Top 10 Lies You Were Told About Homosexuals

The biggest lies that we were told about homosexuals.
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1 Gay men are likely to molest children

People actually say this?

No one ever told me that.

2 Same sex parents are incapable of raising a child

I know a gay couple who adopted 2 kids, they are amazing.

No real evidence to support this.

Adoption: am I a joke to you.

3 All gay men are feminine

Not all gay men act all feminine.

4 Gay men are attracted to all men

There is not real proof of this, most men feel uncontrollable around gay men because they think they'll try to come onto them which is of course a lie.

...Just as heterosexuals aren't attracted to everyone of the opposite sex. Well, some might be but I'm not one of them.

We have types.

5 No one is born gay

This is a lie. It is a fact that can be proven that homosexuality is not a choice. However, one may choose not to be in relationships with the same sex, but this doesn't change who they are attracted to. It's pretty stupid of people to not understand that, but there are some people so hurt that this is a lie that they just don't want to understand. You can't force them, just like they can't force you to not be gay.

You're born the way you're born. You have no control over that and you can't help who you fall in love with. It's no big deal.

I don't see how this is a lie.

6 Allowing gays to serve openly will damage the armed forces
7 HIV and AIDS are primarily diseases among gay men

Not only most cases of HIV happen among gays.

They're also overrepresented in cases of HPV, Hepatitis, Gonorrhea and Anal Cancer.

Anal sex is too dangerous, nobody should engage in homosexuality if they want to live up to old age.

How is this a lie? The last time the CDC conducted a survey about this it turned out 82 percent of cases of HIV happened in men who had sex with men.

8 Gay men are obsessed with sex

Not true. There are lustic people who happened to be gay but being gay doesn't make you sex crazed.

9 People become homosexual because they were sexually abused as children

There are many people who are sexually abused that don't grow up to be gay.

10 Homosexuality is unnatural

It's completely natural of homosexuality. It's part of the animal kingdom.

It's actually very natural. It's common in a lot of animals in fact.

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11 Homosexuality is a sin

I am a bisexual christian. I do not believe that there is anything wrong with being homo or bi or stuff like that. But saying christians just want to hate and criticize is extremely offensive! And also christianity was not just "made up" by humans. It is the truth, made by God.

There is nothing wrong being gay. Gays are not hurting anyone by loving the same sex and whether someone is gay, straight or bi is nobody's business but theirs. People just want a reason to hate and criticize. And Christians are the worst in this area.

Only to christianity. Which was made by mankind. Which explains why homophobia doesn't exist in other animals.

12 Gay men are into fashion
13 Lesbians are men in denial
14 Being friends or hanging around with someone who is gay will make you gay

I am friends with someone who is lesbian. I am as straight as the pole shoved up my a**, and did this friend make me lesbian? Oh HELL no.
Yeah you can probably see I got really mad about this stupid lie. Seriously y'all need to stop treating homosexuality like a disease.

15 Gay men are the best hairdressers
16 Homosexuality is wrong
17 All gay men are sensitive
18 All gay men love musical theatre
19 All homosexuals like abs
20 Homosexuality is a choice
21 Gay men are into makeup
22 Gay men are the best makeup artists
23 Gay men are the best fashion designers
24 Gay men wears skirts
25 Gay men wears dresses
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