Top 10 Stupidest Things that You Will Almost Always Hear Nintendo Haters Say About the Company


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1 "Bad graphics"

Super smash bros brawl and super smash bros 4 will SILENCE those people.

2 "Nintendo is for the kiddies LOLzorz"

This is a horrendously narrow view of what makes a good video game. Nintendo games are designed for everybody to enjoy, and even many adults play them thanks to their beautiful gameplay, well thought-out level designs, great characters, the list goes on. Violence, blood and boobs are not everything! - Entranced98

Exactly. Nintendo is not just for kids. Nintendo can be for all-ages as much as Sony or Microsoft or whatever other console/company in gaming.

If only they know about some Pokédex entries.
Same goes for Zero (Kirby)

3 "Better console hardware = better games"
4 "Stupid Nintendo fanboys always like to arrogantly treat every other gaming company on Earth as being automatically inferior to Nintendo"

This is actually true though - xandermartin98

5 "Literally the only reason people think the Mario and Zelda games are good is because they have the iconic Mario and Zelda labels on them"
6 "They have literally no third-party support"

*cough Gamecube*
*cough* N64
*cough Wii
*cough* NES
*cough SNES*
*cough* wii u
*cough* switch - hugh201

7 "WAAAH, Breath of the Wild doesn't graphically work quite as good as Horizon: Zero Dawn or Witcher Three"

Ever heard of a art style - hugh201

8 "Super Smash Bros sucks because it's not a conventional fighting game like Mortal Kombat or God of War"
9 "Undertale isn't quite as good as Earthbound and Mother 3 put together, so it sucks"
10 "Metroid Prime is a ripoff of Halo"

Aw they don't know that Metroid came first. - hugh201

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11 "Super Mario Maker is bad because it's a ripoff of Little Big Planet"

I love both Mario Maker and LBP.

I mean, it does literally have LBP's Play Create Share formula printed onto the back of its box, but the similarities don't really extend very far beyond that (that, and LBP2 really can be a LOT more fun than SMM if you're good enough with its level editor) - xandermartin98

No it started as a tool to makeM ario games. - hugh201

Thoose idiots! Mario was creaated first! you just want to make sony look goog! dance for us you losers!

12 "No Halo! No COD! No Service!"

Call of Duty was on the wii. - hugh201

1.halo is a Microsoft property
2. Those 2 games are rated M or at least Call of Duty - Tyoshi

13 "Why would I ever play a video game without guns or graphic violence in it?"

I think that is SMK in a nutshell - hugh201

No one ever says that. The person who added it must be really mad a consoles and pc players. Plus this is pretty over exaggerated.

14 "Other companies NEVER punish their fans for trying to make sweet and innocent fangames"
15 "I'm too old for Nintendo"
16 "Nintendo is gay and autistic, and its games are for likewise people"

Okay that is what SMK would say - hugh201

17 "Why would I ever play a video game without online multiplayer?"
18 "It's their fault we have all these stupid crappy indie games now"

Well it's there fault Call of Duty and halo exsist - Tyoshi

19 "Nintendo Wee-Wee"
20 "Mario sucks; all you do in it is jump around and hit blocks, I can do that at home"

I dare you too eat a flower then shoot fireballs - Tyoshi

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