Phantom Orion


It's the best stamina by far I know what some people say about Fireblaze spinning longer but they are wrong because Orion can spin over 7 minutes and 30 seconds but Fireblaze can only spin up to 5 minutes and my phantom Orion once spun for 7 minutes 24 seconds and it beats all my other Beyblades except for like twisted Horuseus SW145 EWD but that was really close and this Beyblade beat meteo l Drago and still spun for like a minute but that was only because I trained it to increase defense and if I hadn't it probably only would have against meteo l Drago by like 3 seconds and the secret to Orion's power is in the bd tip with is my best tip except maybe DF145 RSF and once you train the phantom fusion wheel then it has really good defense almost as good as twisted but phantom still has the stamina so once you train it then it is better than twisted. My current best Beyblade it phantom nemesis DF145 RSF. I trained my phantom fusion wheel by making phantom nemesis (or Gil) X D in ultimate ...more

Who the heck voted burn fireblaze up? First of all, phantom Orion can spin for SEVEN minutes. Burn fireblaze can only spin for 4. Second, the phantom fusion wheel has a plastic core and a metal outside for extreme stability. Burn has a metal core. Also, bearing drive is free spinning, and contains bearings for ultimate stamina. The ms tip doesn't. Bearing drive can keep stable and not make the Bey hit he ground. Ms tip will just spin and fall over. I fought my friend's burn fireblaze, and it kept on tipping ovee. Phantom Orion on the other hand, can't.

How is Burn Fireblaze at the top when Phantom beats everything here? Phantom Orion beats almost everything, even Diablo Nemesis! None of the beys listed above beat Phantom Orion. This Bey holds the record for longest spin time and it's only 4th. That's not good enough, this bey deserves 1st without question!

Lets get this strait. Phantom Orion is the #1 stamina bey. Who cares about all this crap about Burn Fireblaze being the best. My Phantom Orion has spun for 5 minutes and 23 seconds! I tested my Phantom Orion against Meteo L-Drago and guess what? After about 1 minute L-Drago started to spin and then BAM Phantom Orion wins! (he wins against Burn Fireblaze to! )

Burn fireblaze doesn't deserve spot 1 the metal spike has the WORST balance of any performance tip besides quake and phantom is heavier then burn and has a lot more stamina vote phantom orion it beats all P.S. its september 15 2012 today and my phantom orion is coming in 2-3 days

I was looking through this list and because this was the best stamina list I was suprised it was 8th, together me and my friend have most of these beyblades including phantom orion. It beat all of the others but out of all our beyblades only basalt horogium beat it! Awesome bey buy it!

Phantom Orion spins for 7-8 minutes. It's the best stamina type. I would say it's performance tip is it's best part. With it you can spin at low speed, but conserve amazing stamina. I have to say it is the number 1 stamina bey with the best record.

The B tip and the Phantom wheel combined makes the ultimate stamina type ever. It can spin up to 7 minutes while others spin for 3-4 minutes. This bey is highly recommended and is able to beat Burn Fireblaze.

Hello you guys all over the world need to bring Beyblade back at first it was very popular and now it's a spec of dust I am not kidding you need to bring it back I'm serious I'm counting on you guys Beyblade so world will not disappear. Bring it back for the world of Beyblade give speeches give Beyblades do whatever is helpful this might be the end of Beyblade this is granger the guy who believes signing out

Phantom orion broke the world record for the longest spinnig bey and it beat my l-drago destroyer, big bang pegasus, diablo nemesis, twisted tempo, fusion hades, hades kerbecks, and scythe kronos. All of them. It actually blew big bang pegasus, diablo nemesis, scythe kronos, and twisted tempo inyo the five pieces that make up a bey. All of them. This is undoubtedly the most powerful bey in the world.

Nice! Phantom Orion should be 1st place. Duh! It can beat all the other Beyblades I've even heard of. Including Basalt Horogium.

While this Beyblade is obviously the best Beyblade it doesn't deserve a higher position. It is perfect where it is. Thou it does do better than burn fireblaze it is great where it is. So if you are going to buy a Beyblade you should get this or scythe kronos.

Its just have to be the best stamina type it spins 7 min with rev up launcher and 5 min with normal launcher it is the best stamina type this bey can beat burn fireblaze!

I have phantom Orion, timed it, and got 6.24 minutes. It can also win against all of my other ones in a battle with no stadium outs, and I have hades kerbecs, diablo nemesis, flame byxis, earth eagle, scythe Kronos, and twisted tempo. He can also beat my friend's burn fire laze.

Why 12th place if it can spin to more than 7 minutes and proven plus its more stable than burn fireblaze to add phantom and b is top tier

I was using my phantom orion against my storm aquario they battled phantom orion then hit storm aquario with 1 hit that second a said phantom orion special move then it did it then I battled against my friend we did a battle his ultimate bey combined with a hell kerbecs against my phantom orion I beat him then he launched I said special move then he beat hell kerbecs then he ripped it 1o times and still lose that's how I became a legendary bey

Seriously, how is burn fireblaze on top of the stamina king, phantom orion. Seriously, go on YouTube and watch Beyblade geeks and it beats so many beys. Even blitz striker. BLITZ STRIKER! You have to get this bey and the special skeleton edition is so awesome! Best stamina bey in the world!

Phantom Orion IS The best stamina bey EVER It spins for 7:32 mins with a Rev-UP Launcher and also changes modes and has B and a PC core that increases weight on the outside creating centrifugal force that powers up his Attack And Defense and is the bey with the best balance EVER thanks to B

One time I just ripped Orion and let it spin. While it was, I watched about 1/8 or so of a movie. I checked it and it was still going. I don't want my dogs ruining my stadium. So I put it away and accidentally stopped Orion, and he was still going strong. Definitely the best stamina Beyblade ever.

Best Beyblade ever can beat any opponent beat everyone above him in place he crushed burn fireblaze when he won he spon for two more minuets

This should be no. 1. Its B has extreme stamina and its metal ball bearings helps it not be affected by any stamina loss, no matter how many hits it takes. Its fusion wheel and energy ring are smooth and uniform, with perfect centrifugal force!

Dude, whoever voted for that stupid burn fireblaze, must be a wimp, I mean seriously, phantom orion can spin for more than 4:37, it can spin for more than 7:32 as you can see on the YouTube channel of Beyblade geeks, hope this bey gets number 1

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Phantom Orion, will own him soon. Seriously though, Burn Fireblaze is good but Phantom whoops it at stamina. A free spinning base tip with one of the best fusion wheels to date makes this bey epic. I think what's wrong with these people is they're still stuck on the generic Hasbro Beyblades. Go Takara Tomy.

My best launch with Orion got it spinning for a full 9 minutes. Chang from 7 minute legend to 9 minute legend. Best stamina in the universe. I went outside after my best launch and came back after awhile and it looked like it was still spinning at top speed. Buy it now peoples.

What the heck... Burn fireblaze? I had one like that. It didn't last for 3 minutes. Even when no one was battling it! But this, phantom orion, this lasts for maximum of 4-5 minutes when something is battling it. 7-8 when it is just standing without anyone/anything hitting it.