Top Ten Worst ROBLOX Jailbreak Cars

With the Challenger and Surus cars now released to the game, what are the worst cars in Roblox Jailbreak? Vote and read the list to find out. In order for a vehicle to count as a car, it needs to have at least four wheels and no flatbed (like the trucks) excluding the ATV for obvious reasons. In other words, any supercar, paid car or general vehicle (that excludes Patrol and Pick-Up Truck) and Ambulance, Firetruck and Arachnid.
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1 Megalodon

It doesn't take a genius to know why this is #1. Why? Well..., it's relatively fast, but even then, it's slower than the Lambo and even the Ferrari. But it's 300K cash, which is way higher than both the Lambo and Ferrari. Just what the heck? At release it was super slow, and even though it recieved buffs, it's still not as fast as these two. Just..., what the heck got poured here? I even forgot it existed at times because it's that forgettable. It's only known for being the worst vehicle and that's it. It's no surprise why it got retired in the 2020 July Update, because IT SUCKS!

2 Celestial

Basically the same as the SWAT Van but excluding two seats. Despite that though, it's not as bad as the former, because buying this vehicle DOES technically allow you to know when each robbery has opened at least, so it's not ENTIRELY useless in that regard. But..., still. Also it has slightly superior speed to there's that too.

3 SWAT Van

A car you need to buy with robux (AKA real money) in order to use. That wouldn't normally be a problem, had it been an actually good vehicle! You wanna know why the micro-transaction is bad? Well let's guess, maybe the speed is bad? Check. And maybe every other category doesn't reach phenomenal either? Check. Sure it's got a turret on the roof, but it can barely be considered a threat, at all. Sure it holds four passengers but come on the SUV and Surus do too but are paid using in-game cash.

4 Classic

This vehicle is pretty disappointing as its 50K cash to buy but its stats are some of the worst the game has to offer. Yeah, it's the best handled car, surprisingly but the top speed is among the worst ever, only better than Stunt, ATV and Dirtbike which is sad. It also only seats one player and the only reason it's not the worst in my book is because it looks cool but that's really all.

Ughh! This vehicle is so bad because no one would ever buy this total suck-up car because its old and not cool-looking car it is such a waste of cash it's so slow and rickety. Remove this dirty car. I will never ever buy thing!

5 Camaro

This one is super-duper bad, terrible and it's speed always slow and sucks whenever I buy this garbage car. It may also look good because of its looks because it should be my favorite car before when I was not playing roblox because I always love its looks but it turns out, its super slow. Whenever you got into the car with being chased by a cop, its just take so long to move! They should remove this and replace it with jeep. Jeep is cooler and its also fast than this trashed car anyway.

The classic camaro, the most likely first vehicle touched by players as it's a free vehicle and it's the most frequent car found, such as a getaway vehicle at the prison and certain robberies. It has a basic look and feel to it and relatively poor speed and stats, but for what it is, it's a completely neutral opinion on this thing. No real opinion, just a simple five out of ten.


Buying this vehicle is such a waste of money. It has the speed of a Camaro, but costs 50K like the Classic and while it holds 4 people, it's very clickbaity because from the design it looks like it could hold a few more people, as it looks like a mini-bus. Yeah it's faster than Classic but that looks better while this is boring. One of the worst, In my opinion. No wonder it got replaced by a much more effective Surus in July 2020.

7 Deja

This recent car from the September 2020 Update serves as a nerfed replacement for the legendary Mini-Cooper vehicle. The only good part of this vehicle is the looks, plus the price is absurdly low. But that doesn't accept the fact that it's the slowest car out of any!

This car is the oldest vehicles in the history of real life. Slow but good model with it's smoke on tires in drifting and driving.

8 Boxer
9 Volt Bike

Few years ago, they recently nerfed volt bike's speed which made him slower than the buggy now. So I would say that this vehicle will still be the top 1 of the best vehicles, because who knows, everyone is still using the volt bike and its still worth a million cash. So the speed is bad and what not but he's still the best vehicle. So I don't blame for the speed of the 1 million dollar vehicle.

Volt bike is the best vehicle when you add a level 5 engine it will make the volt even more faster. Lamborghini is even slower than volt, buggati and mclaren these are supercars and they are the best vehicles. Not useless!

10 Monster Truck

Well this one is such waste because when drifting this car, it flips always. Such a waste of cash. But it is also great because you can go over cars and everything because of it's big tires. Do you know why no one ever bought this thing? Because it sucks and terrible.

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11 Steed

The Mustang retired in the March 2019 Update along with its partner the Mini-Cooper and Bugatti and got replaced with its successor the Challenger some months later, but in some ways is an opposite of the Mini-Cooper, in that's it's slightly faster, slower acceleration and is a lot wider. I personally prefer the former due to this being twice as expensive, but this vehicle is still pretty nice in my opinion. It will be missed like the other two vehicles.

12 Posh

This is among the more expensive "cheap cars" at 70K cash, only below the Lambo and Cybertruck but it's pretty bad especially compared to those two. It has very average speed for a supercar and even then in other categories it's pretty bad. The only reason anyone'd use this is as a getaway from the museum if your vehicle has been stolen. Really..., it's not good. I won't be surprised if it gets retired.

13 Challenger

A replacement for the Mustang, even though it got released like four months after the retirement of the Mustang. The difference is the added interior and buffed speed. As for my opinion on it..., I mean it's fine, just like the regular Mustang, but if anything the original was better. Even though it was slower, at least it had a unique design, being incredibly long like a limousine. This Challenger looks just like a slightly altered Camaro and that's it. It's a lot more fun using the Mustang rather than this bland vehicle.

14 La Matador
15 Dune Buggy
16 Mighty

One of the cheapest vehicles in the game at only 25,000 cash. Unfortunately it's also a now un-obtainable vehicle as it retired in the March Update along with the Mustang, and Bugatti Veyron. Compared to the Mustang, it's slightly better I think because while it's slower, it has fast acceleration and its design is pretty cool, as it's one of those small cars with only two seats, while the Mustang houses the same but it much bigger and more clickbaity.

17 Ray

Another new generation car from September 2020 but compared to Deja, this one's at least a little bit faster but yet for a cheap price, not to mention it has one of the more unique designs out of any Jailbreak car, even if it looks super ugly. But it's still a meh calibre vehicle that I regret buying.

It's quite slow and gives very little money when turning in your cash for Power Plant

18 Surus
19 Jeep
20 Police Car

This car sucks don't get me started on it free but slow get that thing out of my face

21 Ufo
22 M12 Molten
23 Torpedo
24 Pickup Truck
25 Stallion
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