Top Ten Whimsical Joys of Childhood

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1 Riding a Carousel

These gorgeous feats of technological fun boast distinctive styles and personal touches including often hand-painted scenes and horses as well as etched carvings. Since the centrifugal force is tied to the base, this is one circular ride that will usually not cause motion sickness in even the most susceptible sufferer. Lights, motion, and sound simultaneously create charm and whimsy. Oh, the beauty of childhood. Of course, you may still ride these as an adult, which I do every chance I get!

I still ride carousels even though I'm now all grown up. It's fun!

2 Visiting a Butterfly Arboretum/ Watching Caterpillars Hatch, Dancing with Butterflies, and Releasing Them Into the Air

These delicate, graceful creatures are my absolute favorite insect! Few things are as magical or gorgeous as they especially amidst all the greenery and wildflowers."

3 Building a Snowman/Sandman

Every child deserves the opportunity to craft and shape an organic mold. Of course, play dough a.k.a (play-doh) is a frequently a child's initial foray into this endeavor. How much more wondrous it becomes in natural surrounding, though."

4 Capturing Fireflies

"Magical and luminous beacons of wonder that resemble twinkling Christmas lights. Like chasing a rainbow, they elude you endlessly but when you capture one the feeling of elation is unparalleled!"

5 Chasing the Ice Cream Truck

Alas, a bygone era. Occasionally, though not often, you may still hear the magical bell/whimsical songs emanating from these rainbow vehicles laden with mounds of yummy ice cream. A true cornerstone, that more especially, signaled/signals the beginning of summer.

6 Going on Nature Walks

Remember those days: strolling down a dirt path or through tall grass watching the birds overhead, bending down to watch grasshoppers and ants. Listening, observing, breathing in the smell of earth... reconnecting with nature is significant at any age but never more precious or wondrous than in childhood.

7 Picking Wildflowers/Honeysuckle
8 Visiting a Theme Park

Disney himself was a child at heart encapsulating all the wonder, curiosity, and imagination of people; he focused on the possible and his work is a testament to that!

You're never too old for these!

9 Collecting Seashells/Walking Along the Seashore/Playing in the Surf

The vastness of the ocean against the blue of the sky coupled with the squish of sand between your toes. Nothing can ever compare to those first moments when you realize there's a larger world beyond your backdoor. How sweet it is! As the words of the song lament; "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean..."

10 Building a Sandcastle

By the seashore of course! "

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11 Warrior Cats
12 Asking Parents for Things
13 Exploring a Forest
14 Storytime
15 Snack Time
16 Nap Time
17 Going to the Mall
18 Going to the Library
19 Watching Baby Movies with Your Sibling
20 Crying and It Being Cute
21 Watching Cartoons
22 Library Story Time
23 Playing Outside
24 Playing with Bugs
25 Leap Frog Over People
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