Top 10 Reasons Why Teenagers Should Not Sexualize Themselves

We live in a time where more teens are trying to look all sexy in real life and online. It's absolutely horrendous. And I've made a list of reasons why teens should not sexualize themselves at all.

Any teen reading this right now, don't waste your life by doing something bad to yourself. And don't even try to attract all the predators out there either because they're seriously messed up.
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1 It Attracts Pedophiles

Pedos only care about their own twisted fetishes and pleasure!

2 Teens Should Be Out Being Teens and Not Pornstars

I literally see teens on Instagram who take sexy pictures and videos of themselves. They seriously look like they're in their 20s or 30s!

They should be out living life or something cause they're still young!

Exactly. I wonder why there is even such a thing as pornstars or porn. It's disgusting, and seeing people engaging in it makes me sick.

They should be enjoying their youth, not wasting it!

3 It Might Get You Pregnant
4 It's Morally Wrong

Society deems it morally wrong, and I can see why. There's nothing right about a young teenage girl trying to look hot just to appeal to all the weirdos out there.

5 It Might Get You Expelled From School

Think about it. You might get expelled from school for posting online child pornography.

Education matters. Therefore, you should make sure you never do anything that could potentially get you kicked out of school.

Then you could either autodidact yourself in different concepts or live on the streets with no job.

6 It's Gross

How does being attracted to a 17-year-old girl turn you on? Like seriously! I prefer much older, more consenting women instead.

When I see ANYONE sexualize themselves, it's disgusting. I don't want to see that and just do something normal.

7 You Should Love Yourself For Who You Are

This is something we all should understand. Why wish you had a different look? I'll love a girl for who she is. I don't care if she doesn't have a nice butt or rack, I'll still love her anyway.

Don't think you have to be sexy to be happy.

8 It's Not Normal
9 It Ruins Your Reputation

Oh yes, it can. Maybe that dream you have about your future career never gets accomplished because of your sexualized pictures on social media. No one likes hiring someone with a social life like that!

10 No One Should Lie About Their Age

Most teens often lie about their age in order to get with much older adults. This will eventually lead to the adult being thrown in jail or something, even if the adult wasn't aware of the teen's actual age!

That is just an incredibly immoral thing for a teen to do. If you seriously think about lying about your age just to get with an older adult, only to have him/her thrown in prison, then maybe you should rethink your life.

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11 Love Isn't Something You Wanna Rush Into

Trust me when I say it isn't. Love is a pretty challenging thing. What I mean by this is that you won't have time to work on other important things as you're always spending more time with your lover.

12 You Might Get Raped
13 You Can Get Into Trouble with the Police
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