Top 10 Most Overused Highschool Stereotypes

Highschool has a lot of overused stereotypes. I don't agree with any of these stereotypes but they are fairly common. I'm only pointing these stereotypes out and I'm not agreeing with them.
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1 Kids don't intentionally care or want to pass classes

So overused by teachers that it's downright cliche.

True about me. I do the work anyway.

2 All Math is pointless

Basically, math is essential for all engineering related jobs. And yes, a lot of people want to be in the engineering field.

Some if it is some of it isn't.

Not all but Geometry is.

3 All highschools have drug dealers

American Beauty probably told you that.

Again highschools can vary.

I never had drugs in my life

4 Special ED kids aren't educated

That's kind of true because when I was in high school I had a special ed teacher that repeated stuff that is totally obvious to us over and over again like "you must use your manners", how to tell time and count coins, and tell your parents to not drink and drive. I also visited other special ed classrooms and they have worksheets that teach them how to write in cursive and to memorize their personal information such as their names and addresses. SPECIAL ED IS TOTALLY POINTLESS!

So overused... I don't know where to begin.

I'm in special ed and I am educated

5 All kids are ungrateful and agressive

Like teachers it varies on the kid.

6 Books are useless

Some are but others aren't. I don't think my favorite series Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries are poin tless since I like those series.

7 Being a nerd is a bad thing
8 All popular girls and cheerleaders are sluts

One of the more common stereotypes.

9 Fights happen daily

They did at my school when I was in 9th grade. I'm in 12th grade so it doesn't happen daily.

There was a fight in my college once and I witnessed it.

10 Every teacher is a mean cruel bastard

Most special ed teachers are evil, in my opinion

Some are, some aren't varies on the teacher.

The Contenders
11 All jocks are aggresive pricks

Jocks sell themselves out because they have no idea how dangerous the world is, Jocks are sell outs, Jocks sell themselves out for gain/gains that will haunt there resurrection/incarceration, Jocks are obedient to Fallen Angels such as Satan Antichrist & Lucifer as well there children too, sports are bread & circuses established by the marks of war & going against humanity. Sports are universally "bold" enough for sheep to worship & idolize which is why sportswashing n reputation laundering are universally praised & mainstream, odd sheep notice the pattern/patterns for they are more than black sheep they are humans resurrected as sheep to break the cycle of curses

12 All popular chicks are divas
13 Popular people aren't smart
14 The popular girl who bullies the main character
15 Every school has a bad-boy/player
16 Cheerleaders and football players always date
17 Band kids are nerds
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