Top Ten Dumbest Things We (Probably) All Did as Kids

Everyone was a child once (or you're a child reading this) and we all did stupid or embarrassing things, so why not add the dumbest things we all did as immature children?
The Top Ten
1 Slowly close the fridge to see the light go off

I always wondered why people do this. Maybe it's just that cool seeing a light go out? I sometimes still do this, being honest, and I have seen the light go off, so mission complete?

I remember doing this quite a bit when I was younger.

YES! I used to do that all the time.

2 Play make believe

I'm convinced this is a universal thing. Every kid I babysat before plays make believe with me almost the entire time. My friend and I always did too. I don't remember lots of it, but we used to pretend to be superheroes, and the people we were saving were our crushes. It kind of sucks that imagination dies down after a certain age.

I still have a strong imagination that keeps getting stronger each year.

3 Eat things that weren't food

Of course, this would be here. We were all dumb kids with little to no knowledge, so it's obvious we would do this. I'm pretty sure every child ate dirt at least once, even by accident.

4 Be afraid of the dark

Thinking about it now, some people still have this fear, and I honestly can't blame them. The dark is pretty scary when you think about it. Not being able to see anything is really chilling. I'm pretty sure we were told scary stories either by friends or family, making the fear worse.

I had to sleep with my light on and get my mom to turn it off when I fell asleep.

5 Race water drops on windows

I'm going to be honest, I still do this. I honestly don't know why I did this. Maybe it was just my insane imagination or boredom, maybe both.

I do this still. I'm not ashamed. (Tip for competitive raindrop racers: the larger raindrops usually win.)

6 Be addicted to sugar

Despite loving salty stuff, I still have a sweet tooth, but not as big as when I was a child. I would eat cookies so much for snacks. I'm surprised I didn't get sick - oh wait, never mind, I did get sick once.

Sadly, I still kind of am. I try to eat healthier but I fail sometimes.

7 Fake being sick to avoid school

We all hated school, either forever or just one day. Maybe you had a test or forgot your homework, and what do you do? Give some "I don't feel good" and some coughing! It's foolproof unless they have a thermometer, which almost all of our parents have.

One time, I got sick and had to stay home, so my sister tried to get out of it too. She said, "I'm sick too!" Then she did a really bad fake cough. She's still defensive about that to this day.

I think I tried this once but failed.

8 Listen to inappropriate music without knowing the meaning

Remember Cake By The Ocean? Animals? Bang Bang? Right Round? Man, I still can't believe I thought Right Round was about spinning in an office chair.

9 Hate vegetables

They're not that bad now. We just hadn't really expanded our palate, especially as a young child when sometimes we'd only eat things like pizza, burgers, chicken fingers, and almost anything that's dessert.

Let's be real here, we all hated at least one vegetable at some point in time, and I'm pretty sure toddlers hate vegetables the most.

10 Believe almost anything

When I was 5 years old, I seriously thought I could make a swing out of paper and pipe cleaners. I was very disappointed when I realized that the flimsy "swing" I tried to make couldn't support me the way a real swing would.

Yes, that's where the root of religion and other superstitions lies.

I remember a boy told me that if I wrote my name in mud, I would become a frog. I don't know why I believed that, and I sometimes wonder how I survived despite being a gullible kid.

The Contenders
11 Chew on your fingernails and toenails
12 Watch things without our parents knowing
13 Pee in the pool
14 Thinks the world revolves around you

I used to think that until I was 8 1/2. Somebody online told me that the world doesn't revolve around me, so I stopped thinking that.

15 Have an imaginary friend
16 Climb up the slide
17 Pee the bed
18 Say stuff we don't know the meaning of
19 Draw on the walls
20 Dress in adult's clothing
21 Jump on furniture
22 Pretend the floor is lava
23 Draw on rainy windows
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