Top 10 SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes That Shouldn't Be Created


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41 ScoobyBob DooPants
42 Mario Pays a Visit
43 SpongeBob Loses his Virginity
44 SpongeBob meets My Little Pony

I Love Both Shows, But I Would Never Want To See This Happen

SpongeBob Isn't Owned By Hasbro

You read the title wrong. These are the Top 10 Episodes That Should NOT Be Created. - anonygirl

Even Though I Adore MLP, This Idea Still Sucks - JPK

45 SpongeBob Becomes Gassy

And farts non-stop - anonygirl

Just Bad - rjbarg042

Awful - JPK

46 Patchy meets SpongeBob in Person

Not As Bad As Other Listings On The List But Still Stupid - rjbarg042

47 Racist Sponge
48 Bikini Bottom Nazis
49 SpongeBob Flirts with Sandy, Pearl, and Mrs. Puff

Another Stupid Episode Idea That Deserves To Be Here - rjbarg042

Inappropriate - JPK

50 Squidward Pees on the Floor
51 Ren & Stimpy vs. SpongeBob & Patrick
52 Keep Bikini Bottom More Beautiful
53 SpongeBob Goes Skinny Dipping

I'm Laughing Because Of How Awful This Idea Is - JPK

54 Caillou with SpongeBob
55 2 Pals for Gary
56 Gone Again
57 Plankton Gets Hit by a Car & Dies V 1 Comment
58 Stuck in the Wringer Again
59 Mickey Mouse Moves to Bikini Bottom
60 Return of Boating Buddies
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