Top 10 Scariest Rides at Hershey Park

The Top Ten

1 Skyrush

Nope it was super fun

I hate skyrush I told my parents. I'm never going on it even when I'm old enough

2 Sidewinder

Its not scary, but it gives me a headache when other coasters don't

I love this ride

Its scary but I like it anyway

This should be number 1

3 Farnight

In 2010 there was an untoward Fahrenheit accident

Its fine it shouldent be on here it is only little scary

4 The Claw

Not scary at all- can cause some motion sickness though

This is another scary an ridicules ride in never going on it ether

I’m 11 years old and this ride is NOTHING. I mean, come on people, if you have a strong stomach you can do it! I went on it 5 times! I didn’t get a stomachache! Either way, a little nausea won’t do any harm, it’s really fun and totally worth it! ~cookiedoughpuppy

5 Stormrunner

Should be on here this is a joke

By the way I made this list and it is the least scariest roller coaster for twizlars and j rs

6 Waverider

Scary I was tall enough and the lady said I wasn't.

7 Hershey Triple Tower
8 Lighting Racers

Not scary

9 Great Bear

Seriously, it's so smooth! IT's a very fun coaster

10 Tidal Wave

Mom. Doesn't. Think its scary but it is

Why is this on here? It's not scary! >:(

Who ruind my list evertime really people

The Contenders

11 Pirate

You see a Viking ship and it was dark

Its scary but not very scary

12 The Shore

This shouldent be on here its 1 recent scary only a little scary

13 Scrambler

It's like YOYO but more boring but it is feared like hell

14 Howler

Not scary at all.

A pretty scary ride

15 Wild Mouse

You feel like you’re gonna fly off on each turn

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