Most Satisfying Things In Life

Do tell. What would YOU say are the most satisfying things in life, hmm?

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1 Winning

Winning. Beating everything else around makes an amazing feeling warm up inside and sit in there for days.

I absolutely do not give in. I will not rest until I've won a case. Winning feels GOOD! - Britgirl

Winning feels great - PeeledBanana

I learned something in life: ALWAYS PLAY TO WIN AND ALWAYS TRY TO WIN

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2 Hearing Bottles Smash In the Bottle Bank

I hold the bottles just at the entrance and just... Throw with everything I've got. Hearing the CLANNG! And then SMASH... Wow! - Britgirl

3 Finding New Music Artists
4 A Great Ending to a Novel

The ending to Peter James' The Truth... Completely unexpected and exciting. Don't take my word for it - go away and read for yourself. Still here? - Britgirl

5 Solving a Problem

Always a pleasure when you find an answer. - Britgirl

6 Sex

Chinese bank robbers eating, tacos on a sunday morning in Iran before the sun comes out

7 Writing

Yes I say Writing is good because you can make some imagination. Britgirl did a good job making this list and same with all the others. I have been writing to 907 pages of my own story because it's that good. - Jake09

Creating new characters and situations to put them in.. Wonderful and indeed very satisfying. - Britgirl

8 Dancing

I love traditional 1920s Charleston, Jive, Foxtrot, American Smooth, Quickstep and the Waltz. Absolutely Wonderful. - Britgirl

9 Getting Good Exam Results

Nothing better than this.

10 Getting Something You Wanted for Years

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? Cracking your knuckles

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11 Clearing the Mind

Hi Britgirl. Good list. Take care and put beautiful music and nice thoughts in your mind. Leave no room for garbage! Have a nice day.

Agree with this. Thank you. Taking time out, clearing the mind and coming back stronger is very satisfying... - Britgirl

Thank you. And thanks for Diana Krall! Have become addicted to her. Have a nice day yourself. - Britgirl

12 Being Offered the Job You Wanted

I'm lucky I guess. I've realised just how satisfying and rewarding my job is. - Britgirl

13 Seeing the Sunshine Through Your Window When You Wake

Doesn't happen much in Britain?!?! As quoted in Bleak Expectations (Bleak, not Great), the Sun never sets on the British, because if it did, someone would shout at it, and it would have to come right back up again! - PositronWildhawk

It's best when there is snow on the ground, but when the sun comes at any time of year, I say it's alright. - beatles

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14 Outsmarting Your Boss


15 Eating Your Favourite Meal
16 Turning Off the Light Before You Sleep
17 Your Friends and Family

Family and Friends are some of the most important things in life - PeeledBanana

I don't know what I'd do without my lovely family and my three closest friends. Lots of love to you, girls. x - Britgirl

18 Your Love

Ahh... Sweet! I agree. To give and receive love is a beautifully satisfying thing. Thank you to whoever added this : ) - Britgirl

19 Masturbating

Come on, you know it's true.


20 Tickling a Girl

This Would be for me! - Curti2594

21 Insulting Someone You Bitterly Detest
22 Popping Bubble Wrap

"POP! Yes, that feeling. You love.. It's simply.. Bubbly. See what I did there?

It's still fun even when we ain't Kids! - Curti2594

23 Having a Good Cry
24 Taking Your Socks Off and Sliding Into a Cold Bed
25 Pooping
26 Finding Out a Beautiful Girl Likes You

This has happened to me once, and I have to say it is the best thing ever.

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27 Finding a Real Person
28 This Top Ten List
29 God
30 Revenge
31 Slime
32 Black & White Checker Flooring
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1. Winning
2. Getting Something You Wanted for Years
3. Getting Good Exam Results
1. Winning
2. Hearing Bottles Smash In the Bottle Bank
3. A Great Ending to a Novel
1. Your Love
2. Your Friends and Family
3. Seeing the Sunshine Through Your Window When You Wake


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