Top Ten RWBY Characters that Need More Screen Time

With the Volume 4 soundtrack coming on May 1st, I wanted to express my love for this show that introduced me to RoosterTeeth. While I do enjoy RWBY, I think some more characters deserve some character development and screen time. So these are the characters I believe need more screen time.

The Top Ten

1 Cinder Fall Cinder Fall

She's one of the antagonists of RWBY and is the main reason why Beacon fell. However, we don't how she became this way, why she desires power or her reason why she hates humanity. - RoseRedFlower

2 Ozpin Ozpin

There's more questions about this guy than answers. What exactly is he? What's his power? Why does Salem hate him? - RoseRedFlower

I have a strong feeling that Volume 5 will have a lot of focus on Oscar, which will lead to learning more about Ozpin himself.

Also I'm certain he's the wizard from the four maidens story. That would explain why he's in Oscar after he "died". - Rue

3 Nora Valkyrie Nora Valkyrie

I loved her little bit with Ren and how they met but what about her life before? Parents? Siblings? How she became an orphan? - RoseRedFlower

4 Salem Salem

Salem is the main antagonist and I want to see how she became this way. There's been many theories about her identity and what she has against humanity. So let's see more of this amazing woman! - RoseRedFlower

5 Mercury Black Mercury Black

He had daddy issues and was trained to be an assassin. That's about it. - RoseRedFlower

He didn't speak one line in Volume 4. Which was strange to me because he tends to run his mouth. - Rue

6 Emerald Sustrai Emerald Sustrai

She was a street rat and used her semblance to steal. She joined Cinder because she had no where else to go. Why did become this way though? - RoseRedFlower

7 Sun Wukong Sun Wukong

He's funny and caring to the people in his life. Yet I don't really know how he came to be that way or why he left his family and friends to check on Blake. Is there a reason? Does his family care? - RoseRedFlower

8 Adam Taurus Adam Taurus

Yeah, this guy is evil and what he did to Blake and Yang was horrendous. But Blake said he slowly became worse and worse. Why was he becoming this way? Did something happen? Did him and Blake ever date at all? - RoseRedFlower

9 Velvet Scarlatina Velvet Scarlatina

She's a cute character that the fans have warmed up to. The fans even got to pick her own outfit through an art submission contest and her powers is pretty cool. Now let's see more of her! - RoseRedFlower

10 Neopolitan Neopolitan

When I thought she was mute, someone told me that they have a voice planned for she's going to come back at some point. - Rue

She never even speaks! Yet she's so pretty and cool!

She needs more speaking time actually - TwilightKitsune

Please be alive Please be alive Please be alive Please be alive please

The Contenders

11 Winter Schnee Winter Schnee

Weiss is going after Winter next volume, hopefully she won't be in like 1-2 episodes and has more screen time. - Rue

I love the Schnee sisters and I feel sorry for them. There dad is a complete jerk and their younger brother is following in his footsteps. Hints have also been given that their mom was an alcoholic too. I would like to see more of Winter and her backstory. - RoseRedFlower

12 Raven Branwen Raven Branwen

Interesting theory, but if she was, how come Yang isn't a Faunus? Well, we don't know if being a Faunus is a dominant trait, or not. But still, interesting theory.

I have a theory that she's a faunus. I mean her brother Qrow turned into a bird, and how can a human do that? She must be a faunus too - TwilightKitsune

13 Taiyang Xiao Long Taiyang Xiao Long
14 Summer Rose Summer Rose

I want to see flashbacks of her.

We need her flashbacks. True.

15 Ilia Amitola Ilia Amitola
16 Zwei Zwei
17 Lie Ren Lie Ren
18 Yang Xiao Long Yang Xiao Long
19 Coco Adel Coco Adel
20 Glynda Goodwitch Glynda Goodwitch
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