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1 Mario Does Drugs

Right, four things. One, it's player choice. The only mandatory power ups ( like the bee, boo and rock mushrooms from the Galaxy games) can't be drugs, making it, at least somewhat, player choice. Two, none of the power ups can be drugs. A normal drug will alter perception and mind and make you feel powerful and/or in some way altered, while power ups are clearly working for real. Three, it's not just Mario. A lot of theories say Mario does things, when everyone else is doing the same thing. Luigi eats them, Peach eats them, Toad eats them and even Bowser does on occasions. And four, why would a drug be the symbol of an entire kingdom? This theory holds no real weight and shouldn't be number one.

Whoever made this theory simply don't know they're facts. - RosalinaX

Mushrooms are NOT drugs. - McKing1003

Well, look it up if you don't think so! - QuarterGuysApprentice

2 Mario Kills Toads

Okay, stop it! The toads were turned into bricks. Not brick blocks. Mario breaking the blocks, if anything, helps because he's separating the toads, so when they get turned back, they're not crammed together. And anyway, it's all irrelevant, since you can go through the whole game without breaking a single block, making the whole thing player choice. It's like killing the penguin in Mario 64.

It was only in the first game. And Mario probably didn't know? - nintendofan126

Technically its true, as says the guide... - DapperPickle

3 Peach Gets Kidnapped On Purpose

No she doesn't. This theory is bullcrap. - RosalinaX

Well then it's not a theory. Why would it be on this list. If the theory mentioned was that Peach wants to be kidnapped it would be both more compelling and an actual theory.

I don't understand. Are you saying Bowser captures her on purpose (which he does) or are you saying Mario lets peach get kidnapped?

The first thing - QuarterGuysApprentice

4 Toad Kills People

What in the world? - RosalinaX

Sorry, I was just looking for something to fill the space! - QuarterGuysApprentice

5 Bowser Can Raise The Dead

With Kamek's help. Kamek can use magic to do seriously weird things. - RosalinaX

6 Mario Movie Actors Performed Drunk

This isn't a theory.
And the true theory is that they were on drugs when they signed up for the movie.

7 Bowser And Peach Are Married

Peach obviously despises him. - RosalinaX

8 Bloody Mario
9 Yoshi is a descendant of aliens

That's actually an interesting theory based on Super Mario Galaxy 2's Yoshi Star Galaxy that I wish more theorists would cover.

This is honestly a great theory, much better than most of the tripe here.

10 Mario is Mental

He is not. Don't take it seriously. - RosalinaX

This video opened my eyes to the evilness of Mario!

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11 Super Mario 128
12 Mario Eats Toads

I'm afraid not. I have three main points and one minor one. The minor one is that the number two theory is incorrect. There's a brilliant comment there explaining it's flaws. Now, for one, it's player choice. You can go through all the games without eating a mushroom, and some games straight up don't have them. Second, everyone eats mushrooms, not just Mario. Luigi eats them, Peach eats them, even Toad eats them, case in point Super Mario 3D World. But finally, the fact that mushrooms clearly aren't toad heads. The colour pallet is inverted, there's no mouth on it, and if they were toad heads, why would they be found in places not inhabited by toads? And what about all the variations of mushrooms. You got mini mushrooms, mega mushrooms, 1-up mushrooms, ghost mushrooms, rock mushrooms and mushrooms in Super Mario Galaxy that double your hit points. If these were toad heads, why do they give A. powers and B. Different powers depending on the type. And again, some of these mushrooms come ...more

Not only does Mario kill the toads inside the blocks (as said in number two) HE EATS THEM! The mushroom power ups are actually smushed toads. That's why the power ups have eyes. And if they make Mario bigger, Mario had to put them in his mouth. I rest my case.

Hmmm...interesting theory - QuarterGuysApprentice

13 Mario is a Communist

I did NOT put this here. Whoever did, reveal yourself! - QuarterGuysApprentice

14 Kirby is the son of Yoshi and Birdo
15 Kirby is Yoshi's son

I love this because it's so obvious! They share a moveset in Smash, they gain powers by EATING, and they shoot projectiles.

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