Top 10 Stupidest Things that You Will Almost Always Hear Nintendo Haters Say About the Company


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1 "Bad graphics"
2 "Nintendo is for the kiddies LOLzorz"

This is a horrendously narrow view of what makes a good video game. Nintendo games are designed for everybody to enjoy, and even many adults play them thanks to their beautiful gameplay, well thought-out level designs, great characters, the list goes on. Violence, blood and boobs are not everything! - Entranced98

Exactly. Nintendo is not just for kids. Nintendo can be for all-ages as much as Sony or Microsoft or whatever other console/company in gaming.

3 "Better console hardware = better games"
4 "Stupid Nintendo fanboys always like to arrogantly treat every other gaming company on Earth as being automatically inferior to Nintendo"

This is actually true though - xandermartin98

5 "Literally the only reason people think the Mario and Zelda games are good is because they have the iconic Mario and Zelda labels on them"
6 "They have literally no third-party support"
7 "WAAAH, Breath of the Wild doesn't graphically work quite as good as Horizon: Zero Dawn or Witcher Three"
8 "Super Smash Bros sucks because it's not a conventional fighting game like Mortal Kombat or God of War"
9 "Undertale isn't quite as good as Earthbound and Mother 3 put together, so it sucks"
10 "Metroid Prime is a ripoff of Halo"

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11 "No Halo! No COD! No Service!"

1.halo is a Microsoft property
2. Those 2 games are rated M or at least Call of Duty - Tyoshi

12 "Why would I ever play a video game without guns or graphic violence in it?"

No one ever says that. The person who added it must be really mad a consoles and pc players. Plus this is pretty over exaggerated.

13 "Nintendo is gay and autistic, and its games are for likewise people"
14 "Why would I ever play a video game without online multiplayer?"
15 "It's their fault we have all these stupid crappy indie games now"

Well it's there fault Call of Duty and halo exsist - Tyoshi

16 "Nintendo Wee-Wee"
17 "Mario sucks; all you do in it is jump around and hit blocks, I can do that at home"

I dare you too eat a flower then shoot fireballs - Tyoshi

18 "Breath of the Wild is just your average generic open-world game with the Zelda skin slapped onto it and is a blatant ripoff of Elder Scrolls"
19 "Super Mario Maker is bad because it's a ripoff of Little Big Planet"
20 "Other companies NEVER punish their fans for trying to make sweet and innocent fangames"
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