Top Ten Reasons Sex is Bad for Teens

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1 You can get pregnant

This depends on the sexuality, but I wouldn't want to get pregnant as a teen! (Yes, I'm a girl who hasn't fully matured) That sounds like too much pressure, plus teenagers most likely wouldn't be mature enough. Some might not have even developed yet. Imagine the shame. Imagine the parents' reaction! It sounds scary too. It will probably feel better when married too. I wouldn't know though. I'm not married and have never had sex. Still too young. But I have a crush who I hope will propose to me when we're older. Then we'll get married and have kids...OK, yeah, anyway, I encourage all teens and younger not to have sex until they're married. Wait, what if the person is a teenager who is already married? Simple answer: Don't engage in sex or sexual activities until you're out of your teens. I want to get married at 23 so that college won't feel crazy with all the wedding prep, have sex a bit after marriage (like at least three months), and have three kids. Ideally I want two girls as the olders and one boy as the youngest. Please don't have sex as a teenager, not on purpose.

2 Mostly led by hormones not love

Very true.
I am in high school, and seriously, I would do anything to throw Alice O'Hannigan on a table and take her to heaven.

Teens can still fall in love.

So? If it feels good, do it.

3 It can be illegal depending on age

In my opinion, sex should wait until marriage.

The age of consent in my state is 18.

At least it should be.

4 Parents don't like it

You have to be married to have sex if you are Christian.

So what? They do a lot of things we don't like.

And I don't either.

5 You could get an STD

Use a condom, then.

6 You can get expelled

Only if you have sex at school.

Get expelled is bad

7 It's boring

I agree. Sex is one of the most boring things ever. It's just about people using each other as objects. Stupid.

No, it is probably quite fun and exhilarating! It is probably the best ride you'll have in your life.

It can either be boring or interesting.

8 More important things to worry about

Y'know, school, getting a job, shelter, food, and many other things are more important than having sex!

Yeah. School is more important.

9 Most teens aren't mature enough
10 It takes too much time

For me, it only takes about a minute.

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11 It hurts you

I would never do it in my life.

12 You'll waste all the good things to do as a teenager

That is, if you actually get pregnant or impregnate the girl.

Why grow up so quickly?

13 Promiscuous is not a virtue
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