Top Ten Mario Kart Wii Shortcuts

This list will be based on how much time you save on each track. Lap glitch shortcuts will not be counted for the list because they break the game too easily, and they aren't really considered shortcuts, but instead, glitches. However glitch shortcuts that don't break the game by glitching the lap counter will be included.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.
The Top Ten
1 DK Mountain Fence Glitch

I haven't performed this shortcut successfully but I'll give you the rundown. You basically have to aim your self to where the blue trick thingies are and the fence while on the mountain and go in between them. You'll cut off two U-turns and gap saving you about 12 seconds to the race; BUT IT'S FREAKISHLY HARD!

2 GBA Bowser's Castle 3 Ramp Shortcut

You use the last ramp at the row of jumps align by the third row of bricks on the ground, sit on the sixth column of bricks on the floor, then hold A and B (or R if you're using the classic controller or GameCube controller) and guide yourself to the left, align the center of your character's head to the center part on the last brick and use a mushroom. You'll jump over a pool of lava and skip about 10 seconds of the track.

3 Grumble Volcano  Rock Hop Shortcut

When you exit the inside of the volcano you'll come across some moving platforms. Navigate your way through them to come across the ramp where you can do a trick off of. Go on that platform and DO NOT GO OFF. Align yourself with the rock on the right and aim for the left side of it. If done correctly, you'll skip about 9 seconds off your time.

4 Bowser's Castle Glitch Shortcut

This is NOT a glitch to mess up the lap counter. When you pass the metal bowser that shoots fireballs, head to the right path. You'll see a ramp DO NOT GO OFF OF IT. Instead, head close to it and face to the right. Align yourself with the bolts correctly, then use the speed pad to get a boost you'll sometimes go slightly to the left and glitch through the wall. You may have to use a mushroom in the air to get it to work.

5 DK's Snowboard Cross Double Shortcut

After the section with ramps and hills you'll find yourself meeting with two gaps. However if you slow down a tad you'll find yourself going over the first gap, drift to the left for a little bit and skip the second one. Doing this will save up to 8 seconds.

6 N64 Mario Raceway Golden Mushroom Shortcut

If you get a golden mushroom in Mario Raceway, you can use it to cut a small patch of grass, a sand bank, and possibly behind the piranha plant at the end of the course. Doing this will save 7-8 seconds

7 Dry Dry Ruins Ultra Shortcut

At the end of the track only on laps 1 and 2, you can pull a shortcut that saves about 7 seconds if done at the fastest speed. You use a mushroom to get on top of a ledge and followed by a second mushroom. Lap 2 or 3 will be announced and you'll need to use a third one to cut a small portion of the water.

8 Mushroom Gorge Gap Jump

At the end of the course you'll have to go around a gap with goombas as obstacles, but what if I told you, you could jump over that with the power of a mushroom and a small hop? I would try it out! So I did and mastered it meaning I can do it without fail... Most of the time... Not everyone's perfect. Doing this will save you 6 seconds.

9 DK Mountain Gap Jump

This one is a LOT easier than the Mushroom gorge one because you don't need to hop nor do you need a mushroom you just, fall. And you're done! Doing this will save 5 seconds

10 DK's Snowboard Cross Single Cut

It's an easier version of the DK Mountain shortcut but saves less time. If you'd like to master the double, go for it. Because it is a great way to gain a lot of positions but it's harder. This saves about 4.75 seconds.