Top Ten Stupidest Things People Give Out for Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow. That's why I'm making a list of things people bring out that is unacceptable. So lets get started

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21 Stickers

Hey! I like stickers!

22 Tootsie Rolls

What's bad about tootsie rolls?

I would throw this through someone's window if they gave this to me

I like tootsie rolls

My mom almost choked on one :(

23 Smarties Smarties Smarties are a colour-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionery. They have been manufactured since 1937.

Hey! Smarties are good! I could eat them all day! - MinunLink7

What's so bad about smarties?

They taste gross, but they are still candy unlike some of the things on this list

Eww. There so overrated and disgusting! Tell me, how do you enjoy them?!?!

24 Vegetables

I wish we got vegetables for Halloween, not poisonous candy...

This is Halloween, not a healthy nightmare

25 Raisins

" I want you to go find 20 kids in the neighborhood that would eat these."
(comes back 3 hours later)
"Here, they would eat them"
"that's because they're dogs"
"Woof, Woof" ( Translation: When do I get paid)
" Gee Whiz I just want you to eat healthy "
Laugh out loud

Better than apples but still prettybad

26 Small Cheap Toys

These are cute. Whats wrong with these?

27 Empty Plastic Bags

They have no-where to put their rubbish so they give them to you on Halloween night instead

Who would give this

28 100% Juice Boxes

My grandmother gives these out on Halloween. I find this really stupid. the juice doesn't even taste any good!

I hate juice boxes. They're too warm and sweet they taste so sweet I want to throw up.

Once I drank one of these and 20 seconds later I puked

29 Granola Bars
30 Twizzlers
31 Advertisement for their ballet recital
32 Old History Books
33 Bras

I would say ''I don't have big boobs I don't need these'''

34 Rice Cakes
35 Prunes
36 Dustpans
37 Water
38 Kisses
39 Punch In the Face
40 Cigarette Candy
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