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1 Blake Belladonna x Sun Wukong

I am a full Black-Sun supporter. Sorry Bumblebee. I just feel like they have the dynamics okay? Don't judge me. And besides, it above bumblebee, so yay? But I also kind of ship Checkmate, so theres that...

Sun needs an upgrade...I have an idea for one, but I can't do anything about it because I'm not rooster teeth. (But if we're being serious, Sun has been in the first 5 volumes, plus the first episode of volume 6, every other character has gotten an upgrade...even Penny...who was dead for 4 of those volumes)

I'm in love with this and I honestly think this is more likely than BMBLY (I think rooster teeth is ship baiting us with BMBLY) And Blake and Sun just make more sense story-wise...please don't hate me

I love it. Its just so beautiful. I agree with you all. Its is an amazing ship and I wish it was Cannon and I hate Shade academy!

2 Ruby Rose x Weiss Schnee

Even tho these two are rivals at the start, I feel like they are having a great relationship is let's say getting better, Weiss and Neptune is done because Neptune is like a player and Weiss doesn't need a player she needs a better girlfriend/boyfriend, so I might choose white rose cause it's soo cute I
Even if ruby is like 2 years under Weiss,
It's like ruby really want Weiss to be her BFF and volume 7 intro ruby chases Weiss and Weiss help picking up ruby it's so cute, well I think I said enough so white rose goo!

Comparing all fanfics and all fanart I've seen, I have too say:

Cutie x (Tsundere + Useless Lesbian) = Cutest Ship of All Time

I'm a math genius!

Whiterose is literally so cute, and Ruby was the one to break Weiss out of her shell.

I don't usually like ships like this. Why do I like this one.

3 Pyrrha Nikos x Jaune Arc

They are adorable together... the statue scene with what was OBVIOUSLY Pyrrha's mom or sister was heartbreaking...and so was her death. And can I just say, the fanart for this is gorgeous.

This needs to be higher than Ruby x Scarlett! Scarlett's only in one or two episodes!
EDIT: Just read the manga and Scarlett has been confirmed as gay so...

Pyrrha was so amazing. She deserved to be happy, and if he's what she wanted, he's what she should've got.

Ahh... they're cute well even pyrrha died...BUTT they kissed it's a good right? Well love it!

4 Lie Ren x Nora Valkyrie

YAY! Rennora is so cute! You can find so many good fanfics on the internet, and this is actually a very close second to my shipping of Lancaster.

Obviously, they're the best ship! Volume 4 made my love for this couple even stronger!

They've been together since they were small. They both obviously love each other.

I love how Ren was crying after Neo looked like was absolutely beautiful/genius

5 Coco x Velvet

It makes sense. Don't argue.

6 Qrow Branwen x Summer Rose

I really like the idea of Qrow being Ruby's dad. Summer and Qrow wouls have been a cute couple and it just makes sense.

Why choose between Hummingbird and Snowbird, when you can have both?

It would make sense. why would summer after Raven ran away sleep with Tai its just like what

I don't really get it...

7 Blake Belladonna x Yang Xiao Long

Bumbleby has been built up since the Red Trailer, ever since we got the lyric "Black the beast descends from shadows, yellow beauty burns gold," comparing them to Beauty and the Beast. Since then, they've gone through so much development; while it can be read as platonic in V1, Yang clearly flirted with Blake in V2, and in V3, Adam targets Yang because he recognizes her as "someone Blake loves." Not "cares about," "loves." Sure, you can argue that she would've reacted the same way if he maimed Ruby or Weiss, but stories are written the way they are for a reason, and this plot point tied Blake and Yang's narratives irrevocably.

It's also really telling that in V6, Adam has the line "What does she even see in you?! " Given that he's Blake's ex, this is pretty heavily romantic-coded. At the end of the volume, the scene where they're holding hands in an airship parallels the scene where Ren and Nora were made a couple. As of the third episode of V7, Yang is caught staring at Blake, ...more

This ship is the best ship in rwby is soo popular well even ten and Nora, BUT! There are a lot of bumblebee moments, and I think sun and Blake just have a platonic relationship, bumblebee is gonna be cannon not blacksun, one more thing SAVE THE BEES!

Their eye colours literally match each other's auras. In a show centred around colour. Don't you dare tell me that's a flipping coincidence.

I think both girls would be happiest in a relationship together.

8 Sun Wukong x Neptune Vasilias

Sea monkey it'll be alright it might stay away from bumblebee and uhh...oh I forgot about Neptune and Weiss ship name well by the way they might be a great couple.

Sun just looks gay, okay? Like, I know he was into Blake and all, but, like, he looks seriously gay.

Yes, they are just so cute.

9 Yang x Weiss

Guys, Its an Aries (Yang) and Virgo (Weiss) ship. COME ON. It's so much better than an Aries and Pices (Blake) and yes I know I spelt that wrong.

They are adorable. If you are a homo, okay, I get it, but seriously, they are cute and you can't argue with me about that. Sure, Yang is with Blake, but just think-If they get separated together in V.9, they might become cannon. I AM a Lesbian, and I have a girlfriend, and shes like Yang (Looks, attitude, same interest, ect.). Again, I'm sorry if you don't approve of this ship but Its clearly the best ship on here. So please vote.

It's so cute. In the red trailer, I tells how White is Cold, and then It says, Yellow Beauty BURNS Gold. Practically announcing that Yang is the Flame to Weiss.

Please, Rooster Teeth, Make it cannon. Or seperate them with each other in v9 or just let Weiss and Yang have more moments please because they didn't get many in v8. PLEASE

10 Ruby x Oscar

I can literally just see ruby (in Volume 9) pulling out something of Oscar's from one of her pouches, like a green cloth or something, and then she starts crying. It would probably get the viewers emotional and feel more connected to the two.

They are an amazing and I will fight you if you say otherwise. I am one of those people that look forward to cute awkward and dorky people trying to have a normal conversation, but clearly fail.

My Honest Opinion-Its Kinda Cute. And it is confirmed, Oscar does have a crush on ruby, but I don't know how ruby feels. I think that Oscar just makes it awkward and really cute. Ii like it.

I have come to the conclusion that even though Oscar has magic, His semblance is being a complete Dorky, awkward, Cinnamon Roll.

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11 Neptune Vasilias x Weiss Schnee

I think they could be good for each other... and if Neptune finally gets a girlfriend, he might not be so flirty! ( that a pro or a con)

We need Neptune to not be chasing every girl this could really help him

Neptune needs to settle on a girl so he doesn't flirt with every girl in existence! (Seriously! He would probably flirt with SALEM if given the chance!)

12 Weiss Schnee x Jaune Arc

This is honestly my OTP for this show. Their relationship ship shows the growth each character has gone through.

Things Rooster Teeth forgot: #76 Jaune's crush on Weiss.

They've grown a lot together, I uh there pretty cute.

Jauney-boi needs someone to be there for him...even if not romantically (I ship it tho)

13 Yang Xiao Long x Sage Ayana

I don't know why I love it, but I do!

They need moments

I think more people would get behind this if they interacted at least a little bit

14 Nora x Pancakes

She even dreams about them.

This should be #1. Obviously.

15 Qrow Branwen x Winter Schnee

I don't know why but I love the thought of uncle and older sister being together, and then niece and younger sister being together. It would be even funnier if Qrow turned out to be Ruby's dad. Kinda creepy I guess, but funny.

according to the shipping wiki...

Their current voice actors are in a relationship

Winter was based off of Monty's wife, while Qrow was Monty's OC

Their new volume 7 outfits are based off of each other

Winter's voice actor says Winter's type of man is "tall, dark, handsome, and AVIAN" (if you don't know what avian means, it means related to birds)

(look at rwby shipping wiki in Snowbird trivia for more awesome evidence)

Who knows, we may see it someday..

16 Taiyang x Summer Rose
17 Roman Torchwick x Neopolitan

I just finished reading Roman Holiday...AND I'm SO SAD!
Neo and Romans backstory is so complex and sweet, I cried when roman thought Neo had betrayed him. But At the end, when Neo kissed Roman, he turned RED. I love this ship, and especially because their both based off of italian cultures. Which makes sense to me why their ship name is Gelato, basically italian icecream, but better.

They are so cute. And I shipped them even more after finishing roman holiday. And its really cute how in rwby chibi roman is almost always with neo

I see it and I like it. This should be at least top 10. I don't know why it isn't. Their clearly cannon, although when he was swallowed by a grimm that was sad for me. But he is still alive so that makes me feel much better!

My #2 Ship I love them and I just recently found out that there canon which makes me even more excited about them. if you haven't listened to one thing yet go listen to it and cry like me-

18 Jaune Arc x Ruby Rose


Okay kidding, but I do support the shipping of Lancaster (Jaune and Ruby). Jaune and Ruby, as teammates during Vol. 4, care about each other in a way of mutual respect and friendship. However, what if it was something more than that?

I don't care about all the "indirect ship" comments-- I ship it because of how they are both there for each other, and just how they look at each other. You don't have to ship it, but that's why I do.

Why the hell is this below Ruby x Scarlett?
Scarlett is gay.
Ruby and Scarlett are never seen together. AT ALL.

Anyways, Lancaster is just too good.

They have similar personalities and they both have endured the same trauma.People sometimes forget,they write how two people become a couple but they don't think what they talk about after they become a couple,I think Jaune and Ruby will have no problem there sharing their opinions.

19 Coco x Fox
20 Ruby Rose x Scarlett David

Yeah Scarlett is gay by the way they confirmed it in rwby manga

21 Taiyang x Raven Branwen

I could see it

22 Velvet x Fox
23 Mercury Black x Emerald Sustrai

I won't lie, Merc and Emerald are adorable together. He may annoy her sometimes but they are really the real Romeo and Juliet

I think that Roosterteeth has been shipping this as much as we did. Who knows what volume 8 awaits!

These two are so cute the way that mercury stood up for her as well I think they are gonna happen

24 Zwei x Chicken

Get the chicken Zwei! Get the chicken!

25 Ruby x Penny
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