Galaxy Pegasis


It can beat my Hell Kerbecs with one shot! When my Hell Kerbecs landed it was damaged into parts. It can beat also my Storm Capricon cause, Capricon sucks remember? It beats my Earth Eagle in 2 shots, my Earth Eagle came flying off the stadium. Mine also beat the Meteo L-Drago by hitting it rapidly that it just exploded. It destroyed my Diablo Nemesis with a hit. Destroyed my Big Bang Pegasus and the Big Bang Pegasus was destroyed. Destroyed also my Rock Leone in less than 5 seconds. Destroyed my BFF's Jade Jupiter but it was kind of tricky, but whatever. Also destroyed my BFF's Poison Serpent and he was really mad. My Worst Enemy, Joshua, challenged me to a battle, I used my Galaxy Pegasus against 3 beys. The Phantom Orion, The Lightning L-Drago, and the Rock Leone, mine went rushing to the Rock Leone, it did no harm to me, I destroyed the Rock Leone so fast, then the Phantom Orion, came spinning to me and I got hit but the Phantom Orion went flying around the stadium that Joshua got ...more

VOTE MORE! GALAXY PEGASIS! Galaxy Pegasis beats 12 Beyblade in one heck of a game, so that's why you must get this! GALAXY PEGASIS VS HADES KERBECS, easy winner: Galaxy Pegasis. GALAXY PEGASIS VS METEO L-DRAGO, seriously? Easy winner:Galaxy Pegasis. GALAXY PEGASIS VS DIABLO NEMESIS, so take on with an easy result:GALAXY PEGASIS RULES! RULES! RULES! GALAXY PEGASIS VS EVERY BEYBLADE! The Ultimate
Challenge, but, it's, definitely POSSIBLE! If it's a 3 on 17 battle, it will be much easy if you use:GALAXY PEGASIS, HADES KERBECS, AND BASALT HORIGIUM! So keep the votes up and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

I have galaxy Pegasus and I defeated a defense tip please vote for galaxy Pegasus. I blasted poison serpent and I split the middle in half so if you buy it you will defeat probably anyone because the stamina isn't that well. If you train it hard the attack will be unstoppable trust and believe that happened to me.

Galaxy pegasis is really strong because I beat basalt horogium I got him right here so powerful so fast awesome my brother but a bey together when he watched a video well he's 7 and I'm 9 well lets get back to the point its called how to make the strongest beyblade he built it we battled I won so he is the strongest beyblade hades kerbecs will never win you need it it broke one of my beys I couldn't fix it so dark wolf his weak against him yes dark wolf is the I couldn't fix hades kerbes lost his tip and face bolt meteo l-drag I have him he lost his energy ring diablo nemesis lost all of his parts but I found all there parts and put them back on them he will destroy you all so get him now until they don't have him

This bey is crazy I beat every one of my beys, and I am a 11 year old and spoiled. I have every bey 2x Even the 4d System ones. I am surprised by it's remarkable power. It is fast too, and to all you haters saying this bey sucks and ray striker could beat it. You and me are gonna have a long talk on xbox live bros.
I have a total of 515 beys ( plastics included)

It has a rubber tip which gives it lots of attack power. GALAXY PEGASIS ROCKS. I have it and it always beats my brothers ray striker and my brother launch is way stronger than mine. It's fast and amazing and the BEST BEY IN THE WORLD. That's what I think. If you like it thumbs up for galaxy pegasis

So strong, why is it on the worst Beyblade list? THEY ARE CRAZY, AND I MEAN IT! It pwned burn fireblaze, earth virgo, thermal lacerta, and lightning L drago! No kidding!

I love Galaxy pegasis I broke almost all of my bablades and L drago flame sagittario burnfireblaze earth virgo and that's all my it is the best so you guys with anyone with earth virgo or anything else you suck and I will destroy you any day any where any place sucker you suck so don't let it rip punk

You know the comments that the guys below said,
They rock because galaxy pegasis can break storm pegasis
If it hits storm pegasis in its facebolt!
Please vote! Please!

It is so amazing! I got it the other day and it is totally an ass kicker. Its rotation makes him fast and powerful and hard to dodge. Its like a tornado! It can kick the asses of rock leone, hell kerbecks, gravity destroyer, earth eagle, and many more you have to get it, it's amazing and extravagant.

Galaxy pegasus is the best Beyblade in the world. He has bad stamina everybody says. But he is an attack, the best attack, and they not meant to have much stamina. I and my friends played an 8 way battle. I used my galaxy pegasus and won!

I love Galaxy Pegasis and I will buy it. Galaxy Pegasis speed is amazing it is the best attack type. And I think it can knock out Basalt Horogium.

I think that Stormn Capricorn is the best bey... And if you disagree with me, you must be a hater. Ever since Storm Capricorn was released around the world, in a bout a week it sold 1,000,000,000,000,000 copies. (I was the one who bought about 7/8 of that amount) The highest ever sold bey. The thing is you guys are just mad that Capricorn is so OP. You could even call it the "God" of Beyblades. And all those videos you find on the net showing you Beyblade battles with capricorn losing are all fake. Haters just make that up. It really brings a tear to my eye when the best Beyblade isn't shown what it deserves.

Well I'm getting Galaxy Pegasus in the mail very soon and I can't wait! Cause I have a feeling that he will always win! (he's awesome in the show)

I have 10 bey that is diablo nemesis l drago destroyer fang leon and rock leon gravity destroyer poison serpent ray striker eagle and finally... HELL KEBECKS AND BEFALL AND ALL TEN BEYS LOST TO GALAXY PEGASIS

It is the best attack type in the world. It can take out any bey out of the arena. My friends also want that bey. I always say its the best attack type in the world

At first I was teaching my little brother he chose dark wolf and I chose galaxy pegasis my brother said one of its strongest move I dodged it and said mine star booster attack I blasted it my big brother came to take revenge I blasted him also I have blasted every single Beyblade you have gotta believe me.

Galaxy Pegasus is the best attack type and could knock a defense type out of the arena easily no problem.

galaxy pegasus is the strongest beyblade in the world

Best Beyblade ever I bought this and I Broke Ray striker, Burn fireblaze and even storm pegasus and this is why gravity pegasus is the best

I think that Galaxy Pegasus is 1st because he can literly defeat every Beyblade in the WORLD (well at least I think in the T.V. show cause I don't know about in real life) but yeah he is and deserves #1. :) (BUY HIM) - GingkaHagane3746

This Beyblades attack is better than other attack people also it has remote control way and its also look beiutiful but remote control is still better and it could dizzy people so the best thing about this is the same power of storm but more power and awesome power control.

Galaxy pegasus is awesome it defeat my rock leone, storm pegasus, it is the best Beyblade in the world

Way better than the bay in first place. Please vote this bey because it can knock down other bays

Gp can blast all beys out of the arena. It broke my diablo nemesis to pieces. Nothing can beat gp