Top Ten SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes Since Season 4

SpongeBob has been panned by fans ever since season 4, while there are some bad episodes, these are proof that SpongeBob isn't as bad as everybody says.

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1 Plankton's Pet (Season 9)

This episode is what people say is the best Season 9 episode, and I agree! Spot is a very interesting character, and I want him to return! - Lvl100weavile

I bet a lot he will. Maybe the next episode he is in will have a twist.

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2 Dunces and Dragons (Season 4)

I vote here because some of the jokes are jokes mainly for older kids. I didn't get the 'Insidious Dragon' joke until I was twelve, but then I would randomly burst out laughing for a few days about that one.

Very good. Creative and season 3 like - Gamecubesarecool193

I loved this episode, especially squidleys songs and what it parodys. This episode is also the reason why I despise Zeus cervaz, because he can make really good episodes if he tries, he just decides not to. - wolfythefree

This, not only is the best Modern SB episode, it is also the best SB special*

*Christmas Who would be next - Lvl100weavile

3 Sand Castles in the Sand (Season 6)

This was a very interesting episode, it is very solid and a fun episode to watch. - Lvl100weavile

It's so interesting when SpongeBob and patrick make there castles fight each other!

How is this not number one this is the greatest episode ever

I had fun watching it

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4 Krabs Ala Mode (Season 5)

This is definitely the best Modern "Plankton tries stealing the Krabby Patty formula and fails" episode. - Lvl100weavile

5 Krusty Towers (Season 4)

Funny as. Probably season 3 quality

This is considered by many to be the best Season 4 episode, and is my 2nd favorite. - Lvl100weavile

The best season 4 episode and the best post movie episode by a lot

It has become a target for fans of YTP. - Gamecubesarecool193

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6 Roller Cowards (Season 5)

You knew that this would be on here, but why is it good? It is really funny, has a good plot and the ice cream scene. I love IT - Lvl100weavile

I like this one because the plot revolves around something we can all relate to.

Feels even more classical than season 3.

This is my brothers favorite episode... - MusicalPony

7 The Bad Guy Club For Villains (Season 7)

This episode should've been done a long time ago. This is a episode showing MM and BB back when they were in shape. This episode is really solid, and fun to watch. - Lvl100weavile

8 Enchanted Tiki Dreams (Season 7) V 1 Comment
9 Spongebob vs The Patty Gadget (Season 5)

This is the best SB short, because it has the character that you want to win, win! - Lvl100weavile

10 Gary in Love (Season 7)

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11 Have You Seen This Snail? (Season 4)

This episode is very sad compared to other episodes and is actually why it's here. - Lvl100weavile

This episode made me cry during the song.

I love love LOVE IT!
The song, the emotions, the plot, the characters, EVERY THING!
SpongeBob's kindness was in the right place this time~

12 Friend or Foe? (Season 5)
13 Inmates of Summer (Season 5)

This episode is weird. It is funny when the Warden tries to be mean, but ends up failing. The song at the end was weird, but funny at the same time. - Lvl100weavile

14 Skill Crane (Season 4)
15 A Pal for Gary (Season 7) V 4 Comments
16 Sing A Song Of Patrick (Season 5)

Perch Perkins here in downtown bikini bottom complete Caous because of a really terrible song #bypasser# auuugh! This song sucks! :crashes car in building: #perch perkins# wow that's intense

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17 Money Talks (Season 5)
18 The Two Faces of Squidward (Season 5)
19 Spy Buddies (Season 5)
20 Krabby Road (Season 6)
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1. Inmates of Summer (Season 5)
2. Roller Cowards (Season 5)
3. Spongebob vs The Patty Gadget (Season 5)
1. Dunces and Dragons (Season 4)
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3. Plankton's Pet (Season 9)
1. Plankton's Pet (Season 9)
2. Enchanted Tiki Dreams (Season 7)
3. Gary in Love (Season 7)



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