Top 10 Most Emotional The Simpsons Episodes

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1 Mother Simpson

Homer's long lost mother who was he was told was dead is returns and Homer is really happy about it however not everyone is excited about her return Marge if tells him he shouldn't get so attach as this was the same woman who abandoned him years earlier the family confronts her and she reveals the reason she left was because her and a group of protesters destroyed Mr. Burn's germ lab and to protect her family she went on the run everything seems to work out until Mr. Burns shows up to try and capture her luckily thanks to Chief Wiggum tipping them off Homer and Mona escape and then have to say goodbye again.

2 Round Springfield

Lisa's friend Bleeding Gums Murphy dies and even sadder Lisa, Homer and Marge are the only ones who attend his funeral and after Reverend Lovejoy fails to pronounce his name Lisa makes it her mission that he's properly honored with Bart's help she accomplishes that by getting his one and only record to play on the air

3 And Maggie Makes Three

In one of many flashback episodes Homer quits his job at the nuclear power plant to pursue his dream working at the bowling alley but his dreams are quickly shattered after finding out Marge is pregnant with Maggie realizing his new job won't be enough to support another kid and forced to give up his dream and go crawling back to the Power Plant and beg for his job back which he does and Mr. Burns heavenly enforces the fact hence a plaque with the words "Don't Forget Your Here Forever" but becomes happy when Maggie is born and covers the plaque with pictures of Maggie till the plaque now says "Do It for Her".

4 One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish

Really... it was so sad when homer said goodbye to everyone in the middle of the night then listens to the tape. It was much more sad than home sweet home diddly dum doodly! It wasn’t even sad at all! This one should be in at least 4th! Right now in 5th...

Too early in series to use this episode

5 Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily

Bart, Lisa and Maggie are taken away and placed in foster care more specifically they're forced to stay with the Flanders next door after Homer and Marge are deemed unfit parents through a series of misunderstandings all the while unable to have any contact with them despite being right next door.

6 Marge Be Not Proud

Bart is caught shoplifting at the Try and Save and after Marge and everyone finds out he feels he not only lost her respect but her love as well, Bart redeems himself by buying a Christmas photo of himself as a Christmas gift for Marge.

7 Lisa's Substitute

WHAT!? thiis was so sad! When she said goodbye! I was so close to shedding tears!

8 Bart Gets an F

Bart Studies like crazy in order to try and pass a test to avoid being held back despite all his efforts he still fails and then breaks down in tears, but things work at the end as Mrs. K. Changes his grade to a passing one.

Tries so hard and got a D. So sad...

9 Mona Leaves-a

Homer's mom returns yet again but Homer lashes out at her for leaving so many times and in a tragic turn of events she dies.

10 I Love Lisa

When Ralph dosen't receive a single Valentine card on Valentine's Day feeling sorry for him Lisa gives him a card out of pity Ralph becomes overjoyed that he starts to fall for Lisa much to her dismay she trys to turn him down gentlely but he continues to pursue her even going as far as getting the part of George Washington in the school play and even invites her to Krusty's Anniversary show where he announces his love for her and vows to marry her which sets Lisa off as she screams loudly "No" telling him she dosen't like him and the only reason she gave him the Valentine card is because no one else would an obviously Ralph is devastated and Lisa does feel bad for humiliating him, despite this Ralph goes on to play George Washington and does an amazing job Lisa gives him another card and agrees that the two of them being just friends.

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11 Lisa's First Word
12 Bart the Lover

Bart sees Ms. Krabappel had no one, so he writes love letters pretending to b a millionaire, and it backfires and Edna is miserable until Bart writes one last letter as him.

13 $pringfield

Almost made me cry

14 Lisa On Ice
15 Alone Again, Natura-Diddily

Maude Flanders died thanks to Homer... ( Not saying Homers a bad character) Also I think it was pointless to kill her off.

16 Brother From the Same Planet
17 Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?
18 Lisa's Wedding
19 Flanders' Ladder

I can't believe I had to add this

so sad when bart almost died

20 When Flanders Failed
21 Moaning Lisa
22 Bart Sells His Soul
23 Like Father, Like Clown
24 Rosebud
25 Duffless
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