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21 Sharks vs Pods

Johney noo!

22 Tutor Sauce

This episode added something new to the same old boating school plot, which I really enjoyed. I loved the tactics Mr. Krabs used when attempting to teach SpongeBob how to drive. His teaching style differentiated from Mrs. Puff, making the episode feel really fresh. Also, there was a lot of good gags like how SpongeBob kept on crashing into the Krusty Krab in the most creative ways. Additionally, I liked Jeffery the Jellyfish's cameo in the background, and the ending of this episode was a nice touch as well. - Mitchell_Dietz

This episode deserves to be in Top 10! It was a very good and innovative episode! SpongeBob is not only at his best here, but both Mr. Krabs and Pearl have improved in this episode too!

Squidward is still flanderized here, but that's a minor flaw. - Svampbob164

I Haven't Seen this Episode yet - ChiefMudkip

23 SpongeBob, You're Fired

Do you know what's strange? 22 episodes are below this one. It should be in LAST place!

This is one of the WORST episodes EVER. What the hell is it doing up here?!?!

Anyone can put terrible episode on these lists. - SuperNut98

Filler, Moving On - ChiefMudkip

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24 Mall Girl Pearl

I actually hate this episode. Granny power? Really?

25 What's Eating Patrick?
26 Kenny the Cat

Kenny Looks Stupid - ChiefMudkip

Mediocre - epictoonsfan1

27 Yeti Krabs
28 Goodbye, Krabby Patty?

WHY IS THIS ON 30? It's the best!

29 Pineapple Invasion

This episode should be #1 - Worksponge

30 CopyBob DittoPants

A really good episode with one of the best plots in SpongeBob history. - JThrill

31 Snail Mail

Criminally Underrated. - Alien51

32 Mutiny On The Krusty Mutiny On The Krusty
33 Little Yellow Book

I like this episode it does not deserve the hate


34 Pull Up a Barrel

This is one of the few season 9 episodes that I like.

35 Squid Defense
36 SpaceBob InvaderPants V 1 Comment
37 Sold!

One of the best episodes of Season 9 in my opinion.

Hilarious Episode

Has this one come out yet?

I thought it sucked. - SuperNut98

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38 Company Picnic; Pull Up a Barrel

My favorite episode of the series in my opinion.

Pull up a barrel is by far the best

39 The Executive Treatment

In my opinion, this episode is really awful.

Okay, that's fine. But I thought this episode was hilarious.a - SuperNut98

40 Larry's Gym

I really love this episode. - Account

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