Top 10 Somewhat Odd Things that are Common in High School

High School is a strange time. You’ll often have some of your most memorable moments here while also having to deal with some strange things. Whether it’s strange kids or teachers or just odd things the school does here’s a list of some kinda strange things you might have to deal with in High School
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1 Eating Lunch at 11:15 Am

I'm in 6th grade and in middle school and lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday starts at 11:13am and stops at 11:43am. Lunch on Wednesday starts at 10:22am and stops at 10:52am. We are the first lunch so that's why it's so early.

School schedule all days but weekends and Wednesday: 8:05am to 2:35pm
Wednesday: 8:05am to 1:35pm

This is for whatever reason how High School schedules work. You'll eat lunch after 2 classes, but in real world time it's not even 11:30 yet. Sorry but that's too early for me. I'd rather wait until at least 11:50 before eating. Also, it just doesn't feel right eating a thawed and microwaved hamburger or a few chicken nuggets with milk. The lunch routine in high school is so weird. No thanks.

2 The One Teacher that Completely Disregarded Bells

You know who I'm talking about. This is the teacher who says something along the lines of "The Bell does not dismiss you I do" it's incredibly annoying having to deal with this type of teacher. They also might throw in something like "guys there's still 2 minutes of class left don't pack up yet" if you have to walk a long way to your next class too or it's the end of the day these teachers are the WORST. Even though it's only a minute at most it feels so much longer. You just know these teachers want to milk as much time as possible of each classroom for no reason only problem is it's your disadvantage "oh there goes your bathroom break" "there goes talking with your friends"

3 Inconvenient Technology

I find this quite ironic as most schools have a vision statement along the lines of "preparing for the future" or "creating tomorrow's leaders". Yet, the technology in high school couldn't be more annoying to cooperate with. First, they give you absolute trash laptops that are probably 10 years old and run incredibly slow. Then there's the administration themselves who have to interfere with your research. They block websites for no reason sometimes and conveniently block YouTube for everyone, even though there are some helpful videos that teachers may use. I get they don't want to pay more for expensive repairs, but couldn't they do better than a chromebook from 2008?

4 Doing Assignments Right Before They Were Due

We've all been here. Either grinding out all night finishing an online assignment before midnight or doing something during class that's due next period, it's a risky game to play, especially if you're procrastinating or striving for good grades. As long as you get something in, it's good, right? Better than nothing at least, but the amount of times you find yourself doing this may surprise you.

I always go to sleep telling myself "Alright tomorrow I'll start working on this and I'll be done with it." Half the time I just end up starting one or maybe two days before my assignment is due.

5 Kids Bringing Fast Food to Eat

Usually, these kids come back from a doctor's appointment during lunch, or they just have their parents bring food for no reason either way. It's not uncommon for someone to bring Chick Fil A or Chipotle to school as everyone else at the table stares in jealousy as this person brings food that's more superior to the school food. Also, people will legit bring in coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin or somewhere else in the morning.

It seems like everyday that some girl would show up late to class making noise with her iced coffee from Tim Hortons (I live in Canada) and she would drink it slowly so she could take it to every class. It was so annoying

6 Playing Music During the Last Minute of Passing Period

This one is kinda hit or miss. Some schools do it, but others don't. But it seems like a fairly common thing for schools to play music as a warning that passing period is almost over, but at the same time, that's not at all how things work in the real world. I don't mind it actually. They do change it up and from time to time, they play a song that slaps.

7 P.E. in the Middle of the Day

This was the absolute worst thing. Who in the right mind would work out in the middle of the day when you have other plans? Nobody right? Well, in high school, it's a different story. I know scheduling is hard on the staff, but still it doesn't make things convenient for you when you have to walk all the way to gym then change and get hot and sweaty then change back into your regular clothes, making you kinda gross and sweaty when there's nothing you can really do about it other then put on deodorant. It's even worse when you have to use up some of your passing period time or you have to dress kind of nice that day because you have a presentation or something.

8 Kahoot!

Remember classroom jeopardy? No? Well this is basically the new version of it. Kahoot is a review game involving answering review questions as soon as possible to get the most points. It's overall pretty competitive especially when candy or other prizes are involved. This one is fun because you have to be on your toes the whole time and one wrong answer can knock you back.

I loved Kahoot, but I remember one of my classes banned it because some idiots kept bot spamming.

One of the best parts of school is when we get to play this.

9 The One Kid Who Brings Up the “15 Minute” Rule

You know that awkward moment when you're waiting on the teacher to come, usually it's a substitute teacher, but enough time passes and every single time no matter what, that one kid always brings up the rumor that you may leave if the teacher is 15 minutes late. Honestly, it's stupid and nobody actually left but why was that a thing? It can't possibly be allowed by the school.

I'm pretty sure we all wished this rule was real, but it's not. The teacher could be late for half an hour and you would still have to wait for him (or one of the other teachers next door might give you something to do while you wait).

10 Having Themes for Sports Games

I never understood this. It seems like every student section ever has some sort of theme for their games. Meanwhile everyone else in attendance is wearing their team shirts. I'm just confused in what world is going to a football game dressed like it's Halloween normal? I get it's supposed to be fun but it's kinda dumb in all honesty

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11 The Girls With Short Skirts

@RogerMcBaloney, I respect your opinion here, and obviously you're talking about girls at your school, but not all girls who wear short skirts want to show off. A lot of girls might not feel confident in longer skirts and that's ok. You do have a point, though. Why the winter?

Oh yeah, girls were wearing short skirts all the time even during winter. Most of them clearly want to get attention from the boys and like being looked at.

Yeah, and Leggings was my odd one.

12 Not Getting Enough Sleep

I had this happen when I couldn't sleep on a school night, it sucked

13 Holding Your Pee
14 Teachers Call a Male Teacher If There’s a Problem
15 Pretending to Look for Your Homework Even Though You Didn't Do It

I did this quite a lot in 8th grade and I'm sure most of you have too. I mostly did this for my science class.

16 Vandalized Textbooks

At my 1st - 6th grade elementary school and my middle school, the textbooks the teachers made students use were usually vandalized. I'm pretty sure every classroom out there is filled with vandalized textbooks the way mine were.

17 Roast Sessions
18 Kids Singing Baby Theme Songs
19 Doing All the Work in a Group Assignment
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