Top Ten Traits Teenagers Relate to Most

Teenagers tend to struggle with the responsibilities and facets of life the more they grow - as a result, they become stressed by the pressure from school, peers, etc. If you are one of those struggling teens, congratulations, you are not alone. From the positive to the negative traits, here are some of the common traits that teenagers tend to possess.
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1 Anxious

The pressure from school, and homework; part time jobs, life goals, and money if they're older, combined with haywire hormones. Pretty much a common trait that can be seen in almost all teenagers at some point. Life can be pretty tough for everyone, isn't it?

I am so anxious at school, but loosen up around friends and certain teachers

2 Awkward

You'll notice that online, most teenagers hanging around the internet are socially awkward in real life. Sure they can be chatty online, but yet not say a word to anyone unfamiliar in real life, even though the person they're talking to happens to be their online friend.

I usually feel awkward when talking to people I have never talked to. I'm also socially awkward but I'm more chatty with close friends. When I was a teenager, I was more awkward than I am now though

3 Depressed

Something that nowadays a lot of teenagers, young adults and even preteens tend to label themselves whether they are in the blues. While this is true for some, most of these teenagers who label themselves depressed often associate depression with short-term sadness, and often use this for excessive attention seeking and as an excuse on the internet. It's pretty unlikely that you'll really become depressed and just shout "I have depression" to strangers on the internet out of pride. Pretty much a "relatable" trait.

4 Edgy

Ah yes, especially when they are in their early teens. These teens would often stick to dark humor, wear black, follow trends, etc. Remember when being "emo" was a trend back in the 2000s?

I am not really edgy or emo, just a little moody and snarky sometimes

5 Extroverted

It would be quite uncommon to relate to this trait, and considering parts of the world is on lockdown there is limited socializing.

6 Fake

This is a common trait that most depressed teenagers seem to possess. You can tell if they are genuinely happy or not; some teenagers can hide their inner sadness really well, so it's sometimes difficult to tell. It's a good sign for them to seek help if they can.

7 Chill

One of the most relatable traits takes this the cream of the crop. People who are chill usually listen to soothing music genres such as lo-fi, vaporwave, hip hop, etc. and engage in aesthetics, as well as sitting down on the couch watching netflix and spending their time in social media.

Me so chill. I be cranking big Bros fam all day with me homies in da house. I be shredding the gnar with staz, gapers!

8 Quiet

Notice in your high school, almost every class has the quiet kid. Their silence can be pretty intimidating when in presence, and some push their quietness to the next level to the point they don't utter a word out for a semester or longer. If you happen to be one of the quiet kids and accidentally play "Pumped Up Kicks" during class, good luck.

9 Lazy

Although this may be stereotyped, most teenagers are lazy at times and it can be a connection as to being tired. A common trait, but isn't always like that, though.

I can find myself perfectly in this, although I'm not so lazy that I never go outside. Especially on a rainy day when I'm home, I don't do a lot.

10 Rebellious

As they want to become more of themselves, a teenager being rebellious usually is a sign of growing independence, and it's sometimes connected to condescending parents; early teenagers often think they know everything, but may lack experience. One of the teenage traits that are stereotyped, but can be true for some.

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11 Mature

As teenagers grow, they gain more responsibilities on their own as they want to do more as adults do in life. They are more likely to be more independent and do things their own, and rarely stay kiddy in their years. However, some early teenagers tend to grow up too fast mentally and to the point they are more likely to be involved on drugs, sex, etc. Some may choose to have a kid as soon as 15-17 until most realize they are incapable of doing so due to lack of experience or money (though the stereotype does not apply for all teenagers). It is natural that teenagers want more freedom and independence, and the internet shows more of that - although most teenagers don't go far than that. If you tend to be one of those teenagers, keep it steady, don't be involved in activities that may harm you just to be cool, and just enjoy your life.

12 Tired

A trait that is pretty much understandable, especially during high school years and the pressure of homework. Bonus points if they're working part-time.

13 Moody

This is very true for most, if not all teenagers. We all experienced the blue days at one point.

14 Clumsy

Most teenagers tend to be clumsy as they tend to grow quickly, thus making their body not used to its height as that makes them more vulnerable to accidents.

15 Popular
16 Quirky

It seems like it's common for teenagers to dismiss mainstream stuff for more obscure interests in order to look "hipster" not for genuinely liking those things but for some kind of social superiority.

17 Vulnerable
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