Jellal Fernandes

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Jellal Fernandes is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet. When he lost his own memory, he was a Dark Mage who desperately sought to revive Zeref via the R-System. Jellal served as the main antagonist of the Tower of Heaven arc and is currently a member and co-founder of Crime Sorcière.


I think jellal is really strong and we shouldn t underestimate him because we don't know his true is said that he became a wizard saint only using half of his power. Si I think he is really strong

Let's not forget that he was the youngest of the Wizard Saints, que pretended he had a twin brother to BE wizard saint while he was busy building one of the most powerful magic weapons in the whole world, survived six years in prison and then built a guilt to correct his mistakes. This guy's awesome

Jellal is stronger than Erza and Gray, probably Mirajane and Laxus. He's one of the 10 wizard saints, it may be in the past, but gaining that title isn't easy. Jellal was defeated by Natsu? That's because Natsu chew on the Lacrima (blue rock), supplying him with more energy. And Erza defending him from Jellal's attack, but Simon came in the way. Otherwise, Natsu would be dead by now. Jellal vs Jura in Grand Magic Games? Ultear distraction affected him. Apologize for saying much, but we aren't playing favourites here. And I disagree why I should be seeing Jellal in rank 11.

Considering beating the seis Jura an nearly Natsu, infiltrating the magic council, being able to fight blind... Etc putting him up on the list is a good idea, if you wrote down moves and spells on paper technically he could beat nearly anyone

He's more powerful than you think...

Jellal is an extremely strong wizaed capable of using heavenly body magic.

He's not a Fairy Tail member and has no plot armor, yet he's still more than capable of keeping up with the protagonists. Jellal is the only good guy that is not from Fairy Tail but is still one of the most powerful mages ever. - Goku02

Jellal was ranked as one of the great ten wizard saints and a magic council member as a thought projection (which assuming puts him at half power and draining his power constantly) He is adept at various magics including Celestial body magic, Fire magic, (flames of rebuke) Darkness magic, Abyss Break, Bind snake, The Self destruction spell, Telekinesis, Telepathy and 'Borrowed' Mystogans magic and used it adeptly.

I believe that jellal should be higher then natsu because 1. Natsu beat him by eating something that enhances his magic 2. Jellal is awesome and should be dating Erza and lastly heavenly body Is way more powerful than the people before him

Geez, jellal much-much stronger than Lucy.. Juvia and Zeref too, I don't believe it.. They even not in on top 10 list... Unbelievable, that lucy is in 10th place

I think people are forgetting the fact that Jellal used to be a wizard saint SEVEN YEARS AGO with ONLY HALF OF HIS POWER. Well think about seven years later he certainly must have gotten a lot stronger since then. Also he managed to beat 4 of the oracion seis on his own so that should mean something. Jellal should at least be 6th place is what I think :3

He is very powerful, intelligent and talented. He's also the most diverse character on the show. - Goku02

Jellal didn't even know any magic till he was 11, and he got to be a wizard saint with half of his power at the age of 16. This guy is the youngest saint ever, and he can also cast the forbidden Abyss Break, thus requires mastery over both 4 elements: fire, water, wind and earth. Come on everyone, he's a prodigy! Brain considered him as a genius with great intelligence, as he could master the Destruction Spell after being taught only once. If it wasn't for Etherion and Jellal's previous injures in his fight with Erza, Natsu'll be annihilated by Jellal. I just wish he'd continued to train instead of going around busting dark guilds, but it seems like he's stopped traing ever since Tower of Heaven arc (8 years)... Hope that he won't follow the path of Gohan ( Dragon Ball Z) ( I mean... he was the strongest in the world, surpassing even his badass father at the age of 9, stop training for 7 years, return as a school nerd, get his hidden power unlocked, beocme the strongest yet again, and ...more

He knows almost all types of magic

An absolute GOD! Really is the strongest and has the magic to defeat anyone in FIORE, he can even take on ZEREF to be honest, why because his magic deflects anything, his such a beast

He's an ex-wizard saint, he must be strong right and and he's good looking :) haha

He should be number three on this list, right below Zeref and Mavis. Jellal is shown to be incredibly strong multiple times and uses a wide range of magic (unlike Natsu and Laxus who are somehow above him on this list) which are all extremely powerful as well. He was one of the Ten Wizard Saints as Siegrain and I'm pretty sure he's the only one who's actually killed someone. He also held up much better against the Oracion Seis than the other characters, even after being drained of some energy. Jellal should easily take number three on this list.

Jellal is by far the most powerful wizard as far as potential goes. He can preform all types of magic, including heavenly body! He is completely op.

He is, hands down, the strongest character. No argument about that. Intact, he should be no. 1! "

Jellal is the best. Without Ultear's interference in the Grand Magic Games, He would have WON! Jellal is strong!

Jellal OP why he no higher than erza? #

Jellal Fernandes is an unbelievably powerful mage despite such short screen time, his amazing hevenly body magic has stood out in front off many other main characters. He was badass as an antagonist wished he was given his due importance and not used as a punching bag.

He is so cool! He is very powerful and villainous!

His attacks are devastating, his intelligence is over the top, his durability is outstanding. This is one guy you don't want to fight.

Jellal was a Wizard Saint and has many powerful spells.