Natsu Dragneel

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Natsu Dragneel is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.Natsu is carefree and reckless in nature, and, despite his consistent brawls with the other members of Fairy Tail, he is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. He is willing to go down fighting for his friends, regardless of how futile it might seem. more.


He defeated sting and rogue at the same time - rajni

Natsu is an amazing character. In my personal opinion, Natsu is the strongest character but not just physically; also emotionally and mentally. Natsu's dedication to his friends and guild is quite amazing, and he is strongest when he's angry. Natsu has been through so much in his past and present that it's made him stronger. The blunt, honest truth is that many people would sink into depression if they went through what Natsu has but he has the strength to have hope for a brighter and better future. So technically, he is the strongest character; it doesn't matter if it is only mentally and emotionally because that's more than some people can handle.

Gildarts can still be considered stronger than Natsu (by the time I watch Fairy Tale 2014 62 episode) But Elsa doesn't come near Natsu in power matter at the series start yes I would agree. But now she's just more like a show off who doesn't understand that if Natsu would consider her an enemy she would surely be defeated.

To put it simply the usual anime comedy act when somebody weaker than protagonist thinks that he is all powerful(Every Anime has one person who can kick main heroes arse and won't receive a return punch)

Actually Natsu Dragneel should be Number 1 in this Because the natsu you saw in Fairy Tail is just a REINCARNATION of Zeref The Dark Wizard. Plus the real Natsu Dragneel is The brother of Zeref. It may sounds weird but Zeref's surname is Dragneel. Natsu is the leader guild master of TARTAROS the most powerful dark guild in HISTORY! Natsu's Fire Dragon Slayer is better than any type of Slayer magic. Even Gray has a hard time fighting him or any character in Fairy Tail.


He's not the most powerful in Fairy Tail but Erza admitted in Tower of Heaven Arc that she believes that Natsu will be the one who will surpass her. His courage, determination, daring, bravery and conviction leads him to become more powerful than people may expect when he fights for his friends and his guild. Yeah, so he's not the strongest YET but he's certainly powerful and has a lot of potential to be the most powerful Dragon Slayer.

I think Natsu is one of the strongest. As Zeref states that Natsu is one of the only ones that can beat him, but is at an early stage and hasnt reached his full potential. I think when Natsu gets angry or becomes serious he becomes really powerful, but when he is not he's not as strong. If Natsu was fully focused and was not clueless, he would be almighty powerful.

Well Natsu has proved to be strong enough to beat all of his enemies including Jelal who is one of the strongest character on the entire show and who is Zeref to stop this dragon slayer. I'm sorry but Natsu is the strongest character on this show and will always be someday he will be one of the 10 wizard saints and you know what he will be the most strongest of them

Natsu is actually STRONGER than erza if both of them get serious. At first erza was stronger than natsu but over all the episodes natsu has gotten much stronger. If natsu wasn't so scared of her he would knock her ass out

I belive that Natsu Dragneel is the strongest male character, just you wait till his power has unlock, he will definitely be the strongest and he will surpass zeref, cauz' he has something inside of him not just his sleeping power but he has the flames of emotions which helps him to become stronger. - titania

Natsu is the greatest. Each episodes he proves himself to be stronger and stronger. Although every character is amazing and has their strengths, Natsu proves himself to be the strongest in many ways.

Even through he is not the strongest in fairy tail but he is still very strong. He even beat master zero and like master zero is crazy so he is really strong compare to some people in fairy tail but I can't believe that he beat the twins dragon slayers. To him it was like nothing but and ant. he is really amazing. Plus Natsu helped Erza to beat Jellal!

Natsu might not be the strongest wizard in Fairy Tail but he is the one who saves everyone when in trouble. In addition, Natsu is the only wizard who will be finishing off Zeref, as Zeref believes he is the only wizard able to save the world.

If he might not be the strongest wizard... then how come that he will be the one to defeat zeref who is the most strongest wizard

He is good with his Fire Magic, and, he can consume fire, like other Dragon Slayers. Consuming the fire also "revved him up", in many situations. He is also rather smart with his battle strategies.
Natsu is a loyal friend which will fight for Fairy Tail. His loyalty gives him some weaknesses, but mainly gives him strengths:fighting for the people he loves gives him more power. In the Phantom Lord arc, he was terribly injured by fighting Gajeel but when he saw his beloved guild being destroyed he was encouraged more and believed he had to fight for it.
Erza also said in the anime Phantom Lord arc that she believes Natsu would be the one to surpass her. Erza is a very formidable warrior with Requip so Natsu must also be powerful.

He is so awesome, even to make him stronger is that he eats fire and his dragonslayer moves are so strong. He is a true dragonslayer. Hope he can keep on being the strongest till the end!

He is a salamander I love because when he is eating enemy's fire his face is very cute. When he is smile he show us to know that he is a good guy, a good fighter. He is scare erza when natsu and Gray noisy. But if erza come in she will made them nervous a lot because he is scare that she will kill him. Natsu and Gray alway have a fight but everybody know that they are bestfriend I love natsu

Natsu is just awesome. Remember how he beat down those twin dragons he looked so awesome and powerful

He is the Demon Lord! He is a dragon slayer taught by the fire dragon king! Beat god slayers and most of the other dragon slayers he met. Though I only recently started watching the anime - being only at the second season and I have read none of the mangas - so I do have a high chance - a very high chance - of being wrong. so it's basically called routing for you favourite but he has very high chance. He even beat wind mages at an early stage! I'm most likely wrong but if you think of it he is extremely strong and I believe in his power. He stood up where others couldn't. Its just what I believe. Doesn't make me right but it is what I believe.

He is awesome, powerful, brave, stronger, a loved boy and protecting his friends from evil or anything that is bad he will be always ready to fight them

He's strong because he's a protagonist. He defeated Zero all by himself, people say, but it was just him fighting with Jellal's power he's lending. He's stronger than Jellal and defeated him, because Jellal 's been injured from his fight with Erza and not being serious, since he wasn't even bothered to use Sema. He can defeat Zeref, but with his foster father, a dragon's power, not him. Really, guys? This guy is the most sucked protagonist ever, given the fact that Fairy Tail's logic is the worst in all manga/anime

Natsu is a total MONSTER, that's why I idolize him all the way! He's great. And also kind-hearted, sometimes. And he loves to deteriorate things! That's awesome.

Natsu Dragneel possesses great magic! Upon hearing in Edolas arc that the dragon slayers are the most powerful magic possessed. he may not be able to find his true potential YET! But he has courage, determination, skills, light hearted, high spirited, confident and mature even like a stupid man, he really is spectacular, I'm sure he surpassed Erza from the times he always save erza even deep down she can't beat, he is a very powerful wizard often knowing he beat hades by his new mode! He possesses a great magic that no one can do! Even Zeref said that natsu will beat him and he had faith in it but natsu is not yet in full force, but there's one way qualities of natsu dragneel empowers everyone. even jellal laxus and all the members of the guild are shock on his impossible appearance at his performance at the guild.

Natsu is a character that not only makes you love him more and more with every single episode... He is a chareacter that touches our hearts. Brave, strong, kind and loved boy who is always ready to die for those he loves. A Boy who knows how to fight... And never surrenders.

Honestly I'm not done with the series one so I don't know any other stronger opponents natsu will fight but he is really strong and every moment he's down or there's a new opponent I'm just waiting for him just to straight up suck punch em lol

Zeref mentions that it is Natsu, the only one who can defeat him. And most of you think Zeref is the strongest, if one over powers the strongest he becomes the strongest. Thus, Natsu is the strongest. IT's easy as that

Natsu is really cool I mean he can eat any fire and it can get him fired up he always protects his friends no matter how dangerous like when he saved Erza from sacrificing herself Natsu should b number 1