Top 10 Lies You Were Told About Homosexuals

The biggest lies that we were told about homosexuals.
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1 Gay men are likely to molest children
2 Same sex parents are incapable of raising a child

I know a gay couple who adopted two children. They are remarkable parents.

There is no real evidence to support this claim.

3 All gay men are feminine

Not all gay men exhibit feminine behaviors.

4 Gay men are attracted to all men

There is no real evidence to support this. Many men feel uneasy around gay men because they assume they will be propositioned, which is, of course, a misconception.

Just as heterosexuals aren't attracted to every individual of the opposite sex. While some might be, I certainly am not one of them.

5 No one is born gay

This is a lie. It is a fact that can be proven that homosexuality is not a choice. However, one may choose not to be in relationships with the same sex, but this doesn't change who they are attracted to. It's quite misguided for people to not understand this. Nonetheless, there are individuals so distressed by this misinformation that they refuse to accept it. You can't compel them to understand, just as they can't force you to deny your identity.

You're born the way you're born. You have no control over that and you can't help who you fall in love with. It's not a significant issue.

6 Allowing gays to serve openly will damage the armed forces
7 HIV and AIDS are primarily diseases among gay men
8 Gay men are obsessed with sex

Not true. There are lustful individuals who happen to be gay, but being gay does not inherently make one obsessed with sex.

9 People become homosexual because they were sexually abused as children

Many individuals who are sexually abused do not grow up to be gay.

10 Homosexuality is unnatural

Homosexuality is completely natural. It is observed within the animal kingdom.

It's actually very natural. Homosexuality is common in many species of animals.

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11 Homosexuality is a sin

I am a bisexual Christian. I do not believe that there is anything wrong with being homosexual or bisexual. However, asserting that Christians solely wish to express hatred and criticism is extremely offensive. Moreover, Christianity was not simply fabricated by humans. It is the truth, as imparted by God.

There is nothing wrong with being gay. Gays are not harming anyone by loving the same sex and whether someone is gay, straight, or bisexual is a matter of personal identity. People often seek reasons to harbor and express hatred. Christians, unfortunately, have been notably judgmental in this regard.

12 Gay men are into fashion
13 Lesbians are men in denial
14 Gay men are the best hairdressers
15 Being friends or hanging around with someone who is gay will make you gay

I am friends with someone who is lesbian. I am as straight as the metaphorical pole, and did this friend make me lesbian? Absolutely not. This absurd falsehood infuriates me. It's imperative to stop treating homosexuality as if it were a contagion.

16 Homosexuality is wrong
17 All gay men are sensitive
18 All gay men love musical theatre
19 All homosexuals like abs
20 Homosexuality is a choice
21 Gay men are into makeup
22 Gay men are the best makeup artists
23 Gay men are the best fashion designers
24 Gay men wears skirts
25 Gay men wears dresses
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