South Park Most Musical Seasons

These are the 10 most musical seasons in South Park. So I was going to make the 10 best songs but I really couldn't decide. These are the 10 most musical seasons in South Park, judging by the most songs and quality of songs in a season

The Top Ten

1 Season 13

It has gay fish

List creator: Season 13 has a lot of long, clever and hilarious songs like: minorities, queef free, gay fish, pokah face, I've got a rig on my finger, Somalian pirates we. Some legendary South Park songs here! - Luke72

2 Season 7
3 Season 2

List creator: Season 2 had an actually famous song, chocolate salty balls. As well as songs from the album chef aid and others like in the ghetto and stinky britches. - Luke72

4 Season 16

Season 16 is a recent season with some great songs. San Diego was really released as a great song, make bullying kill itself is truly epic as well as our love grows, the only memeing I'll ever do, Jewelry polka and james Cameron. A lot of quality songs. - Luke72

5 Season 8

Season 8 has some impressive songs with let's fighting love, songs from you got f'd in the a, Michael jefferson's songs, my robot friend and vote or die. - Luke72

6 Season 3
7 Season 12

Season 12 was brought up the list for the episode elementary school musical with you gotta do what you wanna do. Also, Canada on strike and AIDSburger in paradise are good too. - Luke72

8 Season 15
9 Season 1

Season 1 had probably the best of chef when he would break out into song and adapt 'I'm gonna make love to you woman' as well as if my friends could see me now, bar-bura and Santa Claus is in his way. - Luke72

10 Season 17
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