Most Shocking WWE Moments of the 1990s

The Top Ten Most Shocking WWE Moments of the 1990s

1 Chris Jericho Debuts (1999)
2 The Montreal Screwjob (1997)
3 Owen Hart's Death (1999)
4 Bret Hart and Steve Austin's Double Turn at Wrestlemania (1997)
5 Vince McMahon Wins the Royal Rumble (1999)
6 Owen Hart Breaks Steve Austin's Neck (1997)
7 The Curtain Call (1996)

Huge shocking moment in which unfortunately Triple H ended up taking all of the heat for it with Hall and Nash left for WCW and Shawn Michales was champion and untouchable. - egnomac

8 Steve Austin Stuns the Vince McMahon (1997)
9 Marty Jennety Defeats Shawn Michael for the Intercontinental Championship (1993)
10 Owen Hart Turns on Bret Hart (1994)

The Contenders

11 Shawn Michaels Loses His Smile (1997)
12 Kane Debuts and Attacks Undertaker in Hell in a Cell (1997)
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