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81 Miles "Tails" Prower - Sonic X Miles Miles Prower, more commonly known by his nickname Tails, is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a significant main character after the title character Sonic, who is also his best friend.

Dude, this is primarily a video game character. Even if this is an anime adaptation of the video game series, Tails should be in a Smartest Video Game Characters list instead.

He built a car that can circle the earth in half a jar of kosher pickles. If that isn't smart, I don't know what is.

He is the smartest. He can build a jet, communicator watch, and many more. He is only 8 years old

82 Shogo Makishima - Psycho-Pass

How is he not in the top ten? He Proved a perfect system (Sybil System) to be worthless. He has so much knowledge on philosophy and psychology. He knows how the human mind works to the very detail

In my opinion he should be at least top 5.

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83 Madoka Kaname - Puella Magi Madoka Kaname - Puella Magi Madoka Kaname is the titular protagonist of the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

Duh. Who else could thwart a world domination plan by twisting together broken wishes? Certainly not anyone from yu-Gi-Oh.

84 Kaitou KID/Kuroba Kaito - Detective Conan/Magic Kaito 1412

I love this guy and he is definitely smart. I know he acts like a goof sometimes but he did learn how to steal jewels almost on his own and has not been caught, even when faced with Conan/Jimmy. I guess we don't really think of him because A not many people watch this and B usually smart characters are one way and if there not then there thought of as a prankster. I have seen it before were someone would play a prank and all anyone sees is them being childish but with all the work and figuring it takes a lot and they should be given more credit. But ya know maybe that's just me.

Honestly I'm surprise nobody thought of Kaito. I mean, the guy's an obvious genius that can outsmart literally the entire police force. He's 17 years old and an uncatchable phantom thief who sends out advance notices in the forms of honest-to-god riddles! Not to mention if Shinichi's up there on the leaderboard, I should think Kaito should be up there too considering he is the only one that can go toe to toe with THE Famous Detective Kudo Shinichi - but that's just my opinion.

This guy is on par with Conan in intelligence. - Goku02

He is damn smart probably as smart as conan edogawa he shouldn't be down here

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85 Piccolo - Dragon Ball Piccolo - Dragon Ball Piccolo is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. He first appeared in chapter 161 of the Dragon Ball manga in the Shonen Jump magazine on February 22, 1988. He is a member of the alien Namekian race and has abilities such as ki manipulation, regeneration, telepathy, more.

I can't believe no-one added Piccolo yet. He's one of the wisest Dragon Ball characters. - Goku02

How is Piccolo not the highest dragon ball character on the list. He literally has 3 people including himself inside him. Early in z you already started to see his battle smarts become front and center in battles with Nappa and Raditz. He originally had all the knowledge of his father, who keep in mind I believe lived for hundreds of years. After absorbing nail, he learned about Namek. That's an assumption but he does recognize Dende who piccolo himself never met. Once trunks arrives he's the one to inform the others of the androids and takes on a leadership role. Though this was stupid, he got cell to expose his plan. One thing to keep in mind is that he's similar to trunks and wants to get things done unlike the saiyans who are just looking for a challenge. But what really seals the deal was when he absorbed Kami and gained all the knowledge the guardian had accumulated over the earth and beyond. Piccolo knows so many techniques and has taught 3 students. He's definitely up there. - Heatnix23

86 Haru Yoshida - My Little Monster
87 Truth - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
88 Happy - Fairy Tail Happy - Fairy Tail

Happy is the smartest living being in all anime existence. ~somewhat~

89 Edogawa Ranpo - Bungou Stray Dogs

This guy is a genius. He figures out everything in a heartbeat, and is the only non-ability user who is still as talented as every other member of the Armed Detective Company, thanks to his extraordinary intelligence. He's definitely the most intelligent anime character I've ever seen ( and he said his father is even smarter than he is... ) - Goku02

The self-proclaimed sole genuine detective within the ADA, when asked to solve a murder in 1 minute, he smirked and said "I won't need that long". Ranpo picks up on clues even Dazai doesn't notice and is asked to solve crimes the police can't figure out. This guy can even tell you what the last words of a victim were, all the while being a non-ability user (despite what he himself thinks). This guy is a remarkable genuis (and he knows it) - just don't let him travel by himself, becasue despite his intelligence he will probably end up getting lost

90 Father - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
91 Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Roy Mustang is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.
92 Naruto - Naruto: Shippuden Naruto - Naruto: Shippuden Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

"He's just weirdly smart! " Shut up.

What Naruto has got to be one the least intelligent anime characters ever, not smart

Naruto's never really been known for being smart but he does come up with some great plans for defeating powerful enemies.

Naruto is a idiot.

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93 Shirase - Battle Programer Shirase

Genius at hacking, bunny ears laver need I go on?

94 Sun Seto - My Bride is a Mermaid
95 Okarin - Steins;Gate

This man (not actually shown in the anime) possesses the ability to time travel. He jumps world lines, or timelines. This man needs to be top 10, definitely.

He is a hell of a lot smarter than most the guys on this list with the exception of Light L and Lelouch I mean he made a time machine and was even able to make a mic home that could transfer memories into the past

96 Hiruma Yoichi - Eyeshield 21 Hiruma Yoichi - Eyeshield 21

Laugh out loud how can this guy not listed in top 10

97 Yokoya Norihiko - Liar Game
98 Rebecca Hawkins - Yu Gi Oh
99 Leon von Shroeder - Leonhart von Shroider (Yu Gi Oh)
100 Asuka Langley Soryu - Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Langley Soryu - Neon Genesis Evangelion
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