Top Ten Stupidest Things People Give Out for Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow. That's why I'm making a list of things people bring out that is unacceptable. So lets get started
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1 Floss

Fairy Floss is delicious but Dental Floss is terrible to give for Halloween.

Used flosses are much, much worse. I got that when I was a kid by an old lady.

Does that count as the dance move

I can get this at my dentist

2 Apples

Toffee Apples are okay but plain apples are gross and stupid we can just buy them in shops

Though, bobbing for apples is a fun game...

I would like an apple

No one wants apples

3 Religious Pamphlets

This is basically tricking children to do fun activities to spread religion once you think of it.

That's in bad taste to give out pamphlets on Halloween.

This old lady gave me a Christian Pamphlet,didn't give me any candy, and shut the door in my face. I later felt bad cus I didn't want it.

That's bad because people have different religions

4 Flowers

Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I like flowers... Idiots

Wait why would any one even think this was a good Idea

I'd only be very happy if I was given Lavender flowers.

I would love a beautiful flower.

5 Pencils

"You know, you probably have a hundred pencils at home, but this is SPECIAL! It glows!" The loser said as she gave me a pencil with a flashlight.

Pencils remind me of school. I hate school. I don't want to be reminded of school while I am trick-or-treating on Halloween night

Perfect forthose who go to school or needed one.

I have about 1,000,000 pencils so they gave me two more and I was like "oh great, two more pencils to get lost and never use them ever"

6 Sour Candy

I'm sorry but I don't think it will be that good. I mean your lips will be sour making it hard to talk and eat other candys.

I like sour candy! At least it's better than giving apples for Halloween

I like it! At least u can trade it for something sweet with a friend!

Sour candy is the only type of candy I like!

7 Pennies

Pennies? Really? You people make me sick. And everyone else.

Pennies aren't candy. But they are extremely rare

What? Pennies aren't rare!

8 A Song

This one is very stupid. I mean a song? Come on people!

Unless it's an ac/dc album like hell's bells.

I don't want to listen to songs on HALOWEEN

9 Toothbrush

I don't brush my teeth I don't need them

It's Halloween not Opposite day

GAH! We want something that rots teeth not clean them!

we know we are going to have cavity's after we eat candy

10 Advertisements

Who would want an advertisement?

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11 Paper Clips

we don't need school supplies

12 To Pet a Dog

That's not something I bring home to my house. Its something when the dog will bite me and steal all my candy.

Excuse me guys as I throw up due to stupidness over people giving out stupid things to kids. * Barfs*

13 Empty Plastic Bags

They have no-where to put their rubbish so they give them to you on Halloween night instead

Who would give this

14 AOL CDs
15 Cigarette Candy

Bruh its nasty

16 Cards to Parents

that's just stupid

17 Tootsie Rolls

I would throw this through someone's window if they gave this to me

I am going to barf

My mom almost choked on one :(

18 Smarties Smarties are a colour-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionery. They have been manufactured since 1937.

They taste gross, but they are still candy unlike some of the things on this list

Eww. There so overrated and disgusting! Tell me, how do you enjoy them?!?!

*looks at title*
Me: WHAT? Who would hate pure chocola-
*sees pic*
Me: Oh... Rockets...
(And That was me being a lonely Canadian have a nice day))

19 Vegetables

This is Halloween, not a healthy nightmare

20 Small Cheap Toys
21 Granola Bars
22 Kisses
23 Dehydrated Army Food

Why, at least give out Mac n cheese shapes!

24 Key Chains

Oh Come on! Now key chains? I will kill who ever bring people these gifts from this list with a knife! Well that's it and Happy halloween.

25 Stickers
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