Top 10 Signs You Like TheTopTens

The Top Ten

1 You visit here daily.

I'm on here every day. - Userguy44

I relate - Pokemonfan10

I actually visit this site every day. - allamassal

Oh no. Could it be?

2 You have edited your profile at least twice.

Yes - Pokemonfan10

More like 2,000...

3 You have recommended others to join this website.

No I haven't - Pokemonfan10

4 In your homepage description, you wrote that you like this website

Yes - Pokemonfan10

Or even just wrote a description. - codydoestuff

Yes, the most weird way! :P - funnyuser

5 You are eager to do more accomplishments/have more followers

I really want to have 6,000 comments but I have 5,987!

I don't know who this is but it's sad that this account is deleted - styLIShT

6 You have a crush on another TheTopTens member

Ew, I do not.

7 You created your 1st TheTopTens list within a week after joining this site

I didn't create my first list (Most Annoying Things about Music) until February 22, 2018, despite having joined on November 17, 2017. - allamassal

I did this!

I was actually a visitor for about 3 months. I thought the account would require a Facebook sync, but I was glad to find out you don't need to give out much info! - Turkeyasylum

I love this website. And when it started I made list that were disapproved. Then a MONTH later I got a approved list. - Jake09

8 You can't stand the haters of this website.

I hate the Frozen wars, and the console wars. A lot. - Turkeyasylum

9 You are eager to meet the creator of this website.
10 You have had a crush on Britgirl

Hey, hey. Stop the car. Britgirl is my girlfriend! Anyone voting this element please direct to my profile page. Thanks. - keyson

I don't think having a crush on Britgirl is such a good idea. I only like her as a friend. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

I don't. We're just friends - Jake09

The Contenders

11 You follow lots of people per day

I follow people so maybe they will follow me so I can make my 200 followers special!

12 You can't stop going to this website

Thanks to whoever added this - Animefan12

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