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101 Train Heartnet - Black Cat Train Heartnet - Black Cat
102 Death the Kid - Soul Eater Death the Kid - Soul Eater

Who wouldn't love Kid? He's extremely powerful when he really tries... Think of the last few episodes... That soul resonance was astonishing! - SoulDeathTheKidMaka414

Kid is perfection. If your not symmetrical, you are dead. Need I say more?

He shoots guns... With his pinkies! Kiddo is really awesome!

103 Kirito -Sword Art Online Kirito -Sword Art Online Kazuto Kirigaya is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

In real life he's a loser in sword art online he's the biggest anime boss

He is the best swordman. He is the strongest and the only reason for me to watch Sao

With dual blades he is the absolute boss

Kirito kun!

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104 Cronus Ampora - Zerochan
105 Yamcha - Dragon Ball Z Yamcha - Dragon Ball Z Yamcha (ヤムチャ, Yamucha) is a Bandit and a main protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga and in the anime Dragon Ball, and later a supporting protagonist in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, with a few appearances in Dragon Ball GT. He has black hair and has a scar across his eye and cheek.

Yamcha is only weak in DBZ verse, as the other characters are too strong. He's quite strong outside of his verse, as he's able to blow up several moons AT THE LEAST. - Goku02

Yamcha should be top 20 because he can destroy a planet

Yamcha is weak - ikerevievs

What Yamcha. , Np way.

106 Hentai Kamen - Ultimate!! Hentai Kamen
107 Kazuma - Kaze No Stigma
108 Griffith - Berserk Griffith - Berserk
109 Hashirama Senju - Naruto Hashirama Senju - Naruto

Master of the wood style

110 Lord Orochimaru - Naruto
111 Master Jiraiya - Naruto V 1 Comment
112 Tsunade - Naruto Tsunade - Naruto

Obito, Guy and Kakashi can destroy tsunade in minutes

113 Juubi Obito - Naruto

Obito is stronger than Hashirama, so why is he so low on the list

114 Might Guy - Naruto Might Guy - Naruto

He should in the top 15

115 Eucliwood Hellscythe - Is This a Zombie? Eucliwood Hellscythe - Is This a Zombie?

Probably because she is so unknown, but she should be on the top 10 of the list. One word, you're dead. If you're still alive, she can repeatedly kill you. She warps reality. Her power is so dangerous she has to be completely emotionless. Pretty OP to me. In reality, their are a few others that are low on this list that deserve to be higher, such as Alucard or Light Yagami.

Guess what those who are voting on the top don't even know true powerful characters..

I guess people don't know her else its hilarious that she's that low.

I mean all she has to do is say.. Just say die and the opposition is dead..

She can literally kill saitama in microsecond, can kill anyone belongs to dbz universe in seconds.. Can alter time, can alter reality and she can also revive anyone from dead all she has to do is say or to write the word..

There are characters like haruka kimigoni and Haruhi suzumiya who can do feats which are ridiculous but are less known hence not up in the list..

Just rename it to most popular character from most powerful one..

She can't speak because of her power. and shes rank 74? What the hell?

Only one word, then she can rule the world

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116 Teresa of the Faint Smile - Claymore
117 Vash the Stampede - Trigun Vash the Stampede - Trigun Vash the Stampede, also simply referred as Vash, is the main protagonist and the titular character of Trigun, an anime and manga series created by Yasuhiro Nightow.

The $$60 billion man! Known as the humanoid typhoon! Can kickstart an alien ecosystem or destroy an entire city with a single gunshot.

He's not #1 but a very strong contender nonetheless. Besides... Strength of inner character, integrity, and a foundation of rock to build on counts for SOMEthing.

Plus its such a loaded question. Anime cartoons do not live in a Marvel world. We could debate all day and get nowhere. Vash might be unbeatable aagainst every "normal" anime character, but no matter how strong he is, a character like Goku would wipe the floor with the dude every time.

118 Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail . Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her friends' calls that they want more.

Erza is very strong and powerful! I don't think she can beat Naruto but she can definitely give him a challenge. She should be higher.

Notice how most of the characters here are guys... VOTE 4 ERZA! GIRL POWER

Erza is a lot stronger shes suppose to be in top 10

Ok so she's number one for Strongest Female characters but she's ranked 126 on this list?

Let me calm down a bit...

*chucks computer out of window* - Cwawissa

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119 Hiko Seijuro XIII - Rurouni Kenshin Hiko Seijuro XIII - Rurouni Kenshin
120 Pikachu - Pokemon Pikachu - Pokemon Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

If killua had pikachu they would be a sick team pikachu could give him electricity when ever he needed Godspeed

He is just cute

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