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L Lawliet, exclusively known by the mononym L, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


L is the greatest. Light knew everything yet acted like he knew nothing therefore he had the an advantage. However L knew nothing with ABSOLUTELY no help he had deduced everything to such an extent that grasped the same knowledge as Light. He could not be deceived by Light he always suspected Light was Kira. He only died because of a shinigami that took his life. That's was completely uncontrollable. L is the best no doubt about it also he has proper fighting skills so he isn't just a useless geek with bad posture

L all the way, he's a good strategist and detective. It's clear that Light got the upperhand because he's the first to possess a Death Note. Basically, he has grasped everything about it. And on L's situation, he is yet to understand that such a thing really exist. I mean come on, it's anime like it started like a normal day then everything gets surreal eventually.

L was definitely very smart but Light outsmarted L in the end and L had all his resources and years of experience (greatest detective and all) let's not forget and yet this ordinary high school guy was always up to par with him... plus Light not only used his brains but also his interactive skills and charm over the girls to his advantage... being smart is not always about having a higher IQ... manipulation,s strategies and plotting matter the most. He was the protagonist of the story and the first character introduced so I felt more attached to him anyways... team Kira always

He is extremely smart, either L or Akiyama Shinichi deserve number 1 spot. If you haven't read the liar game manga, definitely read it, Akiyama is extremely intelligent, I would say L and Akiyama are equal in intelligence

L is the greatest. Light knew everything about the shinigami and death note thus why he had a massive massive advantage. However L knew ABSOLUTELY nothing about this and with no help apart from Watari his loyal companion he deduced every single piece of information and had the same amount of knowledge as Light who got first hand knowledge from the shinigami-God of death-hence why he was able to be so great. But L always suspected Light to be Kira and he was right even when he was proven not guilty which he wasn't. The only reason he does was because A shinigami can kill anyone and it killed L because the human it loved was in danger and so it killed L which was completely and utterly uncontrollable. Also L can fight so he's not just a useless weak geek with bad posture he's a beast in every aspect.

L is more intelligent than Light Yagami because the author say so he is a Legend too. Although, where is Beyond Birthday? Beyond Birthday is the most intelligent of all at this list he surpass L to be the world greatest criminal I meant L couldn't find mysteries about him with Los Angeles BB murder case it was very difficult for L to solve the mystery of Los Angeles. Also, I could be wrong don't have to believe me. If you don't know Beyond Birthday then look at the Death Note Wiki for Los Angeles BB murder and don't ask me. "Who is Beyond Birthday and about him? "

I know vegeta is battle smart but for the most he's just one of those people who prefer more simple and direct approaches. I can't even imagine him with a book even though he's one of my favourite anime characters.

With out of doubt, the single most intelligent character in all of anime history, with only Light Yagami to match him. But I would have to go team L, for the fact that he is slightly more intelligent than Light.

How can #18 top L?
Stop it DBZ fans!
Being it your first anime and a big part of your childhood does NOT mean to vote for absolutely every character.
L is a legend.

So for all people who are saying that light beats L,Absolutely No! First of all l's death was because of rem who is a shinigami an unnatural power, without rem L would of course discover the truth that he was semi sure of! Light use non human powers to destroy L,unlike L who use his intelligence! L is the smartest anime character ever!

World's Greatest detective... enough said...

So covering that... somebody tell me why Luffy is on the list... I still love him as a character and all... but this is the wrong list for Luffy

I can't imagine a World without L, without L it would just be a Word

I agree he is the best anime character I have ever seen. He is too intelligent as well as cool and best detective in the world

I love this guy. He is brilliant, yes and to be honest the way he works kind of reminds me of Sherlock. But yeah, L is awesome.

No doubt L is one of the smartest anime/manga characters out there but to be 1st is unfair on the likes of Itachi Uchiha who is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most intelligent characters, there is also people like Shikamaru and Vegapunk, his mind is apparently 500 years ahead of his time.

He has insane deductive reasoning powers greater than that of any other character in all of anime.

L is basically what Albert Einstein would be if he was a detective, which is funny because he shows a lot of similarities with Einstein. Messy hair, no socks, both fit the INTP personality, both are theorized about to have Asperger's, both are genius theorists in their field, and both are loved by everyone despite being social misfits (L because of introversion). L might not be absolutely the smartest anime character (Shikamaru down there in #5 surpasses everybody), he is the most realistic genius as his aspie-like character suits his intellect perfectly.

L is the best character in anime ever. No one is smarter than L and no one will ever be.

Way smarter than lucky Light, switch their positions and Light would be dead within the first 10 episodes

He's so smart, he almost took out Kira aka Light but he missed by a little bit.

L deduced everything Light knew, He started from nothing where else Light knew everything and Light wasn't able to kill him without the help of the Shinigami so what I say is that L is the smartest anime character ever

L is definitely smart but Light outsmarted him in the end...goodbye

Look, I know all of you fanboys are gonna disagree with me because l is so cool and all and I agree, l is pretty cool but light did outsmart him, in the end light died as well but l didn't help in that process

Near should be 1 because he solve the mystery not L

Best and the smartest character of all times