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Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


People need to seriously OPEN THEIR EYES. Itachi is not the strongest and never will, people who say Itachi can beat Madara are nothing but Itachi fans. Hell, Itachi isn't even the second strongest Uchiha because Izuna can easily kill him without any trouble. They should change the list to "Top Ten Best Uchiha" then maybe Itachi could be Number 1. But dude, he is NOT the strongest Uchiha. Madara can easily kill him no contest. Even young Madara can easily kill a healthy Itachi.

Itachi, healthy or not, can never beat Madara. If Itachi's more powerful than Madara, he would've been Kabuto's trump card, but it was Madara, not Itachi. Itachi is strong, but Madara is much much stronger. Itachi cannot fight on even terms with Hashirama, Madara is the only human who can fight evenly with Hashirama.

I bet the people who voted for Itachi are all Itachi fans. Seriously, they can't accept the fact that Itachi is not the strongest. Itachi can easily lose to Madara and Itachi is smart enough not to fight Madara because he knows he cannot beat Madara even at full power. Itachi fans are ALL unrealistic.

Itachi is a prodigy among prodigies, no one could defeat him in battle because he is a true genius and has great visual prowess. The only thing that slowed was that unknown illness.

If Itachi wasnt ill and lived enough to progress a couple of years, he would become a Rinnegan possessor, pretty much would be chosen by the six path over Sasuke because he always have been the strongest of the two brothers and toast Madara away like garbage, poor guy died before he gets the chance to prove himself..

Itachi is the strongest of all because kishimoto said he could easily defeat madara and reanimated madara had rinnegan and could use hashirama's wood style so it proves itachi is the strongest uchiha and also the strongest ninja in naruto.

Masashi Kishimoto himself staed that Itachi was stronger than Obito who was said to be Madara and Black Zetsu stated he was already invincible because of his Totsuka sword that could one shot and Yamata Mirror which could protect him from any attack, making him ridiculously invincible. Madara is OP as well but his Rinnegan needed Hashirama's cells and also his brother's eyes to awaken his EMS, which has nothing to do with natural talent. Sasuke even needed Itachi's eyes to become stronger. Obito doesn't even mess with Itachi because he knows that Itachi knew how to mess Obito up. The third Hokage even praised him because of his knowledge and skills that were Hokage level.

He's not my favorite, but he is the best in the entire Naruto series

Bahaha seriously? I mean are you kidding me? Many of the madara and sasuke fans thinks that Itachi isn't the stronges... Well let me tell you one thing...just think over it...this only will explain who is strongest uchiha...
Itachi...He was a kid who never desired power...never wanted any...he just wanted peace...he was never interested in power and sharingan...All he used to do was manage to survive just to die at the feet of his beloved brother Sasuke ofc...He just never wanted to be strong...just get a grip...Itachi... A kid who became Jounin at 7 activated sharingan at 8 became chief of anbu black ops at 13...and never took some special training..did u ever heard some great achievements of Madara when he was kid? Or sasuke? Well now when we take a look at madara and sasuke we see that sasuke always desired more power and went for help to orochimaru... It was orochimaru due to which sasuke gained that much power..and madara...he also was an uchiha who always wanted more ...more

Kishimoto said itachi can easily defeat madara with rinnegan and hashirama's cells this means that using his full strength he can defeat sage of six paths madara so he is the strongest uchiha and also the strongest ninja in naruto

When black zetsu declared him invincible its got clear who is the strongest

Sasuke can kill madara so that proves madara belongs in 3rd because itachi can kill sasuke that is why I think itachi is the best in Naruto and best uchiha if it wasn't for the ten tails madara wouldn't be the strongest itachi is just natural talent

Only person who could match itachi visual prowess was shisui, not even madara can defeat itachi.

The most Strongest uchiha ever could be born

Actually itachi is the best uchiha his izuna can not kill itachi

Itachi is the strongest of all Naruto Characters in my opinion.

Legit itachi is a beast, even madara and obito feared him lmfao.

He can use almost all special uchiha only jutsu

Bros sasuke didn't kill him he losen because sasuke was his small brother even when he was reanimated he put his job first rather than slacking he sacrificed his life to save shinobi world

Masashi Kishimoto stated once that Itachi could easily beat Madara and that's why he needed to kill him so the story would go on since he would defeat EMS Madara (obviously not Six Path Madara since those are not his natural powers and its unfair) he deserves 1 if it was for natural power and I would vote Shisui as 2nd since he could cast Kotoamatsukami and could defeat Madara too.

1 simply because he let sasuke win

The creator said Itachi was the strongest and the fact that at age maybe 14-16 he defeated kakashi with a glance. Obito himself wouldn't fight against Itachi so he left Sauske to do it.

Itachi is the strongest character in naruto.

Itachi let sasuke win he could have easily killled him any day of the week likasumbooty

Can u read itachi is the best he was holding back against sasuke and had an illness the CREATOR OF NARUTO said he could beat madara with good health