Best Spongebob SquarePants Season 5 Episodes

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1 Krabs à la Mode

This Episode Feels Like A Pre - Movie Spongebob Episode It Feels Like The Writers Though Everything Out From The Story To The Characters Comedy And Even Animation. It's A Fantastic Episode That I Wouldn't Even Mind It If It Was The Series Finale It's That Good Defiantly A Classic Episode That's Worth Checking Out

This is my favorite episode of season 5, a little bit better than Roller Cowards. Roller Cowards should be at #2 not Friend or Foe although Friend or Foe is a great episode too. This season has A LOT of great episodes, but this one is just the best.

Why is everyone high praising this episode? This episode is Overrated! The parts I don't like are then parts where Mr. Krabs gets mad at Squidward and Spongebob for slipping. That's why this episode is overrated. But everything else is great.

I like this episode so much. One of my favorite episodes of the series. Should be #1.
P.S. Roller Cowards should be #2 not Friend or Foe (Friend or Foe was great though)

2 Friend or Foe

In this episode it is revealed that Plankton was the one who created the formula, and Mr. Krabs took all the credit.

It tells the truth behind Mr. Krabs and Plankton.

This episode was (surprisingly) partially written by Zeus Cervas

3 Roller Cowards

This one is a little bit better than Krabs A La Mode and is the best in season 5.

I went on the rock bottom plunge at the mall of america in MN, which is based of of this episode!

One of the best episodes of not just season 5 but all of Spongebob

How can Krabs a la Mode be #1? It's not fair this is #1.

4 Spy Buddies

The bad song plankton plays to drag Krabs's customers away is hilarious! The self-destruct and ending is great too! Season 5 is my favorite post-movie season along with the newest ones (10)

My favorites from this season are krabs a la mode, new digs, sing a song of patrick, rise and shine (you read correctly), spy buddies and the krusty sponge.

This episode is just so funny and original (for Spongebob), also the ending is great!

5 New Digs

I thought this one was pretty funny! Liked the ending too

I had to add this. This is a great episode.

It has an interesting concept.

This should be higher'

6 Sing a Song of Patrick

Funniest modern SpongeBob. Uses Patrick's stupidity right.

This is in my top ten Spongebob episodes!

The best one! Ha Ha!

7 Goo Goo Gas

A really funny episode.

8 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

One of the few that gets gross humor correctly.

9 The Donut of Shame

I like sing a song of Patrick the most,but this needs to be higher.Aside from it being funny,this episode is quite heart warming,because Patrick really wants to eat the donut,but doesn't because he THINKS he stole it from spongebob.

10 The Two Faces of Squidward

One of the better fifth season episodes

Handsome Squidward. Need I say more?

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11 The Krusty Sponge

It's like a metaphor for modern Nickelodeon!

Best Of The Bunch!

12 20,000 Patties Under The Sea

The best part was Plankton insulting a family. Why is this below Breathe of a Fresh Squidward anyways?

Probably because it was lazy, poorly paced, and forgettable.

This Is Very Underrated, But It Was Good For Season 5

Great episode

13 Pest of the West

I Really Like this Special

Pest of the West forever! :3)

14 The Krusty Plate
15 Blackened Sponge

This should be in the top ten.


16 Breath of a Fresh Squidward

Why is this episode so high of the list? Mr Enter named it the worst Squidward Torture episode ever. My least favorite Squid Torture episode ever is Squidward in Clarinetland, but this one is TRULY TERRIBLE. Should be at the bottom.

Why is this episode on this list

17 Rise And Shine
18 SpongeBob V.S. The Patty Gadget
19 Money Talks

Money:spend us, spend us

20 Banned in Bikini Bottom

Did you just call me Squidwart? Other than this line I don't like this episode.

21 The Original Fry Cook

This is the worst episode I ever watched on T.V.! This episode is the most depressing episode on the show

What this episode was the 2nd best in season 5

22 Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob

Really underrated episode

23 Bucket Sweet Bucket

To love a paty waiting money talks night light battle of bikini bottom atlantis squrepantis original fry Cook krusty sponge Good ol whathisname pest of the West two faces and breath of fresh squidward these are better then this Episode? I don't think so...

This has to be the most underrated episode of all of spongebob mainly because it’s a very good episode it deserves a lot of attention but it get nothing, I find this episode funny and very charming for a post movie episode

24 Good Ol' Whatshisname
25 Blackjack

Underrated episode. My favourite Spongebob episode of all time

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