is cool!

4 Roadster

The Roadster might be the most overrated car out there. But keep in mind, it does not mean that it's a bad vehicle. This is one of the fastest cars in the game and has the highest acceleration of them all, as it's a Tesla electric car.

However, it also has the worst reverse speed in the game, which is a huge downside. But the worst thing is how glitchy it is. This and the Model 3, when bumped into a wall, spin out like crazy and get flung off the map! If you're lucky, you'll have time to exit before that happens, but it's so annoying.

It can be fun at times, but mostly it's just ruining the fun. Despite that, it's #3 on my list.

5 La Matador

This was the first vehicle to be added to Jailbreak in an update. It was released in the Supercar Update, the first ever update Jailbreak had, and even to this day, it's one of the most used and acclaimed vehicles of them all. Despite being incredibly cheap, like at 100,000 cash (compare that to the much slower McLaren at 300,000 cash), it has one of the fastest speeds ever, just slightly slower than Bugatti but faster than the Roadster.

I will admit it's a bit basic, but I kinda like the flatness of it. Overall, it's one of the top choices.

6 Surus

A vehicle that replaced the SUV in the July Update of 2020, being an obvious improvement over the disappointing SUV we originally had. Despite costing a mere 109,000 dollars, it's actually quite fast, similar to the Lambo.

Not one of the fastest vehicles, but fast enough that it puts more expensive vehicles like the Ferrari or McLaren to shame. It also looks pretty neat, but honestly, the old SUV did look a bit better, though.

A better alternative to the Lambo by far. I was a bit disappointed when I got the La Matador when I discovered I had to pay even more to get it even close to 150 mph. I hear this one goes faster.

7 Stallion

Honestly, this is in every way a moderate downgrade of the Lambo, despite the fact that it's twice as expensive. It's not a very recommended vehicle as it's slightly slower in nearly all categories compared to the former, with the exception being the handling, as it handles the best out of any vehicle in the game. Although slightly slower, it's still very fast, so it's not really bad (it's not as bad as the McLaren), although the price sure is what brings it lower on the list.

Although it tends to stop while trying to get over the tracks, it is really good.

8 Arachnid

Arachnid is the police counterpart of the Torpedo, as it was Season 1 and 2 exclusive. You had to raise your level as a police instead of a criminal. This isn't nearly as loved as the former, but it sure has a premise and huge pros. This was originally a troll suggestion by fans, but it still nevertheless became a reality. It's also known as the Batmobile, which is understandable as it resembles one.

It's slower and wider than the Torpedo, unfortunately, but everything else makes this a top choice for cars in Jailbreak.

9 Volt Bike

An excellent getaway vehicle. I don't have one personally, but it's next on my list. I'm fed up with being disabled by police in a matter of seconds. This thing is crazy!

It's been my dream since I first played Jailbreak. I was there when it came out and was just baffled by its superior traits. Yes, this is the best vehicle.

It's like a thing that can juke police, and you can't eject the person in the car.

10 Airtail

The Airtail is faster than the Lambo, but the thing is, the vehicle's sound engine will vanish. I can't hear anything, but you know, this is still the best car in the game. I also like it because it is fast.

The best all-rounder vehicle, second only to the Chiron (not in top speed). It's third in top speed among currently available cars.

Cool car. Looks good. I hear it has good speed as well.

The Contenders
11 Drone

Very good! An amazing vehicle for grinding, both in VIP servers and public ones. I highly recommend this vehicle if you have one million and don't know how to spend it.

Similar to the Blade, but smaller and less prone to getting disabled.

12 Challenger
13 Model 3

Either this or the Pick-Up Truck is the first vehicle people buy in Jailbreak. Well, I bought the latter first, but the Model 3, while twice as expensive at 16,000 cash, is a lot more efficient to buy and use. As a Tesla vehicle, it has decent acceleration and very good speed when upgraded with a Level 5 engine.

Like the Roadster, though, it flings off the map when bumped into an object, but for what it's worth, it's recommended.

This car, when leveled up with the level five engine, is really good.

When fully tuned, its speed and handling are comparable to the La Matador ($100,000) with the engine 5 upgrade, while only costing $16,000!

14 Cybertruck

Best car in the game! Why is it not number one?

This is exactly the same as the Model 3.

Cool-looking vehicle. Decent speed and acceleration. It can fit six people.

15 M12 Molten
16 Blade
17 R8

It's pretty nice, cool, and fast, eh? This user has it too. It's pretty fast, like the M12 Molten.

18 Military Jeep

The Military Jeep is one of three free vehicles, along with the Heli and the Camaro. It's the most recent, added with the Military Base as recently as 2019, but it's crazy good for a free vehicle! It has a very decent top speed, great handling and off-roading, and decent acceleration.

Keep in mind, there are way more expensive vehicles, such as the Porsche, which gives a much lesser performance in proportion to its price. Did I also mention it seats four players and looks awesome? You can even turn on the roof for it! Surely a great car!

19 Megalodon
20 Beam Hybrid
21 Delorean

Good vehicle! It glides on water, definitely one of my favorites. It has a pretty cool look too and a speed faster than some supercars. The price is $175,000, but still a good choice.

22 Mighty

You can no longer buy this car as it was a prize in a previous season, but it is very good.

23 Camaro
24 Volt 4x4
25 Robux Float
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