Top Ten Signs You're Becoming an Adult

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1 You’ve learned to trust your own judgment before someone else’s

Even adults get this wrong at times. I'm really not a good judge when it comes to reading character and still turn to my mum for advice. - Britgirl

2 You have realized that if you want something, you have to be willing to work for it
3 You take responsibility for your own actions instead of immediately blaming someone else
4 You know how to write a check

Cheques are dead.

I'm an adult and my mom doesn't allow me to write checks

5 Summer no longer means a three month vacation
6 You're independent
7 You communicate on a daily basis via email
8 You appreciate a 9PM bed time
9 You reserve going out for the weekends
10 You've graduated both high school and college

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11 Despite how many Christmas presents you receive the clothes are what you end up using the most

SO TRUE. I also rarely get Christmas presents.

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