Top 10 Scary Things About Middle School

The Top Ten Scary Things About Middle School

The first day of middle school

That day I was afraid that I'd get late to all my classes. - Luckys

I got my period on my first day of 6th. It was awful.

Especially when I'm dizzed from my vacation - Neonco31

Whats up BarneyTheDinosaurRocks?

Big crowds of people in the halls

Yeah... in elementary school, everyone was like 4'5'' or 4'4'' and the oldest kids were 4'11'' or 5'0'', now in middle school everyone is from 5'0'' to 6'2''... you can't see where you are walking

Getting called on by the teacher
The cafeteria's food

The tacos are awful

The teachers
Getting lost while trying to look for your classes but the bell rang and you're late
Gym class
When you have an F on your report card

I'm Asian and Fs on report cards are scary


The Contenders

Having a crush

When I was in the middle school a teacher had a crush ON ME! 0_o

Not knowing anyone in your class
Changing in the locker room

I hated this. Some idiot one time pantsed me. I got him back though and gave him a rat-tail (towel whip).

Someone Offering You To Sit With Them At The Cafeteria
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