The Saddest My Little Pony Moments

Yes, MLP is the happiest show ever to exist. However, there are some sad minutes, and some possibilities

The Top Ten

1 I've Got to Find a Way

I had some tear because this

This song is from, one of my favorite my little pony episodes, but I have to admit, it was pretty sad, it even made my sister shed a tear

2 Smile HD

This is more hilarious than sad - bobbythebrony

This is not Sad. It's sadisctic

3 Equestria Games Anthem

I wouldn't call this moment sad more than hilariously cringe-worthy

4 If the Other 5 Ponies Became Princesses As Well

If the mane six somehow turn into alicorn princesses too... I will not be happy

5 Applejack's Parents Are Dead

It is really sad

WHOA. I never thought of that! NO WAY! WHOA! MIND BLOWN! At first when I read this I was like "what? " but then I was like OOOH YEEEAH! (cries)

6 When the Three Major Princesses Went to Tartarus

Ancient Greek expert here! - sdgeek2003

7 They Have Princesses As God
8 Canterlot Insults Ponyville

Yes, this was sad. Not cry sad but sad.

9 Pinkie Pie Argues With Tomato Vendor
10 Rainbow accepting tank is going to hibernate

The Contenders

11 When Everyone Went with Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Was Left by Herself

This was the part of which made me cry with both sorrow and fury. And it made me think of plot twists.

12 Putting Your Hoof Down
13 Pinkie's lament

Pinkie's teardrops fell when she looked down to the bridge. I know, This is not as sad as Twilight Sparkle-I've got to find a way. But it's kinda sad...

14 Moon Dancer's Tearful Breakdown
15 Shining Armor kicking Twilight out of his wedding, taking her position of Best Mare

Not to mention the B.B.B.F.F. (Big Brother Best Friend Forever) reprise...

16 The Crusaders Got Their Cutie Marks
17 Starlight glimmers past
18 Episode Perfect Pair
19 Twilight Yelling at Pinkie Pie in the Movie

Smile up

20 Sunset Shimmer's Wrath/Defeat


21 Twilight Sucked Into the Storm in the Movie


22 "Princess Celestia Just Like Us?"
23 Music In the Treetops
24 Fluttershy Considering Discord a Friend
25 Apple Bloom and Big Mac Being Disqualified

So sad! I'm eight and I got teary-eyd. Big Macs speech was also heartbreaking.

26 Tank Goes Hibernating
27 Starlight joins the mane cast
28 Let the Rainbow Remind You
29 Rainbow Dash joins the Wonderbolts
30 Tempest Shadow backstory
31 Flash Makes Fun of Twilight, Causing Twilight Sparkle to Cry

No Way

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