Top Ten Struggles Most LGBT People Have

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1 Coming out in the right time

Yeah, the hardest time of the year. Coming out has a lot of negative feelings especially since most people just try believing in movies more than to real people who did. Yeah, the side effects will be being disowned or not feel loved but to get the hard stuff off your chest, you are a hero.

My parents are supportive but tbh I don't really feel like coming out. I don't know maybe they might say I'm to young to think about this stuff but then why WOULD I be thinking about these labels?

2 Being shipped with a man/woman

Okay, but for the most parts, it's the lesbians who are more popularly done with it. Imagine having your father with you, an LGBT person being shipped with the other gender then having to feel that pain.

3 Not getting caught

I know you closeted gays are here looking at this! I know you! Some childhoods have been affected by Britney Spears or looking at N'SYNC posters like they're big girl superfans or have been affected by Madonna and Christina Aguilera while using a towel for a wig when parents are not there. Yeah, when parents get home, it will be like "DON'T GET CAUGHT". In this case, it may be the same for some people especially if they didn't come out.

4 Being tied to the rainbow

It is really honorable to have our own flag as the rainbow but sometimes, we look at a rainbow and say that pur gayness intensified while sometimes, we just see it like a rainbow only. That's it. Let's remember rainbows and LGBT are not always the same thing.

5 Dealing with stereotypes

Every person has been affected by the stereotype media thing. Well, the gays are stereotyped to be the girl's best friend who likes drag, watching theather and loves Cher. And the lesbians are stereotyped to be the butch girl who defends her girlfriend to any single man who touch her body and drink booze with them after. Really negative but remember, not everyone should be stereotyped.

6 Dealing with homophobia

The homophobia of it all. You remember seeing a dead eye when you are hanging out with the girls like they are your friend or attractively then they are laughing at you. And then sometimes by, they get angry at you just because you simply exist.

7 Living in areas where being LGBT is illegal

Some countries are still conservative about this rule, sadly. Most of us pray for our fellow LGBT people so that they may survive and not get hung or executed because some countries still have it.

8 Tolerating insults

This may look like a filler but we get both offended a little bit and keep laughing too much because it is just too damn known that this list was made by someone who doesn't know one gay person! The struggle is, we don't like to be offended so don't come for us.

9 Being categorized based on gender norms

It infuriates me when people do this. I'm heterosexual, but still, LGBT people must feel so horrible when they're not allowed to be themselves and just thrown into baskets and expected to act that way. It doesn't help that sites like Tumblr, Buzzfeed and literally any SJW site push this narrative, and even when they see cishet people not conforming to stereotypical gender roles the first thing they do is label them as gay/trans etc., without even asking them. It's really sick.

Sure, most of the gay people are feminine and some lesbians are masculine but that doesn't mean we must turn ourselves into some boy or girl like it is a stated rule. Transgender people did that because they want to and make a choice for themselves. It is needed that we must burn the construct of the society and stand up for our voice.

10 Having people dismiss the concept of bisexuality 

Another thing that's tough about being bisexual is that everyone assumes that you're attracted to them. Like dude, just because bi people are into both XX and XY chromosomes, that doesn't mean they're into yours. There are also some people who think that all bi people are unfaithful and therefore you shouldn't be in a relationship with them.

But there's a new biphobic trend I've seen that's emerging lately on Tumblr - apparently if you're bi and you're in an opposite gender relationship, then you don't count as bi, and apparently you're a "bihet". Also today I saw someone say that being bisexual is transphobic. what? Um, that makes YOU the transphobe, because you're statement implying transgender is some third gender and unequal to male or female

Imagine you came out as bisexual yet people are saying that the only rules are either being straight or love the same gender only, but not liking the two sexes is allowed to them. It is really hard for them to understand that the construct of being bisexual is being allowed to love both the same sex and the opposite.

I could get that at times. People in my school say to me that it's the same thing as being gay. Technically being bisexual is gay, but it's in the middle of liking both men and women, never on the left.

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11 Being told it is a "phase"
12 Being only seen as LGBT
13 People assume you are female or male
14 Being fetishized
15 Being called edgy and fake
16 Dealing with transphobia
17 Dealing with enbyphobia
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