Top 10 Scariest Urban Legends


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1 Annabelle the Doll

She's almost as haunted as Robert. And there are even movie based on her.

I wanna see her in real life - blackflower

2 Aka Manto

I’d say “get out of my stall you perv! ” I wonder what would happen. - blackflower

3 Humans Can Lick Too

My friend told me this on the bus the other day-I was already suffering bouts of paranoia-I had to sleep with the lights on for nearly a week... - keycha1n

When I was quite young, a friend told me this one. I missed a night's sleep. - PetSounds

I refused to let my hand dangle for months after hearing this

So eerie - blackflower

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4 Black Shuck

A British urban legend. A black dog with red eyes, this dogs fur reflects no light, chains rattling as he walked. If you look at black, you die in a year.

5 Robert the Doll

Robert is one of the most haunted dolls in the world. It's often said that if you visit Robert at the museum, his facial expression will sometimes change; you can also take his picture if you ask first. If you don't ask and take his picture anyway, you will be cursed.

I used to be terrified of him

I wanna visit that museum - blackflower

6 Black-Eyed Children

I would never want to encounter them. I can only imagine what would happen.

Creepy - blackflower

7 Glad You Didn't Turn On the Lights
8 Blind Maiden

I’d never go on that site - blackflower

9 Bloody Mary

Final fantasy xiii have this creepy abomination of a urban legend

10 The Hook

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11 Slit-Mouth Woman

This to me is quite frightening

scary one

I’d tell her “I’m half blind, why are you asking me? ” I wonder how that’d go - blackflower

12 Crying Boy Painting

Why would anyone want a pipainting like that anyway? - blackflower

13 The Smith Sisters
14 Killer In the Backseat
15 Crybaby Bridge
16 Kuchisake-onna

She is so scary she is in this list here twice!

17 The Clown Statue

A teenage girl is babysitting for a family while the parents are out on a date. She calls the parents to ask if she can watch T.V. in their room since none of the other rooms have cable; however, she asks if she can cover up the clown statue in the corner because it's creeping her out. They tell the girl that they don't own a clown statue and to get the kids and get out of the house.

18 El Chupacabras
19 Indrid Cold the Grinning Man

If this guy is real, I would never want to meet him. He sounds very creepy and very weird. I would be freaked out if I was walking around one night, and I saw something like this following me.

20 La Segua
21 Teke Teke

The scariest one ever - blackflower

22 Red Room Curse

And I hated pop ups before - blackflower

23 The Smiling Man
24 Tomino's Hell

Never trying it - blackflower

25 The Choking Doberman

Creepy - blackflower

26 Mad Gasser of Mattoon
27 Carmen Winstead
28 Sawney Bean and His Cannibalistic Clan

This is just creepy. And cannibalism is disgusting. YUCK!

29 Bunny Man Bridge
30 Well to Hell
31 Snake in Your Toilet
32 Flatwoods Monster Flatwoods Monster

This dude is creepy as hell. They encountered it in the town of Flatwoods in USA. Three boys were just fishing and one of them spotted a light, and when he pointed the flashlight at it, there was a black/green metallic body, reptile hands, a round red face, two yellow eyes size of a half-dollar coin, and a spade behind it. Some said it was a alien creature. This also appeared in the newspaper. As you’re reading this, DON’T SEARCH UP FLATWOODS MONSTER ON GOOGLE! THE IMAGE IS CREEPY AS HELL! - Gabo147

33 Black Volga
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